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Character Sheet

Name: Grrow'lun'gh'ung'hh (possibly Groww for short)

Occupation: Previously a tribal shaman, now captured as a slave for the arena pitfighting circuit

Species: Tusken Raider

Gender: Male

Age: 42

Appearance: Average Tusken Raider clothing: ragged, smelly bandages (thanks to slave living conditions), and goggles

Personality: Groww does not have much of a personality per se, as he is constantly bewildered by his circumstances. He is, however, far less belligerent than the Tusken Raiders are famed to be, no doubt due to his elevated status as tribe shaman. Due to this mysticism, he is thoughtful, and seeks to understand his surroundings. He will not hesitate, however, to defend his life with combat.

Skills: Groww is an anomaly among his people: he is a bona fide force-sensitive individual, and is able to harness this gift in limited ways that allowed him to become shaman. It generally manifests itself as an ability to see a muddled vision of the future, or to read the thoughts of others. It also grants him eerie clarity in battle, and a limited way of judging his opponent's moves before they execute them.

Equipment: He has his traditional Tusken garb always on his body, and his gaderffii is kept by the slaving company for him to use in matches.

Other: Despite having been in slavery for months, he has yet been unable to realize exactly what is going on, due to his limited frame of reference on Tattooine. His thoughts are generally severely muddled, and only when he is in combat or in meditation does he have a clear vision of events. Definitely a different point of view smile

Brief History:  Groww was appointed as shaman to his clan on Tattooine in his teens and served so until a slaving company specializing in exotic goods raided his village. He along with a dozen of his tribesmen and women were taken captive and made to fight. As the months progressed, the group dwindled until only Groww remained, thanks to his abilities. He is now still attempting to figure out just what has happened to him and how he can return to the life he led.

((Sorry about the late entry, didn't see this thread until...today, hehe. I tried to pm you, Gojan, with the application, but since the inbox was full I figured I'd go here before things went too far ahead. Hope it's not minded...))


Noise of the dream became the noise of awake. The arid, dazzling light of his desert gave way to a stark opposite in the dark, wet world he occupied in those miserable hours he wasn’t asleep. He hated awake; awake was nasty, it was noisy, and it smelled. Nothing ever smelled in his dreams.

He hated this new smell. He was happy when there was no smell, and he was happy in his dream. When the smell came, that was when he became unhappy. Was it the smell that made him unhappy? Or was the unhappy place simply a place of bad smells, of blood and bile and urine and decay? Impossible to tell. Unanswerable.

A mind approached his slumped form as he lay in the damp yuck, in the muddy, unpleasant straw that was made so by water. He was so much happier when there was no water, and he knew that. When everything was dry, he drank the water and it was good. When everything was wet, you drank the water and died. His people, his tribesmen that had followed him to the smelly place had done it, and they had died.

He reached out and touched the mind. His hands lay where they were, on the floor made of yuck, but he reached out anyway. He felt him leave himself lying there and enter the mind, swirling around and around as the biting sand when the wind blows. He felt the mind, but it was no different from the dozens of others he had touched in the smelly place: alien. He saw its alien words and felt its alien feelings, but none of them meant a thing to him as he swirled around inside the mind. Disappointed, the sands quieted and flowed back to his own mind.

The mind standing in the opening of his wet little world grunted twice and kicked his chain. The rattle noise came, and made the noisy world and the wet one become the same thing. Grrow lifted his hands to his ears, and grunted in protest. He felt the kick coming before the mind knew it was, but he did not want to move. He stayed in his lump in the wet yuck, and seconds later felt the blow from the kick. He stayed where he was, and the mind wrapped a meaty hand around his wraps and dragged him through the yuck. Grrow simply moaned a little as he was pulled.

He was up higher, pulled away from the wet to his feet. His wet hands suddenly held their old friend, the gaderffii. One more swift kick, he was forward and the mind was back behind a barrier. His world was light and even louder. He saw minds, too many to count, watching, looking down on his new light world. Red covered the ground, along with carcasses. They used to be minds, but now they were meat. He thought on it.

