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((Yeah I told you you'd be able to make a side group))

Garrow began to wish they'd been given speeders, the swamp was slow to maneuver through and made the trip al the more aggravating. The swamp also forced Garrow to hold his Z-36 above the swamp, for fear of damaging it. "Damn it why did we have to get picked for this op. Why not omega or Delta. I swear us Lambda get the *** end of everything."  Garrow's Squad mate's looked at him with an air of silence. So he shut his trap and dragged on through the swamp. Nearly 1 standard hour later Garrow's squad was still penetrating the swamp when at last the Research Center came into view. "Great" Garrow said "Its swarming with anti-infantry defense. We'd need a tank, no two to get through that alive." Rez the sqaud's sniper overlooked the scene "He's got a point Commander, but why woulld we need two tanks. Theres only four of us going into one area. Two is just pointless." Garrow's face reddened, although noone couild tell through the helmet " I dunno one for a distraction" Rez continued "It's only anti infantry, nothing here could really put a dent to it so its completely pointless to have two..." the CO cut him off before Rez could continue his rant. Garrow gave a sigh of relief . "We'll set up camp and observe the research center from there to see if there's any way we can get in. Garrow and Rez you two go look for a spot to set up camp. Me and Faust will be deploying long ranje comm jammers around the area. Move out Commandos." Garrow did as he was told and set off with the sniper.


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Ok I been thinking about this for some time and we need a new RP to liven up the atmosphere of this part of the community boards. So I thought hard for a couple days and I know it isn't the best topic but I decided to go back to the time of the republics dismemberment and journey towards the empire.

---Rules & Setting---
4 Years after the collapse of the republic, a war between those clinging to a dead and fading way of life and an ever-growing imperialistic juggernaught. The war erupts over countless fronts taking billions of lives on each side. Those attempting to rebuild their lost empire have gained a vast army from gaining the allegiance of the Kaminoans. Forcing the Empire to pour countless credits into researching and manufacturing of newer technologies. Dominance of the Galaxy is priority for both rebel and Imperial. Let the battle Ensue!

Clearly two of the factions are Rebel and Imperial. You can also forge some separate faction. But please not too many. As well as Jedi, sith, and bounty hunter. (Pleas not too many sith or Jedi) Customization should not be shied from, so please feel free to modify those weapons & vehicles. (But please do stay within a reasonable fiction.) I know it’s pretty obvious but please do not take control of someone else’s character or kill them off without that person’s say-so. If however you deal enough damage to someone else’s character and they do not receive medical attention they can and more than likely will die.

Name: Garrow Oshrik
Race: Human
Age: 23
Affiliation: Rebellion
Rank/Position: Rebel Commando/ Support gunner, weapons expert, demolitions.
Appearance: Caucasian, Black hair, Steel blue eyes, Heavy Set, & tall, wearing Night Ops Mark 3 Katarn Class Commando Armor
WOC: Dc-17m Interchangeable weapon system (Suppressed), Z-36 Rotary cannon

Garrow sat aboard the collossal A6 Juggernaught his DC-17m waiting for the moment when his Squad Leader RC-1307 would address him with further mission briefing. His squad was to infiltrate and take over an imperial research facility, no survivors...no exceptions. Finally the Commando summoned Garrow via Comm Link. "'Bout kriffing time, what were you waiting for the sun to rise?" The Commando didn't respond but rather looked at Garrow with such intensity Garrow could feel it even through thier helmets. He then turned back to the others and merely plopped down a small circular device that at once emitted a holo projection of a clone trooper. the projection began "Evening commandos, I trust you're all ready for this, and there's really not much to say but good luck out there tonight. You all know what you're doing and know what must be done.  I won't spend any more precious time rambling on." The holo shut off and the squad leader picked it back up and stored it in his rations kit. The A6 stoppe and the side door opened. Garrow and his squad filed out of the behemoth and stormed out into the murky swamps of Dromund Kaas. taking this research facility would be key to  establishing a good offensive footing in the Dromund system.


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You know I don't think anyone had thought of that KArson. Very good ppoint. They are both superb Masters of the Dark side, its very possible that they would kill eachother.


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The creatures attached to him are called orbalisks, and their invulnerable even lightsabers As well they also granted hima amazing properties of healing as well as an adrenaline burst. The only known sur fire way of killing them would be with force lightning wich Vader coudn't use because of his suit. So absolutely beyond a  shadow of a doubt if you take in to consideration all evidence  there's no way Vader would win if he fought Bane. Bane would utterly destroy him. Sorry folks but thats the way it is.


