I would have to say that the one death scene that stuck out to me was Jabba's death.


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My opinions on this issue are as follows: This relates to Boba Fett's characteristics in no way, shape or form; It is indeed a sign of weakness, and soft points in Fett's armor, and do I like it? Of course not! Can I change what has already been written? Doubt it. I stick by all of us here at the BFFC in the fact that I know what the Real Fett would do, and I am entitled to that thought. Nothing, not even written word will change that for me.

That is some pretty crazy stuff. Who knows the results family reunions would bring...


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Boba Fett is a living breathing entity. He is bound to die at some point in his legendary career. But, I believe he will pass on his ways to a clone of himself, or at least I hope for such actions as these fron our esteemed Boba Fett. Maybe something will come along to miraculously bring him back to life. Don't doubt that he won't come back, or possibly die at all.


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Star Wars-A New Hope. I use to watch it all the time with family and friends, it slowly became one of my greatest interests.


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Mine would undoubtedly be the esteemed Boba Fett. He has by far surpassed his father in precision, coldness, and calculating skills. The greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy? Boba Fett hands down.

As I was reading over some comments on Jango Fett's character, I came across such comments as "He was puny, pathetic." Now please forgive me if this is not the exact quote, but I believe the point has been undoubtedly made, some consider Jango "pathetic". I don't expect Jango to be as cold and ruthless as his son by any means, they are two separate sentient beings. Keep in mind Jango was indeed commander of the Mandalore army and had developed himself a name, which at that time, was almost equal to Boba Fett's title in his own period. Jango was not "puny or pathetic" by any means, just not the supperb equal his son would later become.


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I must admit, I was rather dissapointed in the way Grievous came about in Episode III. Through the entire movie he was coughing and weezing, which is understandable considering he was a cyborg, but still it made him seem not as threatening as I figured he initially would have been.


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Humorbot5 wrote:

No matter whta model it would be, it'd probably be modified and changed so that it was very different to whatever it was originally...

I can agree with you on this point, no doubt it would be top of the line.


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Boba Fett never knew Jaster Mereal, Jaster was his father, Jango Fett, mentor and commander of the Mandalorian army. When Jaster died, Fett became the leader of the Mandalore army. Boba Fett never, at least from my recollection, was never a stormtrooper.


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Curiosity had brought itself to my attention yesterday as I was looking at some posts here on this site and I began to ponder, If Fett were a bounty hunter on planet Earth, what would his aircraft be? I personally believe it would have to be an F-117 Nighthawk. This can range from any time period.


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Thanks Gustavo_Perez for the assistance in acquiring it.


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I must be missing something on your writings Humorbot5, what is it that disturbed you enough to "shudder" in Episode III? I think personall that The Star Wars universe culd have lived on without the appearance of Jar Jar, and that Lucas could have used another means to discover the Gungan city, rather than a high-pitched, irritating, lisping, cast-out Gungan. That is just my take on things.

I remember how much in anticipation I was for the Episode III. Why? I had one particular interest that filled my mind, the reapperance of Boba Fett. I was still unsure about the matter, on whether Lucas would put him in it, but all the talk on the web had my mind in a state of high anxiety and anticipation? How did you feel when Fett didn't surface?


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Gustavo_Perez wrote:
The Cloner wrote:

Yeah, I never thought about that. Would have been a great idea for the game.
And the dune sea was my favourite place in Battlefront 1. I was very disappointed when I noticed it wasn't in SWBF2.

same here i still love the sarlacc even if its easy to avoid. also they should've made the geonosis arena playable.

I agree with Gustavo_Perez on this one. The sarlacc pit was a dissapointing realization that hit me when I was playing through SWBF2. The game itself was quite spectacular though, and I can't wait for the day when virtual reality reaches untold heights. I can't even begin to imagine what the Star Wars universe would seem with the technology awaiting for all of us in the near future.


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Boba Fett is known across the galaxy for the weapons he uses in his bounty hunter trade, my question is quite simple....what is your favorite weapon in which he posesses? This can range from anything, Slave 1, his flame-thrower, missile-equipped jet pack, etc.

My favorite attribute about Boba Fett is his cold-calculating mind. He seems to know his opponents every move, which, needless to say, comes in handy in his line of work.


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I beg to differ. Boba Fett does stand a chance, he is long-ranged, and highly maneuverable. If you know HOW to use him correctly, he is one of the deadliest characters in the game. I am a separitist personally, I like the destroyer droids for their protection and fire power.


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THroughout my growing knowledge of the Fett world, I always had one picture in my mind, Fetts helmet. The T-shaped visor symbolizes him in everyway imaginable. One could see the cold, hard, calculating Fett in his visor. To have this image cast the bounties, and galaxy in fear is a cruel weapon in itself. Mandalorians in general became feared with their growth in knowledge and power, and everyone remembers them, especially the armor they war.

That is quite sad and dissapointing, Slave 1 is the Face that is feared across the galaxy as much as his t-shaped visor. Although in his line of work I'm sure it was necessary to take hold of so many ships. I still believe that Slave 1 was "his" ship, his only real ship, and the others were temporary for him to achieve the task at hand.

I believe Boba Fett was "force sensitive". Many beings were force sensitive, just not enough to control the force in a way the Jedi could. Fett shows insurmountable signs of being "force sensitive" and in his line of work, becoming the best Bounty hunter of his trade, that in itself shows that it is quite probable that he can sense things before they happen. Coming from the well known, legendary Mandalorian race, we know they hunted down the jedi knights. Such a task would typically require one with force knowledge. I believe it is also possible that the entire Mandalore race was force sensitive to some degree.


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In my sincere opinion, Boba Fett was not "Evil". I don't think he purposely seeks out to do wrong, and finds pleasure in such a child-like game, he does it for the credits. Bounty Hunting is as much a job need doing as another sentient being going to work as senator, bank teller, etc. THe job may fall under the shadow of operating in somewhat an "Evil" way, but that, in essence, does not make the one who does it evil. Fett is a professional, he does his job, and he does it well. Evil is a state of side, such as Good vs. Evil. Fett doesn't pic sides, he is completely neutral.


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I can't stress enough how irritated I was when Jar Jar Binks came into the picture. Nothing about him was appealing (although I'm not necessarily sure that was the point) I was hoping for him to get eradicated in the 3rd Star Wars episode.

It has come to my attention that the subject of Boba Fett's ships have come into full swing once again. I was looking at a "Slave 3" design on this website, and I began pondering the thought. Never before had I thought that a third ship was under Fett's ownership (of course there was the Hound's Tooth for a brief period under his command). I feel that the Slave 1, in essence, is as much a part of fett as his helmet. Inseparable. I know that the Slave 1 acquired damage from chasing after Solo, and was undergoing repairs while Fett continued his hunt with Slave 2. Never does it mention, upon my recollection, of Fett acquiring a third ship when he feels Slave 1 becomes outdated. You can tell that Fett has somewhat a stronger liking of Slave 1 than he does Slave 2 just because of his mannerisms, his actions.


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