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Desdemona felt no pleasure in what she did, the smile she had worn had been for show only. Jack was in pain but it would pass, Magnus would fight but there would be no victory for the evil soul.

Jack’s hands were firmly on the blade. “Let go of the sword.” Desdemona told him.

“I-I can’t.” He said as pain coursed through him.

“The pain will stop when you do.” Desdemona said. She had witnessed such things many times before.

Magnus influenced Jack to lunged at her with the sword but it passed right through her body harmlessly.

Desdemona felt the pull of another dark soul. So there would be another that needed to be purged. It would be released from its living form soon enough, Desdemona knew this for a fact.


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“Drop the sword,” Desdemona commanded the scaled man. He looked at her and she instantly knew all about him once his eyes met hers.

The grenade exploded and shrapnel rained through the air. The chunks of metal sailed through Desdemona’s form, not touching her at all.

“The sword harbours a great evil. Do you want such a thing to possess you?” Desdemona asked as she drew nearer. Her form was partly translucent as she walked.

“What are you?” Flame asked.

“I am a hunter of souls, I have come for Magnus.” Desdemona replied and looked at Jack, she raised a pale finger. “Magnus is within him.”


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Desdemona stood in the street looking up. She had found Magnus. The body he was inhabiting was taking a real beating from someone else. Desdemona turned her head slightly to watch as the human male fell from the building and to the ground.

The wind blew slightly and Desdemona’s cloak parted. She lowered the hood and strode towards the man. She knew that his body was broken but she also knew it was in the process of healing. This was fascinating to her. Desdemona stopped and watched, she wondered if Magnus knew she was coming for him.


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The most common hunters wearing Mandalorian armor are Boba Fett, Jango Fett and Jodo Kast. But which one has the most gadgets and is best prepared for anything?

What's your opinion and why?


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Desdemona landed in Mission City. Her cool green eyes studied the surroundings. Her inner radar searched for the dark soul she was to reclaim for the underworld.

The living world had changed a great deal since Desdemona's last mission. The buildings had grown taller than she had ever seen. The night was almost as bright as day and large metallic objects ruled the roads. Desdemona took a moment and let the new world wash over her. She had a lot of history to catch up on but now was not the time.

Desdemona strode through the streets knowing she was near her prey but in no hurry to capture him. Time meant nothing to someone undead.

That is so cute, yet so cool at the same time. Every kids' dream smile


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Mandalorian Assassin wrote:

Okay, it's like the Avatar ratig thread, but for singatures.  I think that's self explanatory.  Anyhoo, what do you guys think of my current one?  (to start things off)

I'd say 7/10 - gotta leave room for improvement tongue


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I'm a gal


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((Hi, I believe you’re in need of a soul eater? Allow me to assist. Hope you don’t mind the history I’ve put together, Sev – since this will relate to Jack))

Character: Desdemona
Affiliation: Neutral – soul eater
Age: Unknown as she’s neither dead nor alive
Appearance: Short blonde girl looking to be around 15 years old. Her straight hair is worn down with a part in the middle. She wears a sleeveless cream dress that touches her toes. Over this she wears a black velvet cloak.
Personality: Desdemona is a servant to Death. Her purpose is to return errant souls or troublesome entities back to the underworld. She is summoned when a dark soul is released from its captivity.

Desdemona had been asleep for a long time. It may have been years, it may have been decades, possibly even centuries. Her duties were few but an ancient evil had been awakened. The cursed soul of Magnus Elmetrium had been released from his prison inside the Sword of El’Captar and into a living being. It was time for Desdemona to collect him.

She floated out of the crypt and into the night. Desdemona did not feel the weather, nor did she feel emotion. Nothing touched the soul eater. She was merely a servant, a means to an ends, a slave who would never die until her mission was complete.

Desdemona took to the sky and flew at lightening speed to Mission City.


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((I love Resident Evil type RPGs, but I probably won't have the time to put in an on-going character... so here's my contribution))

Nicole held the shotgun tightly to her chest as she ran. She'd stolen it from a biker who'd had died earlier on. She shook her head to clear her thoughts of the eviscerated corpse. It was the moment's distraction that cost her. At the end of the alley were swaying, moaning zombies. There were hoards of them.

Lifting the shotgun, Nicole pumped it and fired. Then turned to run. Her exit was cut off by more zombies that had somehow managed to catch up to her. She looked for a fire escape ladder, but it was too close to the zombies coming in from behind her. Instead she scuttled up on top of a garbage crate.

She fired at the zombies, trying to clear a path through them but they just kept coming. Nicole kicked open one side of the garbage crate's lid and was about to jump inside when she saw movement inside. There was no escape, Nicole took the last option left, she turned the shotgun on herself.

It's taken me a while to get back here. But yeah it did take place after ANH.

The two lovers were locked in a kneeling embrace as the gunman circled them. The human female was shaking uncontrollably as her lover tried to steady her. But the gunman simply laughed. “Not so cocky now, are we?”