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I live in Rhode Island, s right now its getting cold. It doesn't really bother me I guess I prefer the cold over the heat. Even though I lived in Florida for 8 years. I absolutely hated the summers. Too hot, I did like the rain though It kinda makes you think.

Tes headed back aboard the Matriarch, he headed to the front of the ship. " Tuli, we need to head to the citadel. Commander Aspira's death needs to be reported." She nodded grimly "Aye Leuitenant. What do you think wwill happen Tesliv?" Tes looked away "I have an idea already." They hit the mass relay and were speeding towards the citadel. "U.S.S. Matriarch checking in, are we clear to dock?" "U.S.S. Matriarch you are clear to dock, the council would like a mission report from Commander Aspira as soon as possible." Tes sighed heavily "The good commander is no longer with us I'm afraid."  The comm chatter fell silent for a moment. "Sorry to hear that, who is currently the commanding officer?" Tes choked on the words alittle "Leuitenant Tesliv Niveros, please tell the council that I am requesting to meet them instead. As well please arrange an empty coffin burial for the commander to honor her deeds in the previous battle." The comm came in low. "Will do Leuitenant." The matriarch docked and Tanen and Tesliv stepped off "Thane I'm headed off to the council chambers, head off and do what you'd like but be back within the hour." With that Tes walked over to a rapid transit and headed to the council chambers.Upon arrival he was met by two C-Sec officers. One Turian and one Krogan. "Sir we're going to need to take you into custody, please don't resist." Tes put his arms forward. "Might I ask what all this is about?"
The Turian looked at him with disgust. "You are under arrest by order of the Council for the murder of Commander Aspira. You're trial is scheduled to start in ten minutes, this way" Tes became enraged. "Murder, Commander Aspira was a good friend of mine who was killed in action. I have the log from the battle myself." Afew minutes later Tes was brought before the council. The asari stepped forward "Leiutenant Niveros you are charged with the murder of Commander Aspira in the first degree, how do you plead?" Tes looked up " I plead nit guilty. Furthermore I have evidence to prove my innocence, the log from the battle itself, it is with my gear abaord the U.S.S. Matriarch. Please feel free to retrieve it." This time the turian spoke "We shall"  Nearly a half hour later the gear had been retireved and  C-Sec was fuddling through the log. Tes was freed from the cuffs. "Thank you." Tes said some mockery to his voice. "Now then, we understand you're ship is in need of a new commanding officer." The Turian said somewhat hanging his head. "We also apologize. But taking in this account. The fact that you singlehandedly  took out an enemy outpost is quite astonishing. I request that Spectre status be awarded" The other two council mebers looke at Tes. Then simultaneously." Agreed" "Leiutenant Niveros you are hereby promoted to Captain Commander of The Matraiarch and are awarded for your war time efforts induction into the Special Tactics And reconnaissance. Remeber this.  Spectres are not trained, but chosen. Individuals forged in the fire of service and battle - those whose actions elevate themselves above the rank and file. You are free to leave Commander Niveros. You're first assignment is to help uncover the location of Saren, an ex-Spectre. He is charged with the death of the crew of the U.S.S. Normandy and sveral hundred others. He is considered heavily armed and quite dnagerous proceed with caution. The Goddess be with you." With that Tes started back towards the Matriarch.

Thinking quickly Tesliv rolled to the side landing hard on the ground. He then sweeped the attacker sending him to the ground. He stepped over the man and noticed he was a drell. "Why did you just attack me" Tes said pinning his attacker to the ground. "Answer me. Matriarch I need you to swoop down by my position, I've got a subdued hostile here" THe matriarch dropped down from above opening its bay. Tes then knocked the drell unconsious and brought him aboard. Afew hours later the attacker began to wake. "Easy there buddy. You're in the medical bay.I want to know why you attacked me?" The drell refused to cooperate. "Fine. Lets make a deal, you talk, and we'll allow you aboard, if not we can just drop you off at the citadel for exection. How's about it. You won't get another chance like this."


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Perhaps we should all come up with Ideas about a good topic that a majority could agree on.

