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If you could clone our own army based off anyone living or dead that if they were dead would have the same skills as the original how would you make it up.

This is mine
Force Organization

Supreme Commander Hannibal Barca

High Command

Carl von Clausewitz                        Sun Tzu 

Field Marshals     George S. Patton jr.          Erwin Rommel    Napoleon Buonaparte

Generals        Omar Bradley            Robert E. Lee        Thomas (Stonewall) Jackson

Troopers to be made up of clones of Audie Murphy Alvin C. York and Otto Skorzeny

I forgot the Pilot Corps so here they are Manfred von Richthofen and Eddie Richenbacher.


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I wanted to be Anikin in episode II I thought that because I'm 6'7" that I would be a good fit for the roll.


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I would have to say it is a toss up between ether Alvin C. York or Audie Murphy they were the most decorated U.S. soldiers in their respective wars WWI & WWII.  Or if they didn't mind cloning a foreigner then Otto Skorzeny would also be a good choice.



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I'd have to say Ghost Rider.  No reason othe than he is a bad MF.


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New off topic note the FDA just announced that cloned meat is safe to eat.

Yes a special label will be on the cloned meat.


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Gustavo_Perez wrote:
Fetterthanyou wrote:

I'll agree with most of what you said Maltese, but that is the point of her stories. You may not like them, and you are joined by many people, but the majority of teens and children want to read about absurb actions, magical libraries, and random love. That is the basis for what appears to be the mindseye of the majority of the group she was aiming to please with her books. Don't blame the author, blame the audience.  Why would you ever ever imagine changing or correcting a writing style that has made you into one of the most sucessful authors of our time!?

Also, why is Harry a pedophile? Gini is two years younger than him... i really see no problem with that. 2 years is nothing compared to some of the stuff that goes on at real highschools.

Yeah seniors and freshmen, ugh.......YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. ( don't ask.....)

That's nothing I sold a truck to a 43 year old cop who was married to a 18 year old and that was a cop I was like I'm glad I don't have kids.


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Just a thought why didn't you trade in for a 30/30 or a 308?

Sorry for the obvious the price of the ammo, right.


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This one would be.
The M107 .50-caliber long range rifle is semi-automatic and is being fielded to infantry soldiers. It can engage targets to 2,000 meters with precision. At 29 inches long, the frame mounted, bolt-action XM107 weighs 28.5 pounds with optics. It is manufactured by Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, Inc. The XM107 is a rapid-fire; man portable, shoulder-fired, recoil operated semi-automatic system utilizing military standard .50 caliber ammunition. The primary components of the system consist of a rifle, day optical sighting system and hard carrying case(s).

Army snipers deliver precision fire against enemy targets that are outside a rifleman's limitations of range, size, location, mobility and visibility. The M107 is derived from the M82A1 commercial version of the weapon that is manufactured by Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, Inc. of Murfreesboro, TN. It can defeat materiel targets located at distances beyond the range of the standard M24 7.62mm Sniper Weapon System, Galeazzi said. In the hands of a trained sniper, the M107 can surgically take out strategic targets while minimizing collateral damage. It is capable of hitting personnel targets as far away as 1500 meters and materiel targets out to 2000 meters.

Right now the record longest kill shot goes to a Canadian sniper team with a confirmed kill at 2 miles or 2.94 km with above rifle, in Iraq.


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My vote goes to IG-88 because their were actually four of them so I like the odds of 4 to 1.


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The whole thing with adopting is that if you get them young enough then other than DNA they will never know that you are not their biological parent and your feelings and traditions will be passed on anyway,  and in some ways your adopted offspring may even do better than biological if say your family has a predisposition to heart disease then an adopted child may not and could live longer and healthier than if you had your own.


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Femme Taylor / Oola the Twilik dancer in Jabba's Palace was the only actor to be in the original Trilogy who was called back to play the same character in the special edition.


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Adoption is always a possibility no need for anyone else just when your ready get a kid teach them what you want them to know and your done.  Live free no need to be tied down by the spousal anchor.


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What country is that?


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Not very compleat then was it.
Any way I never said what I got

New tool case with tools
Variable speed driver w/attachments
addinonal attachments for the driver
DVD rack to hold all my ps2 games
And the Hero Clicks Super Nova Thanos


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What's missing draco?


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Hey just a question to all the people who don't live in the U.S. is there a PS3 and Wii shortage there as well or is it an artificial one here in the U.S. to keep the demand high?

What man on the planet save for Elton John would not like Leia in the slave outfit but c'mon, you have to admit that she is probably tougher than any other Rebel because being almost naked and taking down Jabba The Hutt. Double points for that, then wrecking your speeder bike and making friends with the Ewoks.  Not to mention in A New Hope on the Tantive IV being willing to take on a squad of stormtroopers with only a hold out blaster.  If the circumstances were such having a political warrior on your side might be almost as good as having a Fett but I haven't decided yet.

My choice best Rebel goes to Leia end of story.

If anything why not make something like Episode 3.5 that shows the complete destruction of the Jedi and the subjugation of more planets into the Empire, then actually make the Shadows of the Empire into a movie as number 4.5. then you don't mess up the "O"riginals and you get all the new graphics in the original story line.

I like the one were Vosa slaps the snot out of Jango.


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You gotta remember that the final part of royal gaurd training is to fight one of their own to the death by any means nesasary.

Did you see the outtakes in The Bounty Hunter Game?

Well not to Fett but SW in general.  Anyway their was supposed to be a museum in Coruscantthat showed the Battle of Endor with a stuffed Ewok their perhaps they hired Fett to get one.  Hence the lame tie in.

Technically he did with the Special editions.


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Well how about an AT-AT with a ship large enough to haul it and the current Slave ship that he also has so that he could have a more permanent yet mobile base.

I have a stuffed Ewok from when they were released with Return of the Jedi.  It is like 23 years old now and it still has it's cape.