Hi, I've been off for a while but now I'm back. I've been watching game of Thrones, and I see a parallel between the Hound and Fett. Does anyone else see it?


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Have we ever done one of these, if we have lets bring it back otherwise lets start one.

In the spirit of Red vs Blue no killing other players but npc's are fine.
Also no open swearing, come up with a one name nickname for your character. This will hopefully be fun and funny not overly serious.

Affiliation : Blue
Name: Wayne Griffin
Callsign: Twitch
Rank: Private

Setting is on Reach where the Covenant have been driven off planet but some of their tech and structures are still arround.

Coast line under cloak tower is where Blue base is located. Red base is inland and visable from Blue base.

Twitch was on night watch, he liked it because it was dark and there was nothing to watch. As he walked allong the cloak towers top teir he wondered to himself ("I wonder if the reds are watching me? No they can't it is dark and therefore safe up here far from the reds.") Just as his thought bubble collapsed a loud crash and explosion happed at the bottom of the tower.

"S.O.B." Twitch yelled.
"Twitch to Blue base come in. Over."

Big number one question is.  Is the Joker tring to kill Boba or just having fun, if it is just fun Boba could capture the Joker only to have his life turned into a living hell. If he is tring to kill Boba then the Joker may bobie trap his own body winning in the end with both down.


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On PS3 had a Dark Elf level 36 Listener for the Dark Brotherhood, Nightengale, Officer in the Stormcloaks. Two houses one in Windhelm and one in Whiterun. Traded the PS3 for X-Box 360 to get the Dawnguard and Hearthfire expansions. Now have Bretton Level ten Footpad in theives Guild and ready to go into the dark brotherhood on next sleep. Have Lakeview mannor in process of building.


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Just hit thirty-two on Wednesday the 21'st. big_smile
Oh and Terra my first greys started at 14.


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Why not make your own vault near Chicago, or somewhere in the midwest and see where the party takes it East or West. Ceasars Leigons may be that far to the East who knows, also the Brotherhood of Steel is all over. You could be a member and have access to all regions in power armour with energy weapons. The thought of turning an enemy into a glowing goo pile is awesome.


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Happy b-day Miba


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Here I am 29 years in the makeing.


24 HR. Limited time Mission.  (AU members get a +8hr time.)

Hi-Jack Ice Shipment from Hoth. (No Items Needed.)

Rewards 750 Credits and Electrobinoculars.
(Electrobinoculars give a +1 to the dice roll on a scouting mission.)

New Daily Mission

Collect Protection Credits From Moisture Farmers.  Swoop Bike Required.

Rewards 500 Credits and a chance for Blaster Rifle Item
(Blaster Rifle gives a +1 to dice roll on elimanation missions.)

Raid an Imperial Warehouse

500 Credits and Item drop of 25% chance of Stormtrooper Armor
                                          25% chance of Blaster Rifle
                                          50% chance of blaster pistol
Hutt Store Now Open.

Daily Special 25% off Body armour.

Blaster Pistol 15 credits (+1 dice roll on elimanation missions.)
Blaster Rifle   25 credits (+1 dice roll on elimanation, and collection missions)
Stolen Stormtrooper Armour 250 credits (+1 dice roll on Imperial Spy missions)

Swoop Bike 75 credits
Skiff 150 Credits (+25% chance of item drop on Raid Missions)
Sail Barge 12000 credits (+2 dice roll and an additional item during raid missions.)

Tatooine Power of the Hutt RPG.

In this RPG I act as the Hutt’s liaison issuing the daily jobs.  It does not involve in-depth character creation, you can if you want.  Everything for each mission will be provided in the RPG. To complete the mission use the Roll Dice in the chat room for your results.

6= Perfect job completion, max credits and 100% chance of item drops +5 character  development.
5= Good job completion,  90-100% credits 75% chance of item drops +4 character development.
4=Above Average job completion 75-100% credits 50% chance of item drops +3 character development.
3=Average completion 50-100% credits 25% chance of item drops +2character development.
2=Completed poorly 25-75% credits no items +1 character development.
1=Mission Failed, no reward.

You can attempt the same Mission Twice per day, even if you are successful to add to your wealth.  I will try and keep track of your Items and credits, but you are ultimately responsible for them.

Character Development Ranks you start at zero
0-1 Drifter  Development points 0-20
1-2 Thug    Development points 20-50
3-4 Henchman Development points 50-80
4-5 Associate Development points 80-110
5-6 Apprentice Bounty Hunter Development points 110-150
6-7 Journeyman Bounty Hunter  Development points 150-200
7-8 Bounty Hunter Development points 200-300
9-10 Fett’s Apprentice Development points 300-500
11-12 You Are Fett. 500+ points

Mission Eliminate Black Sun Gang Member : No Items Needed to complete this mission.