(( LOL ok I think this is gonna be fun Droideka, try not to rough me up too bad.))
Tes had finished the mission single handedly. ((sorry  if this seems like a god mod but I think you can see where its headed)) The communications building had been destroyed along with the Geth barracks. Despite this his chest felt hollow and burned with an insatiable frost. He'd done it, but he'd lost his entire squad and his commander in the process. Tes seriously considered simply telling the Matriarch to leave before anyone else got hurt. He started back for the ship anyway, his head down trodding slowly back. He looked up into the sky for an answer as to why so many had to die, instead he saw a non-council ship set down afew clicks away, he quickened his pace and pulled on his helmet, preparing for anything now.


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Inigami walked down the stairwell somewhat hurriedly as if getting to the cache ooner would get him outta here all the sooner. He grabbed his pistol from its holster and began a sweep of the room, they were on the 2nd floor now any survivors probabally come here and barricaded the stairwell, but that was exactly the problem Inigami's squad hadn't encountered one single survivor. A noise caught his attention and he swung around looking downwards at a women with blood all along her mouth, he ifred two shots without even thinking, she fell to the ground and he noticed she'd been holding an arm in her clutch. "Absolutely disgusting." Inigami muttered to himself. They continued on heading now through the next satirwell, Inigami signaled for his squad to stop. He'd heard a moaning just now. He slowly crept down the stairs and it grew louder. "Akiba hand me a frag" Inigami whispered. The soldier put out his hand, and Inigami picked up the frag. He pulled the pin and tossed it int the room. The bgrenade detonated, takinmg with it five of the infected. The rest came at Inigami and his squad, Inigami pulled his shotgun in time to smck one of the things with the barrel of the gun. He then fired, and guts flew out from the body in a firework style. He opened up on the others taking them down one by one. He checked his ammo. 47 shots, he was good. They headed over to the counter and accessed the computer punching in a code. The wall behind them opened up and a pathway down into the cache became lit up. They rushed down along it, the door they'd just entered through shut down locking itself. An AI projected in the room with them "Proper Identification required" The walls began to glow. Inigami spoke crisply and calmly. "Umbrella Security Commando Terasu Inigami, Identification number 5881-3592-12." The AI smiled and curtsied "Access granted, Welcome commander Inigami" Inigami stepped into the room and flipped the switch next to him on the wall, the lights flickered on. "Hayako, establish a connection with RC Outpost 2-95F" The comando headed over to a terminal "Yes,sir. Right away sir!"


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Name: Terasu Inigami
Age: 29 / Gender: Male
Affiliation: Umbrella Security Service Commandos
Personality: Cold, bitter, precise, sarcastic, loyal, stern
WOC: Beretta 92F Mod. Samurai Edge
SPAS 12 Shotgun
           Inigami felt the cool night breeze flow through his soft brown hair. "We're nearing the drop point sir." The pilot called back at him.He pulled his helmet over his head and fastened it. He'd been on a helicopter for nearly an hour now. He'd gotten on with his squad back at Umbrella's outpost some 40 or 50 miles from Raccoon City. His squad was supposed to find unique mutations for Umbrella that the lab rats could turn into a super soldier, and if possible find samples of the T or G virus strains. "Get ready commandos!" Inigami shouted over his shoulder. The helicopter set down on the buildings rooftop. It was one that Umbrella had used to sell cosmetics, there was supposed to be a cache in its basement of weapons, health supplies, and food. The entire building had been locked down after the first reports of the infected attacks. So only they would be able to get in, they'd be using it as their own outpost here at ground zero. It was on the south side of Fission St. His wife had worked at a Computer appliance store nearby, before she'd died in the attacks. He jumped down off the chopper and watched as it flew off. Something on one of the other rooftops skittered across and jumped onto the helicopter, seconds later the helicopter was spinning out of control and crashed into a building. Inigami rushed over to the door and Punched in the code the door hissed and air shot out of the crevices as it opened. Inigami turned on his thermal and headed in signaling the others to follow.

