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Name: Lesha Keln
Age: 117
Race: Elf
Appearence: Slim but tall woman, strikingly beautiful. Has dark short hair and appears to be in her early thirties. Has one blue eye and one brown eye (See my avatar for an idea of what she looks like).Wears a brown leather tunic and a scabbard at her back to carry her sword Jewel. She also carries a bow and a quiver full of arrows at her back, she is an excellent shot.
Class: Soldier
Affiliation: Order of Riders

Lesha stood in the sparse expanse of trees that were the last to line the peak of the mountain. The snow capped top stopped any further tree growth. Lesha was high enough to see Ashaz attacking a member of the Order. There had been a time when Lesha had called Ashaz friend, but that was no longer.

With bow in hand Lesha reached back to her quiver and retrieved an arrow. The shot was long and Ashaz kept moving but she was a very skilled archer. She held the bow in check for a moment. When she let the arrow go it sailed true and struck Ashaz through the meat of his arm.

Lesha immediately ran for the thin cover of the trees. She was out here alone and she hoped that there were more dragon riders from the Order out and about. She didn’t stand much of a chance on foot.

Joo-Eun pulled herself to her feet and walked over to Striker. She removed the sai from his chest and wiped the blood off on his pant leg. “You’re getting sloppy,” she commented.

“Well if you’d wiped that somewhere else I wouldn’t be,” he said with a smirk.

“You’re a fool,” Joo-Eun said in response as she helped him to his feet.

“Maybe, but we need to find that wolf and put him down,” Striker said as he straightened his clothing and brushed away the dirt.

“He shouldn’t be hard to follow,” Joo-Eun told as she looked at the droplets of blood the werewolf had left in his wake. “Let’s finish him off,” then an idea came to Joo-Eun she looked at Striker, “Call Ashryn he might want to see why Valiant and I have been reducing the wolf population.”


Valiant stood watching Joo-Eun and Striker. He didn’t approach them but he was curious to know what Joo-Eun would do. He enjoyed watching her fight. She had a grace and elegance few fighters were ever blessed with. Valiant smiled, none of them were blessed. Damned was more like it.

Joo-Eun smiled as she’d been looking for a fight. Striker moved in and tried to keep the wolf’s attention. Joo-Eun moved to the side and decided to make things interesting. She cut low and hamstrung the wolf’s right leg. “Let’s see you run now, scumbag,” Joo-Eun hissed.

The wolf lunged at her and bit at her face, Joo-Eun snarled and bared her teeth. Striker tried to decapitate the wolf but Joo-Eun was in the way. Paul deflected the blow but Joo-Eun sank her teeth into his neck and feed on the wolf before he threw her into a wall. Joo-Eun laughed manically, “You’re tasty wolf, I plan to bleed you dry.”

Joo-Eun and Striker walked the streets together looking for a meal. Joo-Eun preferred criminals as she liked to think she was performing some justice.

A gargled scream came from nearby, “Sounds like breakfast,” Joo-Eun grinned.

The pair of vampires rounded the corner to find two bloody corpses and a hungry werewolf. “Oh crap,” Joo-Eun cursed as she pulled her sword.

“Let’s play,” Striker smirked.

Audrey followed D and Ashryn. She observed the pair of vampires sword fighting and felt a chill go through her. These vampires knew how to fight and D certainly had a lot of power. She felt so small and insignificant. She wondered why they wanted to help her.

She looked at Ashryn, “When can I see John again?”


Joo-Eun was grinning as she was enjoying her moment with Striker. He was an excellent fighter. She would have had the upper hand if D hadn’t pointed out Striker’s positioning.

“So my ratty friend do you surrender?” She smirked as she backed him into a corner.

He laughed, “You think a corner will stop me?” He leapt over her head to land behind Joo-Eun.

She ducked and pivoted but Striker already had his blade against her throat, “Do you surrender, my lady?”

Joo-Eun smiled up at him, “For now,” she said and took his hand as he offered her. She rose to her feet, “Your skills are improving.”

“Having a decent sparring partner helps,” Striker said as he replaced their sabres. “It’s a shame you spend so much time with Valiant, your skills are wasted.”

Joo-Eun studied Striker for a moment, “I found moments of fun with Valiant. However those moments are over. Would you like to hunt with me?” she asked and extended her arm.

Audrey was growing frantic, her hunger was becoming all consuming. “So much for control,” she gasped as she started walking around the edge of the room touching the wall with her hand to try and calm herself.

