I went to a trooping event with some of the local 501st gang.. met up with a few pals!!


Hanna Solo & Taidje Khan: Bring It On!

Nothing says "Happy Halloween" quite like a glass of Mandalorian Ale!!


ARC Fett wrote:

did you check your PM's? and clear out your PM inbox its full,

Cripes!!  I didnt realize that it only held ten massages.. that sucks.. I just emptied it..   If you're the one that sent me E-mail to my yahoo addy.. I got it....


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Hey, ARC!!  Youre going to have to re-send it.. it never got here.. LOST IN E-SPACE!!!

The costume still needs some tweaking,  This was the fist time suiting up in it.. I was very pressed for time and wasnt able to "fine tune" everything.. After spending several hours in it I quickly realized whats gonna work and what wont.  Still going to be adding a couple more LEDs, gotta finish painting the armor plates (no they're not completely done), also adding a girth belt and "cape" and currently on the look-out for a flight suit that FITS!  I may have to make alterations to the one I currently have.  I DID, however, win two halloween costume contests over the week.  Most Original (at work) and Scariest (at a party-it was the only category they could fit me into).

Jesse Fett wrote:

thats a very impressivly nice mando suit, I'm sorta color blind is the suits colors kinda like a copper shade? if so it goes really good, nice and shiny.

..Sorry about the color-blindness.. no, the suit is Metallic Black with a burgundy strip going down the far left side and the Mythosaur skull emblem on the left breastplate.  Helmet was obtained through a private fabricator that does some work for my friend in the 501st.  Its from a single piece mold. Fiberglass...  I filled the the dent and gave it a good coat of the metallic black and burgundy T-frame.  The armor is mostly Sentra with the exception of the gauntlets (fiberglass) and the shin plates (plastic). Shoes are Boba style which have been painted black.  Next big purchaces are backplates and Jetpack.  Those might be a while to procure.  Heres a close up of the pic. Again, as I get more pics of the costume I will add them to this thread



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Hey Ciepher!!  Cool pic.. Kinda creepy how the way you write the date looks like it says 316....  *cue Twilight Zone theme*

Heres a pic of me and my gang (The QC Rogue Squadron) at "Boo at the Zoo" this past weekend.  I was fully stressin cuz my helmet didnt get delivered until 3:15pm on Friday afternoon and I had to paint it and do all the earpieces and the range-finder and detail work  before Saturday..  But this Mando got it all done in time.. and this was the Virgin Tour for the armor... I will have more pics up as soon as I get them...  Enjoy!!!



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I wrecked my friends '64 1/2 Powder Blue Mustang on a Friday the 13th..  Yeah I have a reason to hold it superstitious.. but this year that all changes!!!

I think I just pee'd my pants.. Friggin sweeet towel.. look kinda like my Vader towel I got for ROTS.. I would kill for a towel with the Fett on it!!!  I would never use it.. thats for damn sure.. It'ld hang on my wall just like my Vader towel and my Maul towel.

My friend Sean was making an ALL WHITE Mando suit...  Ive seen one on a MySpace profile.. they look pretty sweet.

I thought the CWAS kicked ***!!  I think they could have done a little less with the Jedi storyline and concentrated more on the troopers and some of the specialty units.  All the sudden by ROTS we have all these elite spec-ops forces and no idea what they were.  I though Durge was a cool idea but they made him too wimpy riding around on that speeder-bike and shish-ka-bobbing everything.  Asajj Ventress ABSOLUTELY ROCKED!!!! The entire sequence with her and Anakin was amazing.

As for live-action.. plans are in the works for a 4yr run.. GL said its going to be mostly CG, which is fine too. I guess.. since thats seems to be the only thing GL can deal with instead of real people..


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Mark your calendars..  In honor of FettFan79 getting her first tattoo and me getting my bucket and other crucial items for my costume..  I and my friends, The QC Rogue Squadron: Mandalorian Division, have decreed that October 13th be known as Mandalorian Solidarity Day!!