((1)Yes it would be alright sorry if I was unclear about that. I'll have to clear it up. 2)Around the same time as the 1st game, a little later. Playing through on the basis that Shepard failed.))
Aspira and Tes had made it halfway to the objective when they came across something of a disturbing scene a group of asari commandos crumpled and strewn about like ragdolls. The commander spoke up."Objective Fell-Horn what is your status?" The Turian responded "We're coming iinto a geth ----- area, Fell-Horn----" "Damn!" Aspira shouted to herself. Tes remained silent. "Well, we've got to get moving, c'mon." Aspira said with an almost sad tone in her voice. They both knew what a squad that had been jammed would become. They carried on, mourning the loss of thier comrades. "So what are your plans after this mission.? I'm probabally going ito try and get sationed back on the citadel." Tes said breaking the uneasy silence. "I plan on fighting this war, until I either die or am no longer able to battle> You should do the same if you have any honor. Besides you're one of the best soldiers I've had aboard the matriarch. If you left I'd have to do these missions on my own." "Well you do have a point commander, these newer recruits seem to get more and more unfit for battle. I guess I'll hang in there with you" His commander gave no response to this. "Must've hit a nerve." He mumbled to himself. They rounded a corner on the hill, as soon as they did they walked right back. Three Geth heavy armatures were guarding the barracks that Objective Turos was supposed to blow up."Damn!" He exclaimed.
"How're we supposed to get in with those things blocking the way" The Asari Commande's eye glittered with a plan."We're going to take them out. Do you still have those cryo grenades?" Tes was stunned" Yeah, what do you need em for?" The asari put her hand out and Tes reluctantly gave up his 7 grenades. "I'm going to make us some cover and then once we're close enough, I'm going to stick them with these High explosive grens that the armorer gave me. Go on three" Tes stepped out and opened fire with his AR, the commander threw down the cryos and as planned they froze together in clumps of massive Ice 12 feet from the heavy armatures. The two ran down the hill at full speed taking advantage of the frozen mass, Suddenly the ice collapsed and Tes was staring at a bloody lump of meat flying about in front of him.The geth had managed to blast through it with the armatures, he dropped to the ground and reached over for the grenades his commander had been holding at her side, three of them had made it throught the blast or the others had been lost in the blast, the Geth marched forward, he set the grenades down and activated his biotic amp, giving himself a boost of shield energy that not even a geth dread naught could penetrate, he stood up and threw the grens one by one into the neck armor of the heavy Geth armatures. Detonating them, the shields would be gone soon he opened fire on the two geth juggernauts in the clearing between the barracks and himself. Taking them out in moments it seemed. Adrenaline flowed through him like water in a stream, he charged forward and busted into the barracks firing now with his pulse shotgun, taking out geth trooper after geth trooper the shilds dropped and two pulse lasers hit him in the leg and chest, he took cover behind a terminal and blindly shot stopping only wen he heard the geth stalker drop to the ground. He would need to take out this facility and then continue on with fell-horn's objective.

This is a RP I've been wanting to do for awhile now, but never actually put into motion. I felt it pertinent to do so with the coming of mass effect 2. So here goes.

The geth have begun to infringe on Council Controlled territory. The beginning of the war is being shifted onto the Spectres. Several of them have already fallen to the might of the geth, or have switched forces allying themselves with Saren. You may be any of the races listed (http://masseffect.wikia.com/wiki/Races Extinct races or Creatures can not be selected / Krogan may have a Varren ally if they choose )
As well you may be a spectre or a crew member for any ship or squad, and for any side(Council/Geth/Other)
Rules:1) No god modding. 2) Be aware of your situation.(If someone is somewhere else and says something. Don't suddenly have your char. know what they said)   3)Be realistic (Ex. Your character can only carry as much as they could based on physics and gravity)

Name: Tesliv Niveros (Tes for short)
Age: 28
Race: Turian
Gender: Male
Personality: Loyal, silent, stern...
WOC: Tsunami X Assault rifle (Cryo shots, high caliber barrel), Cryo grens, Raikou VII pistol (Incendiary shots, high caliber barrel), Geth pulse shotgun (Toxic shot, heat sink VI), Helix Sniper Rifle (Cryo shot, Extended barrel)
Affiliation: Council allied Military. Serving aboard the USS Matriarch (same layout as the Normandy)
Rank: Lieutenant grade 3

Tes had just finished gearing up, and was on his way to the rear drop area. Commander Aspira had recently been selected as a Spectre. It was a great boost of morale for all on the ship, but it seemed the council would hand out Spectre status to anyone with a military ID. Not that he didn't feel she hadn't deserved it, she'd single handedly covered Tera squad while they were being patched up at a medic clinic back on Feros. The war was getting tougher, and those that didn't get tougher with it payed the ultimate price. Tes had been assigned to Tera squad four and a half months ago, and had seen 19 good men and women die in combat, it was terrible. All to save a bunch of colonists and Coporate assholes. Tes considered himself lucky to be still alive, and often wondered how he'd managed to save his humor with all the hell around them. Today they were doing a stealth insertion behind a Geth transmission center. Thier orders were simple take it out and it would cut off all communication in the Andares system. Tes jumped inside of the Mako with the ohters. The then dropped from Matriarch and landed firmly onto the ground. Immediately they filed out of the Mako. Aspira split them up into two groups, herself and Tesbeing Objective Turos, while the other Turian and the asari commando would be Objective Fell-Horn.

