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So I take it no one's coming with me... Ok I'll just go myself
[3 hours later Des comes back carrying the wing of an arc-170 in the same net as before]
Fierfek, my back, at least this things still got a gun attached. I'm gonna work on hooking up this gun for a turret so we can protect our base.


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(The chunks arethe size of me)
(sure I'll find your squad)
Well I'm off anyone gonna help?


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Thier only about the size of me. Besides there'll be 4 people to help. And if you guys don't then I will, by myself.

Name: Taylor
Rank: Corpral
Class: Clone Commando ( Special ops 22nd nocturnal division)
Armor: All Black except for a red biohazard symbol on left shoulder
WOC:DC-17 blaster rifle all attachements (other attachements held in pouch on right leg)
WOC 2: DC-12 elite blaster rifle
secondary weapon:DC-55m pistol with vibroblade that pops out of bottom, that is held in holster on left leg
Group: Storm
Additional equipment: wrist mounted energy shield large enough to cover body when crouched able to turn on and off, bacta processing implant, bacta spray, medpack, camoflouge field generator (blends me into background), and comm pack.

As Corporal taylor made his way down into the canyon his V-wing suddenly came under fire so he kicked forward his thrusters and bolted down to the canyons, but unable to save his ship he had to eject.20 minutes later he was on foot looking for any reinforcements of any kind."Come in!" Taylor shouted through his compack "can anyone here me. This is Copral Taylor 22nd nocturnal division of clone commandos, reinforcements have arrived, anybody reading me I'll keep my com systems operational as long as possible, contact me as soon as possible!. Taylor out."


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Of course its  not in perfect condition, its kinda blown up into small sections, same with the arc 170. God I'm not even that stupid,Heh drag a whole V-wing. You guys are crazy. Besides its only about half a mile out.


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I'd be grateful if you would help me drag back the arc 170 and later we'll go for the v-wing. Ok? But first i need to eat.


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(I think all of those creatures would be awesome except the bug swarm of eight million how about 10,000?)
(And I don't think an acklay charachter would be a good idea cause it'l probably end up getting killed. But sure Go ahead)

It had been three hours since des had left, he now was back at camp with one third of the pieces of another gunship all tied up in some type of net made from bendable tree branches. " Everybody has to start helping out from now on, I am seriously about to faint. By the way on my way back I saw a crasshed arc 170 and a v-wing, you think we might have use for them?"


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( Sure ) 
Ok then its settledwe make our stand here. I'm going to go get some more material from another crashed gunship to make this fortification strongern and alittle bit bigger so all of us will fit.


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But what about this camp I refuse to leave this behind I'm going to stay and fight, I mean for crying out loud we're commandos, we're the most qualified to do anything i could blow that thing's head to bits with one round from my sniper rifle.


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I could try to fit it down fit it for you.

How do you paste photos onto the text box thingy


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Nice shot. I can't believe it was that close, it sure didn't sound like it, said Des raising his gun back up. Scared the crap outta me.Figuratively speaking of course


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I heard it alright, anyone got a proximity mine i can strap onto it if it is an acklay?


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Alright we head east. (des starts walking west) Huh crappy HUD. Now heads east


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I agree. i don't wanna become some beast's chew toy any time soon. So where to we've already set up camp here. isn't the greatest but if we can get some more wood and metal we could make small sized fort. So whose gonna help me scavenge for shelter?


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Neither can I. still a bit woozy over the whole thing happened. So anyone know how long we've been here?  Oh and by the way the next time you do that Kal I will kill you. No offense or anything but we're stranded here, even if we could get a beacon up and have someone rescue us, you think that armada of separatist forces would let them just walk down here and rescue its finest!!!


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Des had just finished repairing the transmissions com on his suit . "all clones come in, any surviving clones pick up, shelter has been established at 137 lattitude, 456 longitude, any clones in need of medical attention meet here," After sending this out he started to repair the rest of his suit. His hud staticed to life, he activated his beacon and waited for any incoming transmissions.


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Yes I like it very much, Raven Squad, thanks Adeptus wink

As Des walked through the forest looking at the crashed gunship in front of him, he heard a twig snap and immediatly turned around. Swinging his sniper around finger on trigger, he realized he was looking at a clone commando, he dropped his gun almost instantly, 1207 that you, thank god. I can't find anyone thats still alive. Lets try and set up camp using the gunship parts, sound good?


