Joo-Eun smiled as she saw the car turn around the corner. This was a bunch of young vampire from her coven that wanted to spill as much werewolf blood as possible. The distraction allowed Joo-Eun to retrieve the very broken Valiant.

“How bad are you?” Joo-Eun asked as she fired a few pot shots.

Valiant tried to speak but it hurt too much.

“That bad hey?” Joo-Eun said. She knew she was going to have to get a car to get Valiant out of there. She grabbed him by his jacket collar again and dragged him along with the car full of vampires distracted the werewolves and slayers. She found a car and smashed the window. She unlocked it and threw Valiant on the back seat, and then she preceded to hotwire it.


Audrey covered her ears at the repeated sound of gunfire. She didn’t feel safe and made a run for one of the open rooms. She yelped as she got a bullet in the thigh. Somehow she managed to make it into the room. John quickly followed. “I’ve been shot,” she whimpered.

Valiant had been aiming at the twerp behind the car when he heard the blast of a horn. “Shi-“ he started as he saw a prime mover heading his way. He tried to move but somehow he’d managed to shut the edge of his coat in the door of the car. He reefed but it was too late, the truck came barrelling at him and increase speed. “This is going to hurt,” he said as he threw his guns in Joo-Eun’s direction.

The truck hit him with such force that Valiant was thrown two car lengths away. The truck kept coming, Valiant didn’t even have time to scrabble to his feet as the truck crashed into him. Valiant felt his face smash against the grill, his hip broke as it was pulverised by the chrome bumper bar, his foot caught under the front wheel and he was down on the ground.

The eighteen-wheeler proceeded to crush him with half of its tyres. Valiant felt his bones crunch under the truck, even his teeth were splinted. After what seemed like an eternity Valiant was free of the weight but not the pain. He lay there for a moment wondering if any part of his body wasn’t broken. Then he heard the truck slow, he turned his head feeling the bones in his neck crack, the truck was coming back for another go.

Joo-Eun ran out to Valiant, grabbed him by the collar of his jacket and threw him out of the way. She took a number of bullet wounds but quickly retreated to her hiding place. This was getting out of hand. Joo-Eun picked up her phone to call for back up.

Audrey sat on the opposite side of the car. She shifted to lie on her stomach. She could just make out those shooting at them and she was certain they were vampires. Audrey looked around and discovered that there were men shooting at the vampires. "What's going on?" she shouted to John.

Joo-Eun threw herself against her door to get out of the car. She immediate found cover behind the tree she’d hit. She went for her guns but her arms really hurt. “Heal damn you,” she cursed at them.

Valiant had found a truck to shelter behind as he fired at the slayers. “Silver bullets aren’t nearly as effective on these guys, seems a shame to use them.”

“Just shut up and shoot,” Joo-Eun hissed as she reached for her guns. The pain was extreme but it was starting to ebb.


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Desdemona looked at Jack and saw the desperation on his face. “I will need to go, I’ll return to you when I can. It may take some time to negotiate something.”

“Promise me you’ll come back,” Jack said as he took her hands in his.

Desdemona looked at their linked hands, “I will Jack.” She move towards him and gave him a kiss goodbye and hoped it wouldn’t be forever. “I will return if I can.” She told then disappeared into a mist.

((There you go. If there's a sequel she'll return.))

Joo-Eun let loose a string of Korean curses as she lost control of the car. She swerved to miss a parked car and hissed at the pain in her arms.

“That was a goddamn slayer!” Valiant said as he held his head. He’d been thrown back into the car.

Joo-Eun struggled as her body tried to mend itself. But then she had to dodge a car because she was on the wrong side of the road, “Move it!” she yelled as she spun the wheel then screamed as the car smashed into a tree.

“That’s the last time you drive,” Valiant said as he prepared to get out of the car.

“Let’s go back to the motel, I want to pick up my purse I left it behind in my hurry.” Audrey said feeling embarrassed.

“Okay,” John replied. As they got back to the Murk Motel they noticed it looked even worse than before. “Geez what’s happened here?”