Name: Keliel Nostuvien (Kel for short)
Species:Regular Vampire
Gender:Male  Age: 265 years old
Affiliation: Exiled Vampires
WOC:Stamira (Blade of weariness, usually sheathed/ Shown in characters hand in pic above ),
x2 Custom 9mm pistol
http://www.armchairgunshow.com/ot57-pix/hcp8-09.jpg (Other weapons may be seen in the future at the loss of one's shown here)

Kel's eyes flitted opened. Groginess flooded him. Where was he. He couldn't remember then slowly it started to fall back in place, who he waswhat he'd become in order to save his fragile incompetence of a life. He waited for the memories to return, knowing now that he was in his chambers, in his coffin. He'd have to check with his servants what the year was.
Why had he wokened though. A regular like him would have no reason to be summoned, unless by an elder in need of assistance. Slowly his mind churned and gears ground in his mind in ponderance. Finally the answer found him. The amulet of Delkath had been re-discovered. He made ready for his quest, heading to a freezer of sorts and grabbing two leather sacks, each containing blood that would soon thaw out and be drinkable. He then stepped over to his weapons cache grabbing Stamira and his two handy 9's. Filling his coat pockets with differant variants of ammunition. SIlver bullets for wolves, UV for enemy vamps, and explosive rounds for any other undead ******* in his way..Fully geared he headed upstairs to the manor's Base floor.  Kel now headed into a room containing a seer stone of sorts. It had belonged to the Elder of his previous coven and required a powerful will to look into it and receive answers. Kel shut both doors behind him and placed his hands upon the stine. He delved into the murky lights within the orb, seeking an answer to his question. Where was the amulet? Shadows assaulted his mind from within the orb and soon the right one made contact. Marley's point, it had shrieked. Kel released his grip on the orb immediately. With his question he would now seek out the amulet. He stormed  into the dining room and announced "Ximaran, Fenduras. Get your things together we're headed to marley's point" The  two bolted to thier living quarters, within minutes Kel's force was ready and out the door entering a black 1949 Cadillac. The three sped out away from the dark manor and out onto the road. It would take quite some time to get to Marley's point.

(Just to point out, Ximuran is Male/Fenduras is female. Both Regular vamps.)


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DOes that make this topic obsolete? I hope not but either way I could just join the other, if I could get the details of it and all.


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Hey wats up guys I'm back after some two or three years, can't waikt too get back in the rp game!!!


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Name: Peter Lebanon
Age: 32
Nationality: British
Occupation: Pirate
Appearance: black overcoat, brown pants, white baggy shirt, black bandanna, hazel eyes, dark brown hair, and black boots
Weapons:  2 Flintlock Pistols, a French 1763 Musket - long - (AAC-37)on a strap that Peter carries around, and 1 short sword in sheath
Brief History: A small time thief stuck on  one of the many Islands along the carribean. He has a band of theives.

(Just so nobod gets confused I don't have a ship yet, or an of the weapons posted up top until I get off the island)

Peter and his band of thieves were roaming the beachside cutting down  small trees to attempt to make small boats to get off the island. so far they only had 1 raft built and needed 2 more. Peter picked up an axe and began chopping at one of the many palm trees. He chopped away vigorously with all his might and within minutes a loud crack emanted from the center of the tree, as it fell Peter  took a deep breath and whe it  fell to the ground he released and picked the tree up dragging it over to a pile of cut down trees he then went out into the forest's edge and pulled out a small knife and started cutting a large vine. when at last done he brought it over to the pile of cut trees and tied up 4 or so at the ends. Peter then repeated this process until there in front of him lie a small raft fit for two people, he then rested and slowly fell into a slumber. He was awoken by the cheering of his fellows drinking and laughing about by a campfire . when he looked over towards the small raft he had completed , a grin spread over his face from seeing that all rafts were completed.
They  set sail for an island known to harbor pirates and thier ships and off they went.