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A fleet of republic gunships are Downed over the planet of Felucia and must find a way to survive. Everyone has to be some type of clone, you must give your charachters name, type of clone,  weapon(s) of choice, number, personality, class, rank, and Squad number There will only be 4 or 5 people to a squad for commandos, any other unit can have any number of people in that squad.

Name: Des
Number: 1214
Class: Marksman
Type: Clone Commando
WOC: DC-17 Sniper rifle, 2 small blaster pistols ( held at side in holsters), DC-17 blaster rifle, vibrblade, scoped wookie bowcaster, a modified acp array gun,  10 eco detonators,  and 12 thermal detanators
Personality: Loves to hunt, funny, self sacrificial, loyal to squad mates.
Rank: Private
Squad number: 4

Des was recovering from the crash to the planet, checking around for his ship he remembered that he had jumped while the ship was still in air. So he began to walk North where he thought the ship would be. He walked for about an hour before he found it no sign of any living clones though.


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Does anyone know where i can find a really good pic of Sev that I can use as an avatar?


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Des had arrived at the stealth core hoping to see Jodo's craft but instead saw nothing. He had been nervous the entire trip to the stealth core because of that sith, how had they found him, to Des it seemed almost Impossible to track himself but they had done it, he was now so paranoid as to think it could be one of the jedi elite members feeding the empire data about him. He was going to send a transmission to Jodo Kast Immediatly. " Come in Jodo, come in  I have just reached the stealth core after escaping a sith encounter, I think one of the Jedi elite might be trying to get rid of me by feeding the empire my location, I even found a TIE fighter far too close to my bunker, my feeling about this remain strong contact me later about these matters."


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Thanks smile

Now returning back to his bunker to pack for the journey, distraught over the situation to come.He couldn't take it, it was far too nervwrecking. Suddenly a knock rang out on the metal door, Des lept grabbing his lightsaber in an instant. Cautiously he crept to the door looking through a small bullet hole and there standing a lord of the Sith. "You see you have something that belongs to me." the sith's hollow voicesaid, sending a chill up Des's spine. Springing open the door Des activated his lightaber and  he moved into an upward striking position, the sith tried quickly to draw his blade but was a second too late and was cut down. A sith here how could thist be I must be being tracked somehow." Sparing no more time he hopped into his Arc-!70 and flew off,taking only his lightsaber and the sith holocron with him.


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In a few days he'd have to meet up with the rest of the Jedi Elite aboard Jodo Kast's republisc hammerhead clas cruiser, he dreade the day. Because this meant he would have to leave tomorrow to arrive on time. But also because of the others would discipline his actions, while not even bothering to reveal his motives behind  them. They didn't appreciate his style dealing with things. But it was thier fault after his master had been slain he had requested a new master but they refused, blaming him for his master's death. That is why he had no excitement for going plus he would have to stop patrolling his assigned planet to meet new recruits, in a way it sickened him. A waste of time it was. But in the same token he needed to show Jodo Kast a sith holocron he had found in a facility he had discovered. Since then weird things had started happening on the planet all over. He needed to contact them about these matters, and quickly at that.


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As Des scouted the molten terrain for any activity of life he thought to himself.... why, why did I become a Jedi.I could have had a fine life leaving the jedi a long time ago. Now i'm being chased down by notorious bounty hunters and an entire empire , all intent on my death. It was good he'd stayed though, because he knew one day all the sith would perish at the jedi's hand. He remembered how the Emperor had personally killed his master right in front of him, while he had barely managed to escape. That hatred for the entire empire had stayed with him through the years and he knew it would one day be his downfall. But until then he continued to hate. Just then he picked something up on his scanner something large. He immediatly turned around and went to the location. When he arrived he saw one lone TIE interceptor, probably lost, but still it coudn't be allowed to continue to live. He opened fire with two large stealthed homing missiles( for a strange reason he called them ghost missiles) it tried to evade but failed. blowing up into thousands of bits of shrapnel.


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Name: Des
Age: 19
Lightsaber color: Cobalt
Species: Zabrak
Planet assignment:Mustafar
Master's species and name: Zabrak (Deceased),Celestine
Astromech droid:R3-D4 (currently under modification)
Planet of exile: Korriban
Name of ship: Crater maker
Type of ship: Modified Arc-170 Starfighter
Personality: loves to spar, is always serious, cryptic, wise, keeps to self.

1. Darth Maul
2. Boba Fett
3. Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader
4. Sev
5. Scorch
6. Boss
7. Qui-Gon Jinn
8. General Grievous
9. Emperor's Royal Gaurds
10. Padme Amidalla