Then a fist came flying out of nowhere, but…not yet.

He backed up, a quick half-step, and the knife-wielding opponent lunged through the space he had inhabited just moments ago. Understandably bewildered, the once-mind, now-enemy looked at his intended target only to find the gaderffii lodged soundly up the nose and in the skull.

Then came a flying body but…not quite yet either. The body landed where Grrow had been, and turned a foot for a blow. Well, he hadn’t turned it yet, but he would, and Grrow was already moving into it…

He blocked the blow as best he could and managed not to go sprawling, but was still brought to his knees by the kick. A foot came up to stomp his waiting skull into the floor, but it was all too easy to avoid even before it was raised. The gaderffii flew again, this time covered in blood and snot and brain, and hit with the blunt end the opposing creature (had he any knowledge of creatures, he might have identified the Barabel). Even that blunt end, however, had an edge to it, and by drawing it across the winded alien’s stomach he let spill all the guts it had gone through so much trouble to preserve.

The combat high of awareness, of lucidity was already beginning to fade. The other combatants in the ring apparently had no interest in this relic from far away; they were far more concerned with the preservation of their own lives and the earning of a significant prize. People…minds…lined the arena…light-place…he saw them all, saw their alien eyes, but felt nothing from them.

Electricity sizzled through him. His goggled eyes backtracked, through the crowd and toward a table in the bar. Even as he felt himself slipping back into the muddy indifference of his confused life, as he felt the clarity of combat dropping from him with his adrenaline, still he knew this was important, this was special. The brown creature at the seat with the white one, if only he would look…his mind was like none Grrow had met so far.

By chance, perhaps, or perhaps a twist of fate, or maybe the fact that both creatures were highly intuitive, the Selonian met the Tusken Raider’s gaze.

The muddiness cleared at once. With that instant of connection between them, Grrow understood. There was a language there he understood, completely unlike the alien minds that lived around him. Here was a mind he could understand, and that could understand him. Now he understood everything.

The world of wet and yuck and smell and sounds dissipated with that furtive moment of connection. Now, he was on Ord Mantell.

((Figured I should say what happened exactly, since stream-of-consciousness isn't exactly best for clarity. The Tusken Raider is owned by slavers and used as a gladiator. He was sent into the ring in the bar, where he was attacked by some brawlers but was a ble to kill them. Still confused by his surroundings, he glanced around the crowd and saw Drac. Since both of them are force-sensitive, he was finally able to make some sense of his thoughts, and realized exactly what was going on. Now he's standing in the cagefighting area, lost in the moment. Now that he's a little saner, my posts should be clearer from now on...))


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Anything scifi counts for me, really...I go all-out on the kind of thing. Actually wrote my college essay about the genre, and apparently they liked it...

To be a little more specific, I love Star Wars (obviously), Battlestar Galactica (the oldies are...eh, since they're just so campy, but the new series is AMAZING), Firefly/Serenity, the Riddick trilogy, the Alien quadrilogy, Predator-related things, and Stephen King books

Then there's a whole lot of miscellany that I read/watch and enjoy: just about any scifi/horror/action movie ever made, and especially those horrible B-movies they show on the scifi channel on saturdays. Good scifi authors include Alastair Reynolds (obscure) and Isaac Asimov (not so much), as well as a host of others.

So, yes. I heart any and all scifi smile


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Let's go with:
-Carth (he's obviously still around)
-Bao-Dur (but he just wouldn't be as cool without his remote sad )
-T-3 (gotta have T-3!)
-H-K (just because I like having recurring characters)

As cool as it would be to have Canderous back, I think his fighting days are about done. A cameo, definitely, but not a player character.

I think those are the only characters you have to definitely have around at the end of both games; everyone else you have the option of killing. As far as new characters go, there'd have to be at least one undiscovered alien species. I mean, come on, we're traveling out of the galaxy here! Maybe the Exile and Revan can hunt up some new allies as well as the inevitable enemies.