At that moment the door opened and Audrey launched herself on the first to enter. She had Ashryn pinned to the ground and she opened her mouth to bite him. However he easily evaded her by rolling himself over and throwing her to the ground on her side.

“I must feed!” Audrey snarled as she saw a second vampire, one she could feel was much older. This had to be the coven leader.


Joo-Eun turned to Striker, “Now I am ready to spar.”

Striker grinned, “Excellent.” He tossed her a sabre, “Let’s make this fast and furious.”

Joo-Eun lifted a delicate brow, “Oh you won’t know what hit you.” She got into position and balanced the blade in her hand.

“You’ve got that the wrong way, I intend to cut you down to size. Oh wait, you already are small.” Striker sneered.

Joo-Eun loved trash talk, it always made fighting interesting. Striker immediately went on the attack as she’d expected. She deflected his blows easily but she knew he was only playing.

Joo-Eun pivoted and ducked. As she spun she nicked the knee of Striker’s pants with her sabre. “Thought you’d look better in rags, suits your status.”

Striker laughed, “I’m just going to fit in with fashion.” He lunged at her and managed to slice the edge of her shoulder.

“Is that the best you can do? I’ve had worse wounds hunting rats.” Joo-Eun taunted, “Oh wait you are a rat.”

“You really think so?” he flashed her his fangs, “You know rats like to bite.”

“So as you can see you’ve just clarified my assessment of you,” Joo-Eun smirked.

Joo-Eun continued her movements of Tai Chi, she was now at Paint the Rainbow. She was surprised at Ashryn’s anger, “D is growing complacent. The werewolves are too bold. I have been meeting with Valiant because like me, he wants action. However I do realise that he is rash and unthinking.”

Joo-Eun stopped her movements to study Ashryn. She had always liked him and it displeased her to see him angry, especially at her. It was unusual for him to show such an emotion.

“Valiant is an idiot, worse than that he will bring death upon us.” Ashryn snarled as he glared at Joo-Eun.

“I have promised D that I will not see Valiant again, unless in the heat of battle.” Joo-Eun told and hoped that it would placate Ashryn. She had no dispute with him, nor did she wish to usurp D. “I am on your side, Ashryn.” She said to confirm her loyalties.

Jango also did it in the Bounty Hunter game. He didn't seem that worried about keeping his helmet on except in battle.

Personally I can't see him taking it off in public. That was Jango's thing, not Boba's.


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I know it's already been said but I love Obi-Wan Kenobi's:

"Who's more foolish? The fool or the fool who follows him?"

Joo-Eun lingered around hoping to speak to Ashryn. She wanted to know where he’d been and why this new female vampire was so important to D. Since she’d been out with Valiant she had missed the goings on at the coven. She wondered if the new addition was vital to their plan of destroying the werewolves in Murk Valley.

Joo-Eun walked to the Practice Room and began going through the movements of Tai Chi. It relaxed her and made her more focused. Normally Tai Chi was performed first thing of a morning, however since Joo-Eun was a vampire she could no longer follow this tradition.

She found herself wondering about the idea of a demon killing their kind. It certainly explained a lot of things. It was also good to know that the werewolves did not know how to weld such power. She did not like the idea of simply waiting for the demon to destroy the werewolves, the coven had lost many of it’s own to the bizarre deaths.

As Joo-Eun continued she saw Striker enter the room, “Good day,” she said as she remained in motion.

“Want to spar?” he asked as he viewed the various weapons stocked in the Practice Room.

“Not right now, I need to finish.” Joo-Eun said as she performed Parting the Clouds.


Audrey was growing anxious. She had been left in her room alone and did not know her way around the coven she was now seemingly a part of. She could also feel the hunger returning. It was coming on fierce and she knew that she would need to hunt and she’d need to do it soon.

Joo-Eun let out a sigh, with dawn approaching she and D needed to return to the coven. D was grinding his back teeth in annoyance.

“Ash may have returned while we’ve been searching,” Joo-Eun pointed out and thought vaguely of Valiant wandering the streets. It irked her that he was so touchy.

D didn’t look pleased, “We’ll continue the search tomorrow.”

Joo-Eun opened her flip phone and dialed the coven to get a ride. “Hi Matt, what do you mean? Werewolves looking for D? You can’t be serious.”

D looked at her curiously as Joo-Eun’s face went through a series of confused and bemused looks.

“They say a demon is behind the weird deaths?” Joo-Eun said as she looked at D meaningfully.

D took the phone from her hand, “Speak” was all he said.