Once John parked the car Audrey stepped out and gasped, “Looks like a shooting or something.”

Then a black car turned the corner and the bullets started hitting everything.

Name: Valiant
Species: Vampire
Gender: Male
Age: Regular Vampire - 68
Appearance: Was 34 when he was turned. Has long white blonde hair. Has Celtic tattoo on his right arm that covers his whole upper arm. He wears a white sleeveless shirt, black leather pants and a black three-quarter length leather jacket.
Weapons: M16 with silver bullets, silver bowie knife and silver chain that he wears as a belt.
Personality: Valiant loves being a vampire. He’s somewhat psychotic but then has moments of total clarity. He loves to kill werewolves and enjoys hunting in general.

Name: Joo-Eun Kim
Species: Vampire
Gender: Female
Age: Regular Vampire - 98
Appearance: From Korean descent and looks about 20, Joo-Eun (who’s name means silver pearl) looks to be a petite China doll, she is anything but. She wears a red halter neck top, black leather pants and a pink bandana.
Weapons: Customised silver hand guns that shoot silver bullets.
Personality: Joo-Eun is very skilled at hand to hand combat and loves to hurt people. She and Valiant pair up sometime as they share the desire to hurt others. She loves hunting werewolves and is part of D’s coven.

Joo-Eun watched as Valiant slipped back into the car. They both laughed. “Man I love shooting unsuspecting wolves. Did you see the look on their faces?” Valiant laughed as he slapped his thigh.

“Shall we drive by again?” Joo-Eun suggested as she turned the vehicle around another corner to go back.

“Sure why not. Let’s shoot up the whole motel. God only knows how many more of them are there.” Valiant said as he reloaded.

“Hey look, there’s that Clara chick. Quick shoot!” Joo-Eun said as they drove towards the Chocolate Noir café. Clara was quite visible as she and a guy sat near at a table near the window.

Valiant moved out and shot at the wolves, glass smashed everywhere and screams were sounding everywhere. “Oh I love my life.” Valiant said as he sat back in his seat.

Joo-Eun raise her hand and Valiant gave her a high-five. “Amen to that, brother.”

Valiant grinned, “Now let’s got see if we can find old Crispin baby.”

“You don’t want to go shoot at the motel again?” Joo-Eun asked.

“Well let’s do that first,” Valiant said as he got ready to lean out the window again.

((By the way I've given Lord Revan permission to kill off Audrey.))

The dance floor was packed with undulating bodies that moved to the music. There was smoke, there was booming music and there were flashing light sequences. It wasn’t a place that vampires would tend to like. There were no dark corners and as Audrey and John entered the place they knew it was a waste of time.

As the marched back out into the street John’s tummy grumbled, he needed something to eat.

“Do you need to feed?” Audrey asked thinking he would want to hunt.

“Yeah I’m starved.” He said as he noticed a coffee shop that was still open. “A coffee and a cake would be great.”

“Huh?” Audrey said with confusion, “I know I can’t eat food, how can you?”

John suddenly realised his error. “I’ve got something to tell you. I’m actually only half vampire. I still need to eat.”

Audrey didn’t quite know what to say. “How can you be half? I thought you were either a vampire or  you weren’t.”


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Desdemona shook her head, "If I went there I couldn't come back."

She took a step closer to Jack, "There's the possibility that I could ask to have Void switched to someone else so I can complete my quota, but it doesn't mean that they will die straight away."

"I'm okay for now," Audrey told. "Let's just go to some different night clubs. It's probably best if we avoid the last one."

John nodded, "Okay, we'll start at Shaky Tables."


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Desdemona finally parted herself from Jack and although there was celebrating going on she couldn't be happy. Her emotions were gone. Void had gone to a different realm so now she could not complete her quota. She looked at Jack, "I have to go now."

"What, don't you become human now? Void's gone." Jack said as the smile started to fade from his face.