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Atinvod wrote:

Heavy Metal: SlipKnot, Korn, AC/DC, Metallica, Disturbed, ShineDown, MudVein, Godsmack, Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, System of a Down, Hinder, Chevelle, FlyLeaf, Offspring, etc. These bands are heavy metal, a bit mainstream, yes, but heavy metal nonetheless.

And I wouldn't necessarily call Disturbed heavy metal, either...maybe before, but their newer stuff is a lot more mainstream rock.

Anyway, I'd pick mostly modern rock for the soundtrack, just because it'd have to be a fast-paced scifi/thriller/action movie, and those require rock music practically by definition. Specifically, it could include Disturbed, Hurt, Thousand Foot Krutch, Three Days Grace, Thrice, and maybe some Linkin Park if the mood is just right.

Even more specifically, the perfect song, I think, would be Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace (One X being my favorite album at the moment), for some point when Fett goes completely nuts and start butchering people.

And just for laughs, let's work Funkytown in there somehow.


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Fetterthanyou wrote:

I mean a holodeck would be awesome, until it malfunctions and the stuff becomes real... Virtual Rancor= awesome Real one= Death

At which point you get a Nobel prize for breaking the Law of Conservation of Matter. Cool.


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Maltese Kentaiba wrote:

how's the rest of their music? any reccomendations?

To me, every song of theirs sounds the same.

I like them, I really do. All that jibberish and insanity has be laughing right out loud sometimes, which doesn't usually happen. The thing is, I couldn't stand listening to too much at the same time. With the possible exception of Toxicity, everything just sounds so similar...it gets boring after a while. Once in awhile, they're awesome, but I wouldn't classify them as one of my favorite bands because of that lack of variety.


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Mandalor_the_Smart_Alec wrote:

I didn't think the guy had a name... Maybe I just didn't pay close enough attention to the movie... Though it was cool how he made that guy fall on his sword at the beginning for allowing River to escape.

Oh. Whoops. That was The Operative. I thought you were talking about Firefly the series...my mistake.

He was pretty villainous; you know, killing children and being all cold about it "I do...if I have to." He was an amazingly cool character, for sure. So cool it was creepy.


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draco fett wrote:

I like the Crimson King.

I thought the Crimson King was a horrible villain.

I mean, there are references to him all throughout the series, starting with Wizard and Glass, but he only appears in the last chapter of the last book. He never...did anything. Well, I guess he tried to tear apart the entire cosmos...but he never did anything. I would've liked to see a lot more of him, that's for sure. Especially because I love reading things from crazy peoples' perspectives tongue

Mandalor_the_Smart_Alec wrote:

That assassign from Serenity was a pretty cool bad guy, but I dunno if he'd be considered a SUPERvillian...

Jubil Early was hilarious. He wasn't an assassin, though; he was a bounty hunter, after River (she was wanted alive if possible). He definitely wasn't a supervillain, though, since he only appeared in one episode (thanks to good old FOX. GRAR.)

Bit of trivia: he was named Jubil Early after the Civil War general because apparently Nathan Fillion is a distant descendent of his. How cool is that?

As for my favorite villains, I'd have to say Grand Admiral Thrawn from the Thrawn Trilogy. He was a genius bad guy: the New Republic only beat him because they got lucky. Go smart people.


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Mine changes a lot, but it's always a funny quote from either Firefly or Serenity, its movie version. Joss Whedon's such an amazing writer...that entire series was just hilarious.


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shade wrote:

I don't think they make Hello kitty boxers for men?

...Are you suggesting they make boxers for women, Shade? Hello Kitty or otherwise?

And welcome to Lady Sora, too.


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For me, the worst day during the school year is Monday. Though it shouldn't really count as Monday; it's more of a pre-Monday. 4 a.m. Monday morning. That's when I roll out of bed and do all the homework my teachers gave me for the weekend. I'm a horrible slacker, and I do all my homework the day it's due, but on Mondays it gets a bit tight, what with typing up research papers and all. I can get a bit...frazzled by the time 6 a.m. rolls along. Not too fun.

By the way, please don't see this as complaining. I do this all to myself: I'm lazy tongue but I love it.