100 credit bounty
Item swoop bike valued at 50 credits


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Oh yah the new year and getting stuff out of my storage reminded me of one of my older more valuble collections.

Magic The Gathering.


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You can start with the Han Solo Trilogy.  They are set I think Three years before SWANH.
Then you get Tales of the Bounty Hunters 3 years after ANH
Tales From Jabba's Palace 6 Years after ANH
The Bounty Hunter Wars Trilogy 7-10 years After ANH
Mandalorian Armor-1
Slave Ship-2
Hard Merchandise-3
Blood Lines  40 years after ANH

I am pretty sure of the time line but I may be missing some stories perhaps other members may be able to post with times and stories.


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Gavin thought that the day was going to be normal, but the Empier had other plans. He had been summond to the Commanders office with his squad.

"Trooper you and you squad have shown promise.  Therefore you have been selected to start training in the AT-PT's that have just arrived if you accell you may be promoted into the SATAT program." 

"Thank you commander, you can be assured that shortly we will be in the SATAT program."

"I should hope so, Dismissed."

Gavin smiled under his helmet, soon those armor jocks wouldn't be makeing comments on the inteligance of the infantry.


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Name: Gavin Terrik
Affiliation: Empire
Species: Human
Rank: Corperal / Squad leader of tango squad of the 1127 Stormtrooper Reg.
Gender: Male
Age: 29

It was a typical day reciveing orders from command and then deligateing to subordanants, not that a cpl. has many subordanants but their you have it. 2 hrs briefing and ready time 6 hrs. patrol and the 1 hr to debrife on any of the days activity.

(Question? what is the time of this pre battle of Yavin? and what kind of moon agrarian or industrial or are their pockets of both?)


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Congrats., did you get anything cool?


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I got Sith


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Am I about the only one who thinks that bailing out the auto mfg's is the right thing to do?  I already lost one job to out sourceing and I know what so many of the other auto workers are going through, thinking will I have a job next week? Will I be able to afford my rent? In my family three out of four of my grandparents worked for Ford of Windsor, Ontario already loaned Ford of Canada 25million to retool and stay open.

Just wanted to get that out and see if anyone else feels this way.

Edit: Fixed the spelling in the topic title.


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Started job number 6 for the year V.W. Tech Ed Schmidt VW. Perrysburg, OH.

Beat it once and am playing through again, the only thing I didn't like was the one direction story line, you didn't get to chose your path like in KOTOR.


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draco fett wrote:

In the first AVP movie, a slightly injured Yautja takes down a Queen. I think. It's been a while since I've seen it.

He severly injured it but it was the apprentace hunter that finally drown the queen.  But in the movies the armour, net and wrist blades can be destroyed by the acid blood, that is what made the Grid alien.


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Lets break it down:
Predator vs xenomorph based on a human = Predator Wins

Predator vs xenomoph based on dog (ex alien 3) = Predator Wins

Predator vs Alien Queen = Alien Queen wins

Predator vs xenomorph based on predator = Tie withh both dead

Now here is the tough on the live berth Alien from Ressurection? It was tough but not bright.

The other thing is what arena open or confined, in the open the Predators have a definate advantage because of ranged weapons in close it depends on the skill of the predators.  Predator armour is vunerable to the Aliens acid blood, the spear, dagger, shuriken are not but the wrist blades and constricting net can be destroyed by the Alien blood.


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Have you possibly thought of some kind of hy-bryd dread-locks, take Fett he had Wookie scalps braded around one arm. You could use something similar off your helmet, to decern kills or rank.


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Does the Wampa count, if so thats me.  I love the snow and cold, and yes I am a little frightinig.


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MK Scorpion, and Sub-Zero, also close is Jill Valentine from the first RE. game


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Tapping into the Imperial network Seth, was skimming through the wanted files when he found an interesting one.
"F6 load this immage, this ine could be the ticket that gets us off the hook with whatever that fat Hutt on Nar Shadda's name was."
[beeps and chirp]
"Well I can't help that his ship matched the discription that Jabba Had put out, anyway, Jabba wanted a Tiz Vitz not another Hutt."
[ooh blep]
"What you got one better?"  [beep squeek]
"How much?" [beep beep]
"Down load it and then deleat the file from this planets records, don't want to much compatition."
The thought that the Emporor himself wanted a rouge Moff dead, was desterbing but the price was one he could not pass up.  Looking at his data pad the last known location was close to Gall. 
"F6 get the ship ready then plot a speed course for Gall."