The human male glared at the gunman, but said nothing.

“So which way will I kill the last two members of the Rebels’ Sunlight Stalkers? Shot to the head? Nah too messy. Hmm, how about I shoot you in the knees and let you bleed out? It’d be rather painful. Though you do deserve it, you’ve done worse to your enemies.” The gunman said as he pondered his options.

The human male spat at the gunman. With lightening quick reflexes, the gunman shot the male in the shoulder and watched him crumple. The female grabbed him and began to sob.

The gunman shook his head. This was getting pathetic. He wasn’t supposed to kill them, but they were annoying the hell out of him.

“Why don’t you just kill us and get it over with.” The female shrieked.

Gunman sighed. “Not my call, you’ve got a higher authority to answer to.”

Holding her lover close, the female asked. “And who exactly would that be?”

“Me,” answered a gravely voice.

Both captives froze as they recognised the voice. The voice of a man they had tried to kill for nosing about in Rebel Intelligence. It had been stupid to think he’d forget them, but they’d been arrogant. Boba Fett was not a forgiving man.

Fett handed the gunman a credit chip in payment. The gunman gave a mock salute then walked off.

The human male gasped in pain, “I didn’t think the great Boba Fett hired scum to do his dirty work.”

Fett turned his head slightly to the side. “You’re not worth my finder’s fee, I hired someone who took on such low paying jobs.”

“So what now?” the female hissed.

Fett placed the nuzzle of his blaster under the female’s jaw and made her stand. Her male companion collapsed to the ground. “You are going to tell me everything you know about the pilot who blew up the Death Star.”

The female attempted to spit in his face but Fett jerked the blaster up closing her mouth and make her spit slide between her lips and down her chin. “Such disrespect.” Fett commented dryly.

From the edge of the alley way they appeared. Rebel soldiers pointed at Boba Fett and a grenade was thrown at him.

Taking a step back, Fett fired at the grenade in mid air. It exploded in a blast of shrapnel. It caught the male captive in the throat, killing him quickly. The female took a blow to the chest and forehead, and then she dashed away to the safety of her Rebel companions.

Fett gritted his teeth. So the Rebels wanted to keep secret the identity of their pilot who had blown up the Death Star, so be it. Fett thought as he threw a grenade back at the Rebels in return.

He stalked off into an alley way and made his escape. This job wasn’t worth his time. Let Lord Vader do his own dirty work. That’s what Stormtroopers were for after all.


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Poor Bossk. There'd have to be some desperate creature that would want him. Maybe Aurra has a sister tongue


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Darman for me. He's so cool and sweet wink


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I think Vader would win because Sidious trusted that Vader was under his power. Had Anakin sided with Mace I think they would have defeated Sidious. I think it would have been a good fight.


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Anyway back to topic. Who else do you think would be a good pair up with Aurra?

Since people were talking about other bald characters, maybe Mace Windu. They'd have a great time trying to think of ways to do each other in tongue


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I'd say TESB (Five).

Try Messages.

I still wonder how a stormtrooper manages to do number twos tongue I don't think it'd be easy get rid of that rear plating.


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He was probably choking back his lightening somewhat as he said it. tongue


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It'd be cool to see a pic of it.

Since Valentine's Day is coming up I thought it fun to pair off some of the characters from SW. I think Aurra Sing and Darth Maul would make a "cute" couple. Provided that they didn't kill each other. Who would you pair up with Aurra Sing?

Durasteel? tongue

My Question: How do stormtroopers go to the toilet? It must be take a while to get in and out of their gear.


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Name: Thuk'ai Zim
Race: Twi'lek
Occupation: Jedi Knight
Weapon: Yellow Lightsaber
Force Powers: Force Push and Force Heal
Further details: Wears three-quarter length leather pants and a halter top. Sometimes wears her Jedi robe over them.
Companions: Quinn Tarn, human male. Pilot of the Gnarled Split.

The Gnarled Split sat away from the space battle. Quinn Tarn sat in the cockpit watching the flashes of light while he waited for the Jedi to be ready. Patience wasn't a vertue for Quinn as he sat polishing his collection of pistols.

Thuk'ai was repairing her lightsaber. The hilt had been damaged during her last battle and she wasn't about to go any further without fixing her prized weapon. She smiled as the last pieces came together. As she completed the task she lifted her lightsaber and ignited the bright yellow blade. All was well.

(Hope you don't mind me joining, you said you needed a Jedi)


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Hope you don't mind me joining. Here's my character:

Name: Tosa Kyle
Species: Mirialan
Alliance: Freelance
Occupation: Scavenger
Weapon-of-choice: DL-44 Blaster Pistol
Secondary weapon: Vibro Sword
Clothing: Brown flight suit with black helmet.

Tosa was fortunate to find the cave, the sand people had been here. There footprints had given away the secret entrance and now so Tosa had gotten inside. She hoped that a bounty of treasure lay somewhere inside.


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No contest, this one goes to Boba hands down.