what about the french foreign legion.... there like solders of fortune.

25 bobathekid616@yahoo.com
thats my real email.

i would like to meet temura morrison, becuse he played jango and he was on this show i used to see way back when.

i like the clone rifle it is good for kill drodes


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that whole idea sounds cool but how much would something like that cost, im thinking in the 100000's or more.


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wow those are good got to gvie you gals credit.


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or a toxic dart, boba hays far to many ways to kill maul


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jango would win, he has taken on may jedi before. dooku will just be a nother nouch on his belt. and even the best jedi have not been able to block that many blster blots with the lightsabers.


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the star destoroyer would probly win if they could see boba, but if he dose it like han then yes he could take out compltly or at lest criple it.


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Humorbot5 wrote:

And Jay And Silent Bob don't deserve to be called the best...

so true bonggging
but i also like the punsher. and the gguys from sin city.

it would be a good fight. the commandos would win. they got nubers and skill


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Miba wrote:

Before the Jedi started fighting, Mace had a choice. Kill Dooku, end the Clone Wars before they started, save the galaxy, rid the galaxy of one of it's biggest villians.... but in return he'd die, which for a Jedi "there is no death, there is the Force", so that's no problem for him. Instead he chose to threaten Jango for no real apparant reason other than to save his own life.

so true. mace wanted to live her was looking out for himslef not for the rest.
in my opinen


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me too, i think that mace got the beter of jango that day,
jango has too be a goodd hunter why else would they have cloned him.


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just tell him nothing wroung wih it.


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im talking bout the movie.


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he was prity cool,


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wow thats just cool miba nice way of looking at it.


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and why in the AOTC did ani age so much and padme so little.
and why did they have to make boba a clone if his kids gave him that one im super mad


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but he may not use them as much skill as a sith aprentice.


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thats alsome i cant whaite tell i graguate.
do you know what collige your going to go to.
if your going to collige.


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The Yautja wrote:
bobathekid wrote:

is it worng that i think that Aayla secura is the hotest thing in star wars., the whole Twi'lek race is hot.

Uh . . . are you saying you like the men too?

no my statement came out wrong.
im straght


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is it worng that i think that Aayla secura is the hotest thing in star wars., the whole Twi'lek race is hot.


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yes it was. i have a hard time making sence.


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i think you guys got them all. may be one or two noname jedi but for the most part thats all of them.


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wow welcome Mrs.mel. hope that you had lots of fun. were did you go if you dont mind me asking?