Audrey felt like a lost lamb. She followed Lola but found her mind wandering to John. She hoped he was okay. She was still very uncertain about her decision but for now she'd need to stay at the coven. By dark, after she'd fed, she could look for John again.

Valiant was angry at Joo-Eun, how dare she side with that old fool D. It wasn’t that surprising since the old man was the leader of her coven. Still Valiant had expected more loyalty from his partner in crime.

As he walked along the gaping wound in his chest healed and he felt the thirst. He walked into town, his clothes bloody and torn, and made his way into the darker alleys to prey on the unfortunate beings that were nestled there.

Valiant found himself a group of thugs waiting for a victim of their own. Valiant smiled as he approached them with silent steps. He picked up a can and threw it with supernatural force down the alley so they’d be distracted. The first two stepped forward as Valiant snagged the large man at the rear of the group. Valiant leapt with his prey in toe to land on a rooftop and take his fill of blood. His hand covered the mouth of his victim so the others wouldn’t hear his scream.

Once the large man was drained Valiant felt much better but he wanted more. He went after the other two men. When it was over Valiant decided he needed a cleaner and less motley outfit. He removed the shirt and jacket off one man while keeping his own leather pants.

Valiant still had the sword he had stolen from D’s coven and decided he wanted to play with the wolves once more. The dark one, Nikoli, needed to die.

Audrey was pulled along by the two vampires. She felt torn to leave John behind. He had been her only friend for some time and she hoped she wasn’t going to regret her decision.


Joo-Eun and D heard the screams and snarls and quickly headed in that direction. “That better not be Ashryn,” D growled as he drew closer.

The shouts and noise ceased and it took Joo-Eun and D a little while to find the scene they were looking for. Valiant was pinned to a tree with a sword through him. Joo-Eun ran over to check him. “He’s not dead,” she told.

“That’s a shame,” D replied as he sneered at the other male vampire.

Joo-Eun removed the sword from Valiant’s body and he dropped to the ground. Joo-Eun slapped Valiant across the face a few times to wake him. Valiant snarled and bared his bloody teeth. Then he recognised who was in front of him. “Joo-Eun, where’s the werewolf?”

Joo-Eun shrugged, “We only found you.”

Valiant let out a few choice words as he spotted D. “What do you want old man? Are you in league with the wolves? The fem was looking for you.”

Joo-Eun walked with D. She didn’t spend much time with the elder vampire so she was quite content to learn more about him. She hadn’t liked the idea of going out before it was fully dark but D seemed to know what he was doing.

“I’m sorry I brought Valiant to the coven but I didn’t know where else to go,” Joo-Eun confessed.

D’s nose crinkled but he didn’t seem angry anymore, “I understand. I just want him out as soon as possible.”

“He’s almost healed. He did endure a lot of pain.” Joo-Eun said realising it was an understatement.

“I’d image being run over by a truck to be somewhat excruciating.” D said with a smirk.

Unlike the werewolves, the vampires advanced senses were not as honed. D had exceptional eye sight but his sense of smell was nothing in comparison to a werewolf’s. It was fair superior to humans, whose blood he could smell miles off.

“Do you know where Ashryn and Striker might be?” Joo-Eun asked.

D shook his head, “I’m not sure but we must search.”

“There are slayers in town,” Joo-Eun told as they walked along.

D raised his head, “Any in particular that might specifically go for vampires?”

“I believe that one is a vampire human hybrid.” Joo-Eun said as she recalled the slayers at the Murk Motel shoot out.

“Than let us hunt for him,” D said as they turned back towards town as the sun finally set.


Valiant woke with a start then smiled his slumber during the day had rejuvenated him for the evening. He stood and stretched feeling as good as new. His desire to hunt was strong due to the amount of effort it had taken his body to heal. He also needed new clothes. He noticed that Joo-Eun had left him some.

Valiant slipped into the leather pants, black shirt and black leather jacket. He noticed his guns were gone. It wasn’t surprising. He remembered enough to know he was in D’s coven. The old bastard wouldn’t have allowed him to keep his weapons.

With the need to feed, Valiant strode out of the coven building as if he owned it. He paid no heed to the guards. He simply pulled a sword from an ornate wall mount and slashed their throats as he passed. They’d heal and he needed some breakfast.

Joo-Eun was busy removing bullets from her legs with a pair of tweezers when there was a knock at her door. She opened it to see D. “Hi there boss.”

D walked into her room, “Why did you bring Valiant here?”

Joo-Eun shrugged, “He was in a bad way and there was no where closer to go than here.”

D paced and looked at her sharply. “You know Valiant is not welcome here.”