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(I've got a post coming soon, just waiting for Mel to get back to me...you'll see why. This message will be replaced with an actual post eventually.)


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Spider-Fett wrote:

Anyway, remember that the only reason malcom was right was because that idiot Dennis Nedry shut down the electric fences.  If not for that all probably would have ran smoothly.

Sure, for now.

The way I see it, Nedry just sped the process along. Had it not been for him, the park may have launched, and very successfully, but somewhere along the line something would have gone wrong, and it all would have spiralled out of control similar to the way it did in the book.

I don't think even Malcolm expected the crisis to occur so quickly. Nedry was just a catalyst for the accident waiting to happen.


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shade wrote:

You know I heard that both are correct, so it can be either

Huh, that's bizarre. I don't know about you, but I find "a idiot" just about impossible to say in conversation. my tongue trips on it. I'm pretty sure that's the reason we instituted the whole "an" thing in the first place.

Really, say it out loud. Sounds like ayidiot, like one word. I slur words enough without adding this in there.


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True Warrior wrote:

And it will create less rape, molesting, AIDS, and HIVs. (If ya know what i mean...:P)

Hey, there go those problems. Now to deal with the degradation of morals that this would cause.

I think it's a distinct possibility that something like a holodeck could come around in the distant future. If that's so, people will undoubtedly use it for what TW implied, and with the technology available they could simulate the perfect experience. But think about it: who would want an actual wife/girlfriend when you could have the perfect spouse without the "problem" of a personality? Never any stress from a relationship, just whatever you want, all the time. I think it would make people forget about love in real life, because the simulated thing would feel superior and wouldn't take as much effort as an actual relationship. Honestly, that scares me: forget the sanctity of marriage, the sanctity of life itself is at risk. No relationships, no kids, no human race. Maybe that's a bit extreme, and probably wouldn't happen, but I think it's safe to assume that people will stop wanting to get married when you could have your Twi'lek dancing girls.

Now that I've put my two cents in, I suggest we get back on topic before this gets off-color.


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Mind if I make a little constructive criticism? Please understand I don't mean this to be negative, just a little something that's been bugging me, and I don't think I'm the only one. I just want to make things on the BFFC a little smoother.

First off, of course I like you, ARC. Deciding you hate somebody on a message board is a little extreme in most cases. I don't hate people who antagonize me, let alone people who are so positive about everything.

That said, liking someone doesn't mean you love everything about them. Everyone has faults, obviously, and those can irritate people at times. Not to the point of anger, mind you, but a slight annoyance that just bothers people. I can be a bit pretentious at times, there's one for me: it doesn't make people hate me, but it could annoy people at certain times. That's what I'm talking about for this next part.

There's a tendency, I've noticed, among some of the younger members (just a trend; this doesn't apply to all the younger one, and it does to some of the older ones), a trend of posting a lot without really saying much. This thread is just one example: asking everyone if they like someone isn't wrong, per se, but it's...extraneous. It isn't necessary. I've noticed on a couple threads someone will ask a question and people will respond "I don't know" or something like that. Now, while that's true, it didn't contribute anything to the discussion, so it wasn't really needed. That could be considered spamming by some, since it could conceivably be seen as an attempt to bolster post numbers.

This wasn't to anyone specifically, but I thought this thread would be a good place to introdice it, as it's a fine example of what I'm talking about. I know I'm being picky, I'm sorry for that, but I thought it needed to be said. Of course people can still have fun once in awhile, but constant jabbering can sometimes be annoying. Please, think before you post, so everyone can have an enjoyable experience.


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Miba wrote:

I can do this!

0 01 10

I counted to three, yay! tongue

lol I'm pretty sure you counted to 2...from 0.
01 10 11 = 1 2 3

And can anyone translate the binary up there?


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BFFC Chrys wrote:

Muldoon so did not deserve to die, since he was the only person in the film or movie who had a lick of sense.

Hey hey! What about Malcolm?

