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Fantasy Liver wrote:

What's up everybody?  I'm a huge Fett fan (both Jango and Boba) and I just wanted to say hi because I got my account today.  So...hi!

Hello there. Good to see some fresh blood, although I miss the old crowd lol (I was very active 2006-07, and I've been popping by every once in a while)

I'm ecstatic about the Boba Fett film. Boba has been ridiculed for the Sarlacc incident in ROTJ long enough. His redemption is at hand. Also, I wanted a Boba Fett vs Cad Bane film, because I feel it would be an epic rite of passage for Boba. However, it seems the film will take place during the OT.


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I'm both surprised, and quite honored, that people have still supported this thread. I posted this years ago. Wow....amazing


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Yes that's true. I have only heard about the prequel trilogy being announced for 3-D so far though.


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It's good to see new faces, although I miss the old gang. *sigh*

Did anyone watch the alternate opening? The youtube link no longer works sad

BFFC therealmccoy wrote:

uh oh  wink


OMG OMG OMG OMG. That is a nicely done poster.

Sharra Fett wrote:

I would say he deserved what happened to him only in the sense that he was supremely foolish/stupid to imitate Boba Fett. Boba takes his reputation very seriously and does not appreciate having someoneelese take credit for what he's done.

I agree . Jodo Kast brought his fate upon himself. As for forgiveness, why? Like these peeps said, Boba would lose respect and fear. I respect you feeling pity for Kast, but I'll have to politely disagree. In fact, I wanted an even MORE brutal death for Kast. So in this case we're on opposite ends of the spectrum.


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Ariana wrote:

As for answering the topic, I would first like to say that I have not read all of the responses because I'm just too damn busy, so if someone already said this, then sorry!
I think if there were as many stories/books/comics about Jango as there are about Boba, we would feel like he's more "worthy" of the Fett name. How would you feel if you discovered that Jango actually survived Geonosis (like Boba survived the sarlacc?)
And as for the shiny armor, I think that his armor was shiny because he was like the poster boy for the clone army... I dunno.
But, that said, I still think Boba is much MUCH more awesome. Boba would not have gotten himself offed at Geonosis. He is much more cunning than Jango.

With respect, I believe the last sentence is an oversimplification. There are uncontrollable factors in combat- that's why, in real life, even the deadliest Special Forces soldiers get killed. Secondly, for someone "much more cunning" than Jango, Boba gets offed pretty shamefully in ROTJ.


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Excuse my ignorance, how do I post a pic from my computer?


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Kurt Fett wrote:
DoomFactor wrote:

Who would win in a fight,the mandalorian or the wookie hater ?

Boba would win while in his prime yet not as a kid like in the Clone Wars series.

I second that. Prime Boba would win in a landslide.


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BFFC Admin wrote:
Gustavo_Perez wrote:

This is the first time I've logged on in over 3 years. I was hoping to see new or familiar faces, but the boards appear to be rather dead. Why?

Well, that's inaccurate. We've had some of the highest activity within the last 3 years, since 1999.

Summers are usually slow for the message boards.

Welcome back!

Thanks much, Admin. It's good to be back. Feels like coming home again.


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This is the first time I've logged on in over 3 years. I was hoping to see new or familiar faces, but the boards appear to be rather dead. Why?


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Who do you think would win and why?


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"That's no moon. It's my-


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But not for long, because then Boba said-

Well done! 10 points for Gryffindor!


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Miba wrote:

We know nothing will happen. But it feels better than sitting here going, "gee, I wish they would make one" cause this feels like we're doing something even though we know we're not, and that little bit of fake feels good.

Exactly. That's a much better way of looking at it. Besides, maybe I'll gather sigs in real life, just for the "hell of it". wink


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Boba looked at the tiger, but then-


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When the three of them woke up after a night of partying, there was a tiger there. The tiger said-

BFFC therealmccoy wrote:
Manji_Ninja wrote:

What is he some sort of alien Clint Eastwood knock off?

we spent a great deal of this thread talking about how Boba Fett was modeled after Clint Eastwood and Cad Bane has, thus, been modeled after Van Cleef

I am interested in what you have yo say about Van Cleef, if you know anything about him.

I still don't completely understand. Is Boba Fett CONFIRMED 100%, or is it merely a possibility at this point?


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Even though this probably won't work, I'll still gather sigs just for the hell of it.


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http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w191 … dJango.jpg
can anyone make this pic bigger without reducing quality?

Miba wrote:

I was just at McDonalds yesterday, and I didn't see any. There was some Spy Gear stuff or something like that. And the movie comes out on Friday. o_0 Maybe it'll start then.

Thanks for the heads up. I know where I'm eating every day starting Friday!