“I’ll remove him once it’s dark again.” Joo-Eun assured him.

“You better,” D said with a fist. “Also Ashryn and Striker are yet to return.”

Joo-Eun held back a sneer, “I’m sure they can look after themselves.”

“As am I, however if they’re not back soon I want you looking for them as soon as the sun sets.” D ordered.

Joo-Eun let out a sigh as she dropped another bullet onto the metal tray beside her. “Very well then,” she agreed.

Audrey gave John a tight smile. She wasn't sure if she was doing the right thing but she needed to try and curb her desire for blood. "I'm sure I'll see you sooner or later."

Audrey stepped out to meet the other two vampires. She had an uneasy feeling in her gut.

What exactly does Sharpy Roundup? Everything or certain specialities?

Audrey looked a John for a moment. The thought of someone being able to help her with her bloodlust was like a prayer being answered but could she trust these other vampires? The seemed desperate to get to her and she wondered why.

“This could be a good opportunity for me,” Audrey said.

“I don’t trust them,” John replied as he looked towards the door.

“I think I should take the chance,” Audrey said as she stepped forward. She looked towards the other vampires. “Okay I’ll come with you, but leave John be.”

I'd have an orange blade with a copper coloured handle.

(Sorry about that. Somehow I missed it. I've fixed it up on my last post, take a look.)

Joo-Eun drove the car like there was no tomorrow. It wasn’t far from the truth as the sun would be rising soon. Valiant was still healing slowly in the backseat as Joo-Eun drove. She decided to go to D’s coven. Valiant wasn’t a member but Joo-Eun was and it would be the safest place for them to go for now.

Joo-Eun turned down the driveway with excessive speed she pulled on the handbrake as she got near the front door. Valiant groaned as he was slammed back into the seat with the impact of the stop.

Throwing the driver’s door open, Joo-Eun jumped out and opened the back door. She lugged Valiant out and threw him over her shoulder, looking rather comical since she was rather petite.

Joo-Eun pressed her thumb against a scanner and the front door to the building opened. Once she was inside she felt immediate relief. It wouldn’t last as D wouldn’t be happy with her bringing Valiant in. But she’d deal with that later.


Audrey was stunned. One moment she was in the car with John the next she was being torn out of the car and dragged along by another vampire. Audrey could tell that this was on older vampire, he seemed much more self assured than John. He also smelt different. There was no trace of human on him.

"What do you want from me?" she gasped.


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Dah'lei grabbed Jaak by the sleeve of his robe and they ran through the rain. There had to be a way out. They weaved through the streets and found themselves in the bustle of a market place. People were running everywhere to get out of the rain which added to their cover.

Jaak pointed out a clothing store, "Quick let's get a change of clothes."

The pair ditched their robes and grabbed a pair of jackets throwing a credit chip to the store owner. Dah'lei wore a maroon jacket that came to her knees while Jaak wore a teal one that hung to his thighs. "Let's hope this slows them down. " Dah'lei said as they continued running.

Valiant was in a great deal of pain but he could already feel his body healing, the bones shifting back into place and mending while his muscles reattached putting everything back where it should be. His organs were healing also.

As Valiant lay on his back he realised that it hurt to even blink. However if the two wolves took him back to their conclave he’d probably be in a lot more pain. However if he could escape he’d issue them with a lot of pain in turn. But then Valiant didn’t have to worry. Joo-Eun was coming to his rescue.

The two wolves immediately went for cover as silver bullets smashed through the windscreen. Valiant was able to turn his eyes enough to see it was Clara and Paul in the car. Apparently they hadn’t killed the pair, what a shame.

Valiant was surprised when he felt someone latch onto his foot and drag him away. He gritted his teeth as he felt his body bounce along the ground. Next he was tossed into another car. Joo-Eun jumped into the driver’s seat and managed to start the car, “We’re outta here,” she told as she floored it.

Valiant thumped into the front seats with a thump, he let out a groan and wished he hadn’t as his face hurt.

“God damn it,” Joo-Eun snarled “That damn truck is following us.”


Audrey compressed her leg to stop the bleeding. But as she did so she got the impression that it wasn’t necessary. The pain was beginning to ease. She looked at John, “Can we get out of here?”

He shook his head, “We’re pinned down for now.”

“Can you make an exit?” she asked.

It's almost like the Jedi/Sith are telekinetic and a little telepathic. Perhaps it's more a gift rather than a Force.

But yeah Fett_II and Valthonin's explaination from the movies pretty much covers it.