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lol yeah i hate jar jar when he says stupid things like "meesa jar jar binks! ugh.... hey sd chick, does sd stand for san diego by any chance? just curious i live near san diego


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Jacsveus wrote:
BalanceSheet wrote:

And Jacsveus, that's good Photoshop work for a beginner...did you draw it and scan, and color it in Photoshop?  I see some good starting level shading in there, which really doesn't need more than that for a simple drawing, though the lines and style are a bit off...very slightly.  Good work though.

Thanks. I was in the middle of watching the third season of Digimon on my computer when I decided to start drawing again. After drawing a few pictures I wanted to try it on the computer. So I took a screenshot, traced it, and colored/shaded it in Photoshop according to what the original looked like. Though it was slightly difficult since I had to make it about 500% bigger to be a reasonable size...

Gustavo_Perez wrote:

so we can talk about whatever we want? in that case i need advice- who should be my favorite character, jango or boba, and why?

Definitely Boba Fett. Though I'm not entirely sure why... Perhaps because he is the original and didn't get his head chopped off by a Jedi. wink

lol thanks, but im still not sure who i like better. while boba didnt get beheaded by a jedi, he did get knocked down by a blind guy with a stick....

anyways my current favorite is jango but im still not sure. any more acvice? i need it.

out of curiosity does anyone play runescape or maplestory? i dont play rs much, and im a noob in maplestory, but im curious, does anyone play them?


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toywise i have kit fisto, plo koon, count dooku (which i found at a park, missing the lightsaber) prince xizor, boba fett saga 2006, darth maul, and jango fett: final battle.  i used to have vader but i lost him when i was 7.


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ah yes i wish i had a boba fett bobblehead. but i dont. i also wanted to take this opportunity to ask: does anyone have a spare boba fett from burger king i can buy? i'd look on ebay normally but if anyone has one i'll buy it, because i trust my fellow mandalorians and bounty hunters more than the wretched hive of scum and villainy in mos ebay.


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lol nicely argued miba. it seems jar jars clumsiness has made him a powerful leader on the battlefield, as demonstrated in episode 1, and a headstrong senator, as demonstrated in episode 2. for these great acts, i award jar jar the "gustavo nobel prize", and he is the first person i've ever awarded this too. actually i just made it up right now....

one could say that jar jars career has been....inspirational. HAHAHA omfg everything i just said was sarcastic, but i guess he did help out from time to time.


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so we can talk about whatever we want? in that case i need advice- who should be my favorite character, jango or boba, and why?

no offense, but why would you pit a clever kid against a ruthless bounty hunter??? thats funny and kinda sad.


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Humorbot5 wrote:
Gustavo_Perez wrote:

of course i dont know who yog-sothoth is i dont spend my time reading fantasy comic books.

There's nothing wrong with spending our time reading comic books.

And the idea that "Fett would win cos I know who he is," is stupid

Thats like saying "I've heard of a Bow an Arrow, but I haven't heard of a RPG so obviously the guy with the bow will win."
(RPG is a Rocket Propelled Grenade for those people who don't know)

There's nothing wrong with not knowing who so-and-so is, but you could at least research him or read other's comments before making a decision based on worldwide fame.

thats not what i said. i said i'd VOTE for fett, not that he'd win. what im saying is that i THINK fett would win. and i did do a little reasearch on deadpool later on. and draco thank you for the three links you posted.


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Boba Fett91 wrote:

"Yeah but metal no matter who's wearing it, makes more noise than cloth and Shiny Green is less stealthy than black..."
1 Boba's armor is not shiny green it's dull green
2 It depends where they fight coz if it was in a jungle green armor is better than black
and besides MC wears too much armor he'd never catch up with Boba

exactly. mc is too slow for fett.

Boba Fett91 wrote:

If I were Jango I would've jetted up to windu and then instead of waiting for th b@#$%#$d to cut off my head I would use the comlink to bring Slave I. Then me and Boba would hop aboard and I would drop Sonic charges on the battlefield as we fly away. big_smile

i highly doubt you'd have had enough time.

Lord Revan wrote:

If I were Jango, instead of trying to torch Windu, I would have thought "Screw you Tyranus" and turned and launched a wrist rocket and him, blowing him into little bity pieces, and torched everyone on the balcony (exept Boba, duh) Take his lightsaber, grab boba then fly up to the gunship that just saw me torch the CIS leaders, have them take me back to the Slave I, and go to collect the reward for killing Tyranus. Can you say, $$$$$$$$CHA-CHING$$$$$$$$
If Ihad gotten really mad about Mace holding the light saber under my neck, I would buy a cloaking device of some sort with the reward money from killing Tyranus, and then fill the Jedi Counsel chamber full of missiles, killing everyone! Muahahahhahah!!!!!!!! Mauhahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!
But I only would do that if I felt like it.

lmfao omg that part about saying "Screw tyranus" was funny!


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lol but it does make a difference for people who dont have fett-reflexes. personally i like 2 pistols because i like aiming at 2 targets, havin plenty of ammo, concealing them, and twisting them around, like jango does when he kills that jedi on geonosis who attacked tyranus. what about you, ig-88?


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draco fett wrote:

Use the edit button when you need to update your posts. It is at the bottom, right hand corner of your posts.

dont make draco tell you again, cloud.

by the way i have 77.4 percent done with this game. i dont play it much anymore but its still fun from time to time.


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my runner up was boba fett, by the way. he got 8. palpatine got 10 though.


