Holy Cow!!!!!
How did you aquire that and how much?????

What spoils Bobas uniform to me is that missle that sticks out above his head on his jet pack.To me it is a one shot wonder.
Does he carry extras someone on him we dont know about?Maybe in a chamber in the jetpack?
It would seem that it would get in the way of hidding and creeping around.
I like the arena jetpack Jango used.The stubby one.

I like Bobamakers suggestion.
In preference to outfits I like the Animated cartoon color scheme.Well atleast how the action figure looks.
But for some reason I can not help but love the gloves with the patches

So...uh???? any chance on that some winners have been selected????

Will the winners be posted with their pictures here and at the maybe the "Dented Helmet" site?Can we see all the enteries?
With all the scene accurate suits out there I feel saorry for the folks who have to pick the winners
Thank you

For a presonal sidearm I would have to go with the "Han" style(I dont remeber the model number).Then I would have to have EE-1 from ROTJ.Plus mixed in my arseal would be a long range blaster,"sniper" style and the staff weapon fron the Holiday Special.
And ofcorse any other "little goodies" I can mix in wink

What I feel I have in common with B/F is.....
I am a very private keeping to myself person with a unknown past that people "make up" ideas about from drawing their own conclusions to.And I make sure I get the "job" done when called upon to do a task.
I guess thats it  wink

Oh ok ..thank you
I did not understand what you typed.I guess it was supose to be a "smiley" character.

I dont understand your reply to the quote.Is it a question concerning me?

I was not going to add anything to this thread given the back and forth direction of the comments but I feel the need to direct my comments directly to CDO.
Before I begin, I am sure CDO will have to take a return "jab" at me and that’s ok, no matter how rude it might be from a stranger.
CDO, I believe the body of your question and replies are extremely rude of you.
To join a specific fan site just to ask why the members enjoy/love the character then to put a spin on the back ground of that character to imply that the fans and members are wasting their time in enjoyment with this character is worthless and extremely rude.
We all have different items of enjoyment that help in the distractions of life around us. I am sure we could find and put a negative spin on something you, CDO enjoy.
If you have not noticed CDO this current time in history is pretty messed up. It is healthy if not a necessity to have a distraction in ones life to keep grounded to the important things. We all need something to help stimulate our brains. Some folks use distractions that are unhealthy and unsafe while others pick a safe distraction.
Speaking only for me the Star Wars Universe is my distraction. To share a little bit about myself, after spending 10 to 12 hours a day helping folks who have just experienced a tragedy in their life and then the other 10 to 12 hours spent making sure that my house hold is protected from all the negative influences out there, I need a couple of hours in the day to escape and relive a storyline that was influential in my youth.
If “loving” this character that in your opinion (from what I have read) is a waste of time again is rude.
So you don’t like the Boba Fett character and feel he is over rated, which is ok it is your opinion to have. But I don’t see the logic or need in to belittle OUR enjoyment of the Boba Fett character here on this fan site.
I apologize if I have misunderstood your intention of this thread but from what I have read I only can it for its face value.
So to add my input on “why I love Boba Fett so much” for you to criticize here you go and I hope it helps in your enjoyment of putting a negative spin on my feelings and opinion.
I personally don’t “love” Boba Fett. I enjoy the character and what he represents to me, which is a rouge character. He does and goes where he wants. Yes, he does answer to Darth Vader and Jabba the hut in the movies. But if you had noticed in the story line, Boba Fett works for these characters.
The mystery of the “man be hide the mask” is part of it also. But that was kind of spoiled in ATOC. But then again there is the time between his youth and adulthood to ponder.
Compared to the other battle armor used by the other characters his is unique to it self.
I feel Lucas shows moments of weakness, a jetpack that is set off by a single blow, shows that the mystery man by no means is prefect. And his screaming before being eaten shows he does have a weakness as a human and he is flawed.
As for the “lame” characters in the Star Wars universe, well the story does take place in a galaxy not of ours. The star wars storylines do not take place in our future but in a world of its own. So there needs to be lame character to balance the unimaginable characters to give it a sense of believability.
If you will take the time to see the movies beyond the computer effects and understand the body of story of the movies you will see a struggle each of us have in our lives.
A person searches to find their past and why they are drawn into the direction their life takes them. To believe in something that has been abolished because it’s “hocus pocus”. To be consumed to have the knowledge to protect everyone you love. To realize that maybe you are selfish in your needs and that it is ok to show weakness to help those you care about. To never ever give up a dream of a better life for all.
Well I guess that’s all I got for you CDO.I am sure I have set myself up for heck of a reply to my thoughts. But that is ok, if have made you feel better about yourself by knocking down what I have shared then I guess I did my good deed for the day.
May the Force be with you…always

