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I would advise against any kind of 'functional' Mandalorian armor because that in itself is a contradiction. The spacing that the costume plates have in them would make any sort of protection against ...well, anything.

As far as costume-making goes, we have a great guide on how to make Boba Fett armor or you can check out costume clubs like the Mandalorian Mercs for more custom stuff. Good luck with your build!


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Mando been having a great time over on Tarentatek server.




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Jeremy still only charges $20 for him to sign an item, cuz he's awesome


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Inferno Fett wrote:

Is the Mandomaker 2 still up and running? I am having trouble getting to it, i always get brought to this web contest instead. Can somebody please help me?

mando maker 3 now
http://zammap.deviantart.com/art/Mando- … -103333151

Zanzu-Fett wrote:

Here is mine, call him The Unknown Jedi...


I would probably just call him dead meat...


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I just can't stand that helmet...

cute corset and model tho smile


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New rap parody music video from comedy group "Straight Outta Comicon" directed by yours truly.



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Let's keep titles and links clean haha.

As for me, I'm a huge fan of 5secondfilms and freddiew on youtube


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well, your brother is wrong



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neat looking jacket


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Kail Zem wrote:

where did you find the boba fett sayings?

books, video games, comics, etc

my favorite is always gonna be "This IS my face."



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My answer would be, of course Yoda was wrong, about many many things. All of the Jedi were in their last years before Order 66, that's why they were all beaten and made extinct.

I don't think he'd work as a main character. Secondary, seldom-speaking character, yes.

Love that short, friend of mine played Fett in it.


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A veteran Mandalorian clone and an undercover Jedi are intercepted by Imperial forces during a botched smuggling mission and taken to the infamous prison on Dathomir. Unknown to everyone at the facility, a deadly virus outbreak that could threaten the entire galaxy is spreading within its very walls. If the heroes can survive the cold vacuum of space, imprisonment, torture, zombies, and the dark side, they just might make it out alive. That is, if they don't kill each other first...

https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id … X5noCRUQNQ


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RogueLieutenant wrote:

Boba Fett's helmet gives him 360 degree vision. Something that a lot of writers seem to neglect...

One of the best parts of "Bloodlines"

uh oh  wink


Ariana wrote:

Two questions:
A.) What book revealing new information about Fett (that Lucas canceled)?

Karen Traviss wrote an outline that was approved for a Boba Fett standalone novel. Before she began writing the book, she left LFL's employment, so we'll never see that book. Though, a few of us have read said outline and may or may not have told close friends about how great and explanatory it was going to be.

Ariana wrote:

Two questions:
B.) Dengar? Best man? WTH?

In the tales book series, it was explained that after Dengar saved Boba Fett outside the Pit of Carkoon and nursed him back to health, he later served as Dengar's best man at his wedding to Manaroo. The two remained partners for several years untilt he Dark Empire series when Dengar finally retired, mainly because he couldn't handle Boba's obsession and relentless pursuit of Han Solo.

http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/news/new … -fett-film

I think a feature film based on something like the bounty hunter wars with Boba Fett and an ensemble of other hunters would be incredible, and a lot of fun. Having a full movie centered around a character that is supposed to be mysterious would be difficult and possibly quite painful. Let's hope it takes a few years so that I can get to Hollywood before it happens so I can get involved wink

too cartoony and hate the helmet


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next year!

commented on your build over on the site

best of luck with your build