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in my opinion, jar jar is the reason the prequel trilogy doesnt own the original trilogy. jar jar gets in the way, ruins the story, THINKS ITS A GOOD IDEA TO GIVE A SITH LORD "EMERGENCY POWERS" WHICH END UP SPELLING CHAOS FOR THE GALAXY, and other things.


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no an even better idea would be if you could use any hero you wanted. for example, if you were playing on kashyyyk, as the cis, you could use darth maul, darth tyranus, jango fett or general grievous! also, heroes should be allowed to consume bacta. sometimes there arent any enemies nearby and by the time i find some i have low health and sometimes get killed.


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draco fett wrote:

Boba is a comic book mercenary. I do not see how the Sarlacc could possibly kill 'Pool. Fett is not God. Deadpool is practicly immortal If Featt used blasters, flame-throwers, wrist blades, toe-spikes, light-sabres, and nearly any thing else, he would not even slow Deadpool down.

Gustavo_Perez wrote:

and im sure boba would win because i know who HE is.

That means nothing. I am sure you do not know who Yog-Sothoth is, and Boba, nor Deadpool, could possibly even hit "him." If you cut off all of 'Pool's limbs, you would be dead in about two seconds. There is simply no way that Fett could win.

how would u be dead in 2 seconds? and you cant say "there is no way fett could win" because deadpool isnt invincible. of course i dont know who yog-sothoth is i dont spend my time reading fantasy comic books.

IG-88 wrote:

Uh 1 he did win in the comic 2 how would you be dead in 2 seconds after cutting his limbs off. Plus if he can do this stuff then they have created an overly powerful charecter who is almost invincible and if so i just think its stupid.

exactly. this deadpool freak is too much fantasy. even if he does have all this regeenerating crap, he can still be killed, or at least defeated temporarily. and i completely agree with ig-88. too bad there isnt a simulator or something so that you could see boba defeat this regenerating power ranger.


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a rifle isnt better than 2 pistols in every situation. in close combat the 2 pistols will defeat the rifle. also i personally like pistols because i dont like having to carry a rifle around. 2 pistols is much lighter, easier to conceal, and faster to point.


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yeah mine just increased to smuggler. of course cloud, you shouldnt go around posting pointless things like "yeah" just to raise your stars.

commander416 wrote:

I mean like your picture how did you get it ?

you have two options. you could get a small picture from the internet, 60X60 pixels maximum, and add it to your profile, or you could go to the avatar request thread.


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Cloud Fett wrote:

i found jango to be a coward although he did have a big line of killings of jedi's but i just think he was kinda preppy polishing his armour. Boba is much more worthy than jango, plus he hs better weapons

he didnt polish it. read boba fett- the fight to survive. and how does boba have better weapons? they have virtually the same weapons, except the rifle, and a rifle isnt necessarily better than 2 pistols, but it depends on the situation.


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IG-88 wrote:

Yeah exactly and if you look the blaster isnt even a wester its a droid gun. Jangos gun also has a scope wiche it shouldnt and Boba's should have a scope and dosent.

exactly! if it was a westar i would feel a lot better. i could just pretend i lost the other one while fighting obi-wan on kamino ( and he really did lose a gun on kamino, for those who forgot). and yeah boba should have the scope not jango but when i use jangos scope i pretend its the id-scanner, like in star wars bounty hunter. and bobas gun is really a stormtrooper gun omg i hate that! but it doesnt matter much to me because i play as jango. always jango. i guess hes my favorite. but i like boba a lot too. also i really wish the fetts had a whipcord instead of an explosive. like i said before, i've only used the whipcord in star wars bounty hunter, and that one isnt that good, because you cant use it while you're flying, like jango did to kenobi. also i like the jet-troopers old jetpack from battlefront 1, the one that looks like the one jango used on geonosis. it was a lot better looking then the new jetpack. speaking of geonosis not only should jango be the playable hero there, but they should make a geonosis arena battlefield! i mean i would really like to fight where jango died, playing as jango. relive his final moments.....or at least they should add the arena on the current geonosis map. it could consist of 1 to 3 command posts or something. also in space battles you should use hero vehicles ( solo-millenium falcon, vader-special tie fighter, jango-slave 1, etc) although grievouses ship is playable as a bomber and anakins fight is playable too.


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what i really hate is that jango has 1 westar 33 pistol, when he should have 2 westar34 pistols. ugh i hate that! also the flamethrower should come out of the gauntlet not that other stupid gun. and instead of an explosive jango  and boba should have the whipcord. the only game i've used the whipcord in is in star wars bounty hunter.

shogran wrote:
IG-88 wrote:

Against Luke i would have either fired a rocket to completly destroy the barrge or fired quick hail of shots to give me time to land on the barrge thne use the flamthrower.

lol jabba wouldve gotten mad if you killed a few of his thugs, but at least luke would be dead.

IG-88 wrote:

Thanks personaly i think IG would be second best after Dengar.

lol of course, ig-88 could rip apart zuckuss, 4-lom and bossk. not at the same time, but 1 on 1.

the other day i had a crazy idea: what would you have done if you were boba and jango fett during the movies? for example, instead of killing zam with a saberdart, would you have just shot her? instead of rocketing off of jabbas sailbarge onto the skiff with luke on it, would you have taken a shot at him from the roff of the barge?

what would YOU have done?

in the battle of geonosis, before rocketing down to fight windu ( and get my head lopped off) i wouldve killed a jedi with a saberdart.

in the battle above the sarlacc, instead of immediately rocketing off next to luke, i wouldve taken a shot or two at him ( and probably get them deflected)

thats all i can think of for now, but im sure someone else has ideas.


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excellent work, chrys.