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i think "he is worth a lot to me" is cool


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Hey check this videos about Darth Vader Brother lol


Episode 5 has just been released!

BFFC Chrys wrote:
Faramir wrote:

Nice job very cool! Boba Fett in Portugal its my country:)
And i thought my country was just shitball(football).

No!  Come on, P-gal is awesome!  You have a great country (and football team I might add).  I'm always rooting for you.

That's what im talking about, its football everywhere! Ask how many portuguese dress like boba fett or any other character of star wars or ask if they are REAL fans of SW(not just of a SW game, the whole damn thing!) but not just star wars, the other marks too(marvel, etc).


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It hasn't been announced yet but anyway i want it for pc too, its more cool because of the mods

Spiderman also! i can't wait for the 3rd movie

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Is there a reason for this????

1. I didn't have any1 else in mind for the 10 place big_smile
2. i like ppl(well in the case of C3-PO is droids) with a good humor lol


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yeah i know, im not 1 of those ppl that use to waste a lot of money i always save when i can, and i already have bank account that my father opened for me, he always puts some money there when he can but i can't touch it yet.


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Is there any Fett Fan here from Portugal other than me?
If so, plz add me on msn michael_garibaldi58@hotmail.com i would like to meet Fettish ppl from my own country big_smile

Other ppl may also add me but this post is mainly directed to Portuguese.


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Im 17, 1 more year and i can do whatever i want, free at last! tongue


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Tatooine(Lets go for a Krayt Dragon Hunt lol )

A poster in my room(fortress tongue lol )  i made with Jango Fett code, a Boba Fett wallpaper in my desktop, a Boba Fett desktop theme, whenever i play kotor i always use a mod to have is armor and the Boba Fett Fan Club

I probably gonna get more things about the Fett's


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I vote for Boba his armor is more cooler than Jango. And many ppl might like Jango Fett because he got more action than Boba in the movies but there are some pretty good fan films out there in the net where you can see Boba in action.

This just from the movies i haven't read the books yet.

1. Boba Fett
2. Jango Fett
3. Darth Vader
4. Obi Wan Kenobi/Ben Kenobi
5. Luke Skywalker
6. Padme Amidala
7. Leia
8. Lando Calarisian
9. Han Solo
10. C3-PO


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Ph34r wrote:

whoah....language...watch that mouth, buddy, we've got younguns who roam the boards!

Ok sorry, its just sometimes there are ppl that don't believe this type of things and they just come to create problems(spamming, flame wars, etc.) like in a forum i was in.


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We are recruiting for the growing Mandalorian army, this is REAL! no rpg and no clan of a game, its a real world Mandalorian Clan.
If you wanna join register here:

http://www.5wwwww5.com/wwwmandalorians/ … ndalorians

and then send an email or private message to Mandalore.

PS: Sorry if this wasn't the place to post this, this board is serious geeking and i thought this was the right place cause this serious, no bull

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Im 17


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Mine also began on episode II (Attack of the clones) but it began more when i first saw the mandalorians on Kotor II
i think they are a great race.


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Nice job very cool! Boba Fett in Portugal its my country:)

And i thought my country was just shitball(football).