BFFC-Mel wrote:

There are quite a few different colour variations to Mandalorian armour which do you think looks the best and why?

I love Boba's, mainly because it's the original and that's what I expect to see. cool

Yes, Bobas' color-scheme is the first that we relate to "Mandalorian armor".  However,  Fett has made so many modifications and alterations to the armor that it is very difficult to tell exactly what an un-altered suit on Mando-armor looks like.  Each warrior was encouraged to modify and use different color schemes to indicate his identity within the clan.  I've seen quite a few different colors and designs and some are quite exquisite in their own way.
I have chosen a custom design for my own suit.  As much as I love Boba Fett, I respect him to much to try to imitate him or copy his look.  This is my own personal feeling.. I have seen some really kick-ass Boba Fett costumes and they all earn my utmost respect.  But for me.. I am proud just to wear the armor and consider myself family.


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Spent the last three days sanding, priming and paint my armor.  All I can say is "SICK!"   Just got off the phone with my Helmet/Flak-vest fabricator.  I will be sending out materials and payment on the 13th and should get the items within that week.  Then I just gotta attach all the armor pieces and paint and detail the bucket...I'm so psyched!!!  Ever wonder what  a member of the Mandalorian Death Squad might look like?  Stay tuned to find out!!!


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I think if he had to actually sign something (personall I dont think he would.. no paper trails)  But I honestly think it would be a little sloppier so nobody could forge it.  I have a version that I think looks pretty sweet..  I will try to get it up here asap.  I think you'll like it!

I got my friend to take a few pics of my Boba & Slave I tats on my leg.. heres a link to couple shots.. enjoy... oh and Yeah those are Mando boots Im wearin in the pics.

Boba Fett tattoo

Slave I tattoo

Close-up Boba

Close-up Slave I


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Not bumping.. just thought I would add on... 

Anyone notice that people on here are either in thier early teens or late 20s to mid 30s... We got the old school SW fans and the new breed.  Theres a bit of a gap between 15-ish and the 25+ range.  Just thought that was interesting...  Oh BTW  Yeah I'm 35!!!


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Hell yeah!!!  Gotta love the Boba Femmes!!  I, however, am I guy.. 35yr old male..  *bows to the ladies*  Greeting to all the lovely ladies in the house.

I have just had the best stroke of luck in the world and well..  I am the proud owner of a virgin set of beskar'gam.  I still need to paint it and trick it out and all that good stuff. Also need to find fabric for a flak-vest, and purchase the bucket.  Im so friggin excited!!  I just want to get to work on it so I can start "troopin".  Wish me luck!!!!

I have a full color body shot of Fett in-flight on my left calf and Slave I on the back of the same calf.  When money permits, I am adding the Sarlaac pit below Fett and tentacles reaching up, trying to grab him.  Also planning on adding a whole Tatooine landscape behind him.

Well, lets see...  My mother named me after John in the Bible..  and she was always particular to the John 3:16 chapter/verse.  I just combined that with my Fett-ish and came up with Mando316.  My licence plate says FETT 316.  If you look at the pics of my tats (Mando Ink thread) you can see the ring of thorns with 3:16 directly under the Mythosaur skull tat.

Yes I would consider myself more Fett-ish since (barring the Prequels and the EU)  Boba Fett was the original.  GL decide that the prequels needed a bit of Mando in them so he made up Jango (who I will always view as a Boba rip-off).  Boba is and always will be THE # 1 MANDALORIAN BAD-ASS!!


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True Warrior,  since you asked nicely.  Is this any better?


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draco fett wrote:

If you are using color so more people will read your post, the color will likely keep people from reading it.

Wow!  Thats so cute!  When you say that it actually sounds like you think I might honestly give a &@#$!!

You post your way, I'll post mine!!

Very well done!  Excellent job!  I love the tribal design and the whole color scheme you're using.  Oya Manda!!