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Using the big head Burger King toys.I cut the heads off, secured a loop in the back and repainted them.
They are used to secure my BSA neckercheif when I wear my scout leader uniform.
I plan on making molds soon due the demand form the younger scouts(Cub Scouters and Boy Scouts) wanted one for themselves.

made myself a Boba/Jango neckercheif slide for my Scout leader uniform.I love the comits I get from the young and old Scouters.
I posted a better picture of this in the "creative" section.

I bet they are just Boba as a draw as a marketing ploy and in  the first episode you might catch a glimpse of him in a background shot.
It does not matter to me.If I ma around in 09 I will take what ever new SW to watch I can get.

see below

For any Scouters out there I thought I would share with you some new neckercheif slides I made.


You know when I first started to read this posting a sense of relief came over me that could and probably sound korny. "Hey it is ok, wow I am not the only one who feels like that"
It is almost a restful feeling that I am not the only one whom thinks most of the day how Boba fett and the fantasy of a Mandalorin culture exciting and helps me during the day.
If I had to put a number on it I would guess at 80% of the day either Boba, Jango or the fantasy world of the Mandalorian is on my mind.
At times I think of that next short story I will write but not share for fear of a negative opions.Or I am at work working on MY outfit as "Lopero". Which I have the "blaster" done and hope to share pictures of here and "Mando ade"
The phrase” when you going to grow up" as been asked of me by those whom have read what I written, drawn or any of my projects around this topic who do not share my interest.
I would not just say that "Fett" is my life but that I want to be in "Fetts" life.
Every since seeing ANH at the age of 7, I have had a fantasy that "I" can be apart of that Galaxy far, far away. And if I was this is who I would be and how I would act.
Now at 38 I can use that fantasy to help me in my life today with reference points to relate to certain things at certain times.
Not to mention that "fett in my life" helps me escape from the day to day doldrums. Keeping a creative mind stimulated in-between the serious decisions of the day.
Sorry I will get off my “soapbox”, I could go on and on.
To simple answer the topic,”Where is the Fett in my life?” about everywhere and a lot.
Now I will get off here and get back to designing “Loperos” family crest and logos for “his” outfit.
May the force be with you


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OMG...How funny is that avatar?
I can see how that might be taken wrong I do seen the funny side of it

Does anyone happen to know if there is a link or website where I can read the article featured in SWI issue #86 about the Mandorlians?

Is there anyway where in the "clubhouse" for me to post some pictures of a couple of my Fett figures I took liberity with painting up tp look different as well pictures of Slave 1 I painted up to look better than how Kenner painted it...well atleast me and my daughter thinks they look better = )


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What kind words to post T.W.
Being a rookie to this fourm I agree whole heartedly with you.
Only being a memeber to this fourm for two weeks this fourm has helped me enjoy the passion I have for the Fetts and other aspects of the Star Wars Expanded Universe.
It is great to be a memeber of a internet community that stays on topic and doesnt stray to much out of the "fantasy" world we all wish we were in.
After putting in almost ten hours a day at the shop it is relaxing to come on here and catch up with what everyone has posted,any  NEW news and basiclly getting my "Fett fix"
Thank you to all having me here


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Sliver  blue..hmmm..I wonder were I have seen that color combo smile
Congrats on the new purchase.


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I know...I feel your pain.
I purchased a Star Wars SAGA Han Solo and I have been battling with it trying to get him to fit on his stand where it does not look like he is always tipping over.
I know ..I know I should have left him in the package but I have this hangup about "freeing" my  figures from their packaging and playing with them.
Watch "Figure Club" and you will understand but that is a topic for another discussion.



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Thank you  for your help and I have enjoyed visiting and being a member of this club


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I have seen the ones on here,which are great  but unfortately some will not open or are no longer on the "net".
I was wondering if there were other sites where film makers have uploaded their film projects.