I thought Malcolm was one of the greatest characters I've ever experienced. He was so wonderfully bizarre, and the whole time he kept showing, mathematically, exactly what would happen, and of course Hammond wouldn't understand a thing he said and just kept on pressing forward. Of course, the whole thing happened exactly how he predicted it would.

Seriously, in what other book are the protagonists a paleontologist and a mathematician? Even though Malcolm didn't do as much as grant, he did, in my opinion, make the most sense out of everybody. He gave Crichton the opportunity to explain chaos theory, which I thought was just fascinating.

And those iterations between parts of the book, the things with Malcolm's quotes, were an interesting addition, too.


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01001000 01101111 01110111 00100000 01100001 01100010 01101111 01110101 01110100 00100000 01110100 01101000 01101001 01110011

Try that one, kids.


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draco fett wrote:

Is Pitch Black a prequel, or is it the animated series?

Pitch Black was the original movie made about Riddick, and I personally think it was better standing on its own. Sure there wasn't as much action as in Chronicles, but it was still plenty cool. Anyway, a few years after that, Chronicles came out, and soon after that came Escape from Butcher Bay, a game for X-Box that was a prequel to Pitch Black.

As for the collection of animated shorts, I've been trying to track it down, but with zero luck. I don't even remember what it's called anymore, but it looked pretty cool. I'll have to get back onto looking for it again.


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I'm going to be very disappointed if no one hear has heard of my favorites...

-They Might Be Giants
-Lemon Demon (aka Trapezoid, aka Neil Cicierega)
-We Are Scientists
-Moxy Fruvous

In addition, I like most modern rock groups, especially:
-Three Days Grace
-Breaking Benjamin
-Thousand Foot Krutch

and a few miscenllaneous:

-Billy Joel
-the Trans-Siberian Orchestra

And techno is catchy too, though I don't get into it.
Sorry, I'll never appreciate rap.


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Daenna wrote:

Firefly: Serenity

Simply put, the best movie ever made, ever. That's all I have to say on that.

Other favorites:
-Pitch Black
-I, Robot
-Evil Dead III: Army of Darkness
-Independence Day

Those are the best of the best


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MandalorianSpy9 wrote:

Yup...that is one unique thing about this site. Its pretty awesome that there is such a wide range of age and location. People here are from all over dude...its pretty cool.

Eh, I wouldn't really call that unique...most message boards are like that, in my experience anyway. You get peple from all over the world, and there are always those younger people mixed in with the adult vets. I guess if there's one thing that makes us different, though, it's the proportions: I've never seen a group that's so polarized like us. We have the 13-15 bunch, and a bunch of "oldies" (:P), with a few older teens (like me) mixed in.

But, really I don't think we're so different.


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Heh, yeah. While my job isn't labor intensive, it's the most boring thing out there: alphabetizing my dad's patients' charts. Normally this wouldn't be so bad, but he's got years of deceased patients that need to be organized, and it's beyond mind-numbing. I start talking to myself after a few hours alone in the basement...it's not a pretty sight.

The problem is, he won't let me get another job. I need money for gas, for insurance, and for going places (it's not like I need much. I didn't buy a class ring so  can save up. I = rather stingy), but he continues to keep me at his office for a full $2 under minimum wage. I work a whole day and can get half a tank of gas out of that.

Can I have your job, Balancesheet?


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Maltese Kentaiba wrote:

Well, most Stormtroopers were enlisted or drafted. By Empire Strikes Back I think that's all the Empire used but as usual I could be wrong

I think that's exactly the way it went. Remember Davin Felth? He was a stormtrooper recruit, the one who found the evidence of droids at the crashed escape pod. He certainly wasn't a clone.

And for one reason or another, according to the Thrawn trilogy, the Empire lost the ability to grow clones. Zahn didn't get too specific on it- probably because Georgie wouldn't let anyone touch the Clone Wars- but it wasn't until Thrawn discovered the ysalamiri on Myrkr that the clones went back into production. Something happened there that remains a mystery, and the cloning technology was lost. It only makes sense that they would resort to recruits (though apparently they 501st was still made up of original clones, for a long time at least)