Desdemona shook her head. My job was to send him to the underworld. He has gone to another realm without my assistance."


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“I don’t know,” Jack said as he gritted his teeth against the pain.

“I can help,” Desdemona said.

Fully transparent and like a ghost, Desdemona merged with Jack and restored his body and soul. She took control of his body and made him stand. You can defeat him but you need the others to help you. Desdemona said as she was still within him.

“Stay with me,” Jack said as he felt her start to leave his body. Very well, Desdemona replied. I will do my best to protect you.

((Amended for you...))

Audrey took the gun and looked at it like it was a dead fish. “What am I supposed to do with this? As far as I can remember vampires don’t die by being shot.”

“Yeah but it certainly hurts.” John pointed out.

Audrey nodded, as she knew that for a fact. “Do you often kill other vampires?” Audrey asked, “I thought it would have been against some sort of moral code.”

John swallowed, what was he going to say? “I tend to live on the outer.”

Audrey smiled, “Ah so you’re a rebel.”

“You could say that,” John said as he looked out the windscreen.

Audrey looked at the gun again. “You know this might work if you dipped the bullets in holy water or is that just a myth?” Audrey remembered the drop of blood she tasted from the sword, “Oh wait, holy water must work. It did nasty things to my tongue. Do the other things work? You know stake through the heart, decapitation and garlic?”


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Desdemona watched as Lilith claimed Harry's evil soul. Harry fought all the way but Lilith was too powerful. She consumed his soul, then released it through her mouth and into the underworld just as Desdemona had done with Magnus.

Lilith turned to Desdemona. "I must leave now, you realise that Void has left this realm of existence don't you?"

Desdemona nodded and realised that. Void had died but she had not delivered his soul. She looked at her hands as they turned transparent once again. It seemed humanity was out of her reach once more.

Audrey looked at John in surprise. He wanted to know what to do? She didn’t know. For the last year she’d been running around Murk Valley trying to sate her hunger while not being caught.

It seemed that there were other vampires around. It was odd that she’d never come across any others until now. The one who had changed her, Valiant, had been an evil beast. He’s hunted her down and toyed with her. She’d been at the point of death when he thought it’d be fun to make her a vampire. Once it was done he’d left her on her own. Audrey didn’t really understand a lot about being a vampire. She knew she couldn’t go out in the sun as it burned her skin terribly and she knew that she had a terrible thirst for blood at sundown.

Audrey didn’t answer John’s question. Instead she posed one of her own, “How many vampires are there in Murk Valley?”

John shrugged, “Dunno. Lots probably.” He declined to tell her that he’d been helping reduce that population.

“It’s strange, you’re the first I’ve come across.” Audrey said as she looked at John’s wrist that was already healing. It was odd but then Audrey suspected that vampire saliva had some sort of healing agent in it.

John looked surprised by that. “What about the one that turned you? Didn’t they stay to instruct you in the ways of vampires?”

Audrey shook her head, “He left as soon as he finished toying with me. Turning me into a vampire was a big joke to him.”

“Who did it?” John asked with a dangerous tone in his voice.

“His name was Valiant. I thought it a poxy name but then he was a jerk, to say the least.” Audrey put in.

“Perhaps we should find Valiant.” John said as he looked off in the distance as if planning.

“Why? I’ve been trying to stay away from him. The guy is not right in the head.” Audrey said as she recalled his crazy eyes.

((Audrey doesn't know there's a covern nearby. She's been on her own since she was turned.))

Audrey looked at John's arm as he offered it to her. She was surprised but her hunger won out. "I'm sorry," she whispered before taking his arm. She made herself only take a little. As she tasted his arm she realised that perhaps John was not a full vampire. His blood had the distinct taste of human mixed into it. Yet Audrey had never bitten another vampire so she really didn't know.

As she sat back she wiped her mouth clean. "Thank you," she said to John.

He took his arm back but did not look at her. "It's okay."

Audrey could tell by the look on his face that is wasn't. She decided to change the subject, "There was another vampire in there, wasn't there?"