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(This is not my plan but I'm going to put it into effect for VM )
( Im gonna try the 1st person thing)
Somewhere in the deep core sector
"What took you so long?"I said to one of the men in dark black robes "We were somewhat delayed byTalon" Oh I see what was she doing?" I asked."Off running a supposed quick errand for Krayt.""So how much longer tilwe reach Tython" I asked. He turned to look at me and said " we arent headed for Tython, that was a trick to see whether or not you would go and squeal our location to those damned peacekeepers. We're actually headed for Ojom. There we'll meet up with Krayt and the others of the neww brotherhood of sith to put you through acouple tests to fit you into where you need to go"


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(can i please get a sit rep here)

Canton was now supposed to report back to hq.


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( I'll take that offer as a member of the you know what VM. Didnt let anyone knowing just yet in case you didnt want them too and my storyline is about to twist to make sense PM when I can crack off who I'm with now)

It had been a peaceful trip so far he was beginning to think the others werent going to come. There were no signs of any attack made on any of the fleet at all. "Where are they". Just then  a small group of unidentified ships jumped  out of hyperspace and immediatly began attacking the ships  with a terrible ferocity such as he had never seen before. They made quiick work of the other star destroyers and at last turnd towards his.It was them he knew it. TGhey slowly picked his ship apart to ensure his safety offboard. So immediatly he cloaked himself using the force and once again sped off in the direction of the hangar. CLambering aboard a small scout ship abnd taking off in the direction of the old hangar on mustafar where he would meet up with the others once there hewatched as the last star destroyer was destroyed, he then reached into a small sack and took out al c4 stuck it to the ship, jumped back about 30 yards or so then pushed the c4 detonator and blew the last of the fleet apart.He was then greeted by his new comrades. Noone could trace his existence now and Overlord Skywalker would believe CArtea was dead when attacked and otnumbered by rebels. He stepped aboard a small escort frigate and headed off with his new life.


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Name: Canton

Affiliation: SuperHeroes

Powers:  can create tornados, flash stepping, can manifest weapons

Appearance: Black trench coat, spiky boots, lean tall kind of guy, black hair in somewhat of an emover, brown eyes, black demonic vampire wings that

burst out of trench coat

Gender: Male

Weapons: Katana, 2 sais, and a concealed 9 inch dagger


He had just heard the entire HQ had fallen to a pair of 2 villains . How had this happened. If Canton had beeen there he would have sliced those two to

ribbons. But instead he had been out on patrol in MIssion city. He wondered if it was repairable he hoped so because without an HQ they were abit

defenseless, and Canton hated that feeling,  he loved being on the offensive, He would find the two that did this and destroy them.


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Name: Darth Cartea
Species: Humanoid
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Appearance: Wears the armor similar to Darth Nihlius, holster on side of leg
WOC(s): Red short lightaber, green double blade (blades are only 1 meter long to increase speed and maneuverability), small DCm blaster pistol
VOC(s): Naboo N1 starfighter, naboo star skiff,  Lambda Class T4-a landing shuttle personally modified with holonet system hyperdrive rating of 6.0, personal quarters (sleeping quarters, eating/cooking area small stash of exotic galactic beverages, training room) , anti air/ground turrets(4), auto turrets (6)
, mannable back turret,
Breif Bio: Was alive since the clone wars and joined the empire after the fall of the new republic  and quickly ascended to fleet commander of 5 imperial satr destroyers. 2 years after the battle of endor the empire fell and was under the command of Luke Skywalker who now calls the Empire the Peacekeepers. He is an ex sith lord as well as ex jedi knight.
Force abilities: leap, jump, run, push, pull, heal, shield, stun, kill (only works on the weaker minded than Cartea and animals), choke, force drain, repair, crush, etc.

Cartea had been floating wildly around space for awhile and coudn't seem to see the fleet from his N1's cockpit. suddenly it appeared right in front of him uncloaking and appearing 20 yards from his ships he quickly turned around to avoid colliding with 1 of the star destroyers coming back around slowly to dock. "head for mustafar we're gonna rest and fill up there i have an outpost  there its abandoned but it'll do" "Yes sir" the deck officer turned and headed to the bridge to report the new orders.


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That really sucks, I feel for you to man cause mine is broken too. But when y'all feel like it just let me know and we'll finish this one up and start a halo roleplay okay...)


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Aye I can agree to that one!
( By the way just to throw it out on a limb here but would anyone be interested in a Halo 3  role play after this one)


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(did we find you already?)