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Question If Etain has the child of a clone will it grow at an acclerated rate,  and I didn't think that jedi were supposed to have childeren.  Part of the reson that Anikin went to the dark side?? right.

If you want to play and keep them in mint condition what I use are the ultra pro deck protector sleeves.


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Tip stick with one class of soldier until you reach Legendary status with their primary weapon ie. Blaster rifle so that way as you play through a level you won't have to look for working power droids just switch to your secondary weapon then back to primary and you will have the award rifle with max ammo.

I played from the New Hope Expansion all the way until they lost the rights to keep publishing, so rather than sell my stuff on e-bay I am looking for other people who still play or have some cards and would like to learn how to play.


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Here in the U.S. it is available on all the platforms and on pc.  Good story line and re playability after the first three chapters the difficulty soars Vossa herself i not that hard to beat as a final boss but to get to her on the dead moon is almost impossible.

1. Jango Fett
2. Boba Fett
3. Aura Sing
4. Dengar
5. Darth Vader
6. Baron Soonter Fel
7. Major Tur Fenner
8. Winter
9. Mara Jade
10. Clone Commando Sev.