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Desdemona was preparing for another attack when Lilith appeared. "What are you doing?" she asked coldly.

Desdemona was not offended, cold was generally the tone of voice soul eaters. "I'm protected those who aren't supposed to die yet."

"That's not our purpose, Desdemona and you know it." Lilith said as she watched the battle.

"Who are you here for?" Desdemona asked.

Lilith smiled without feeling, "If I told you that it'd ruin the surprise."

Audrey couldn't help herself, she had bitten into the punk's neck before John could drag her away. She looked up to see a guy who looked like a rock star heading their way. "Vampire," Audrey mouthed as John dragged her outside.

"We've got to get out of here, now!" John shouted as she pulled her along by her arm.


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Dah'lei held on as she Jaak and Deilor travelled on the side of the speeder. They could stay there for long. They saw their chance as a public bus unit came close. They jumped for the second speeder and settled themselves in. All three sat with their hoods over their heads and their lightsabers hidden under their cloaks.

Dah'lei looked up to see the destination was amazingly to the spaceport.


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Desdemona glared at Drakeus, how dare he damage Jack. Desdemona sent a sonic blast through Drakeus and watched as he toppled the monstrosity that was now Harry.

"Darklight, strike them while their down." Desdemona said as she floated upward, her body glowing as her power charged, preparing to blast both Drakeus and Harry to atoms.

Audrey looked a John quizzically, “Why would I want food?”

She touched her face, so her tongue had healed. John opened the door and Audrey’s nose caught the scent of humans and more importantly human blood. “No,” she gasped as she felt the hunger strike.

John seemed to realise what was happening, “Fight it.”

“I can’t,” she choked as her breathing became rapid almost to the point of hyperventilating. Then she ran, with no particular direction. She needed to feed. She paused outside a nightclub and dashed inside. The music was loud and the room smelt of sweat and alcohol. But it was the smell of blood that drew Audrey in.

“Hey babe, how you doing?” A man said as he draped his arm around her shoulders. He looked like a Billy Idol wannabe but Audrey didn’t care, he was food.


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To say Desdemona was stunned was an understatement, even if she was a soul eater and her feelings were limited. She was flattered by Jack's declaration but the truth was she still felt very little in her current form. However she was quite fond of Jack, if she became human again she believed that emotion could grow much deeper.

However to become fully mortal again was not something simple. It required some sort of repayment to Death for her soul. Generally that meant a soul exchange, but who would be willing or able to do such a thing? Desdemona turned to look at Drakeus' nest. Perhaps she could offer Death the demon.

"Hold hands," Desdemona instructed everyone as the gathered. They did as she asked, her left hand held Jack's while she held Darklight's in her right. She closed her eyes and summoned the power she had previously bestowed on Darklight, none of the supers would be drained of their powers when Drakeus appeared, she could do that much for them. "This will keep your powers strong but don't rely on it as a neccessity, rely on it only as a back up."

With that Desdemona stepped back and took a deep breath. She had relinquished some of her power temporarily but it would make no difference in the fight against Drakeus.

Audrey’s eyes opened as the blade cut through the wall. Something dripped off it. Audrey opened her mouth at the smell of blood. A drop fell from the blade and Audrey caught it. She immediately closed her mouth as steam rose from it. “Ho-ho-holy water!” she screeched.

John was up immediately from his chair. He grabbed a glass full of normal water and offered it to her.

Audrey took it and washed it around her mouth, she spat it out in the bathroom sink along with a chunk of ashy tongue.

“That’s disgusting,” John said as he looked away.

Audrey sank down to the cool bathroom floor and closed her eyes. She placed the glass on the floor and raised her hands to her face to hold her throbbing mouth.


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Desdemona flew through the air holding Jack. She felt Void’s return and he was located exactly where they were going. “Void is here,” she said quietly to Jack just before they landed.

“Really? This will be an awesome party!” Jack said feeling extremely pumped.

Desdemona looked at him for a moment, he really had no idea what he was about to face.