Hah haaa haa hah ha! I'm soory I laugh at everything!

ya why else would he clone himself instead of gett'n married and have'n a few kids. tongue


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Mandal_ShadowWarrior wrote:
SciFifreak90 wrote:

So will you.

Actually...I'll live forever.


Sure whatever you say SciFifreak90 roll

1. Luke I am your daddyo      6. Jango's apartment
2. astroid chase ( AotC )       7. pod race
3. order 66                            8. jabba's palace
4. Clones on Kamino            9. Vader on bored Tantive 4
5. Han in Carbonite              10. All of them clones on that banking clan planet

   big_smile Thatsis was fun! big_smile

Ooo I saw a little bit of it but my computer went dead after about 8 seconds. sad

Why are most websites so complicated?

I just say that Boba just doesn't really care about his apperance, just as long as he get's his cash.
   Jango likes to stay shiny ( to impress the ladies) big_smile

Well I don't know about anyone else but I know I'm a total chatter box
( diarrhea of the mouth) as my Social Studys teacher says. big_smile


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Awesome of you to notice! big_smile


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CeciliaCrimsondragonFett wrote:

I know I posted this here a while ago, but since theres a lot of people here that didn't know me from then, I shall remind everyone that I am most definitly a girl. Since people have asked in the past (just not here).

What? This whole time I thought you were a guy. tongue


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Fett_II wrote:

all you old farts will crumple and turn to dust eventually big_smile

Haa ha ha a I'm sorry I just love the way you said that but it was a little harsh sound'n.
P.S. Hee he e HEhheee ! big_smile

Seems pretty cool to me tongue

Hah Ha H a hhha  Good One! big_smile

O.K. I am like soOOooOOooOo confused. sad


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Mandalore Hunter wrote:

Then this post goes to it...


-F3TT- wrote:

Cool. Only 500 posts more, and we've hitted 80,000!!!

We've hitted? that makes no sense.

It makes perfect sence. big_smile

I just wanted to say I just got an awesome new calender. It has a big 'ol picture of Fett on the front. I had to bum like five bucks off my Best Friend to get it but it is so worth it. But it stinks because I'm one day away from my birthday on the Fett month! So I just wanted to say that and I didn't want to yuck up another topic so I don't expect this to be very popular. tongue

Cool, but I wasn't saying your acting specificaly. big_smile
Can't wait to see it

Oh really cool thanks. big_smile

Hmmm I'm not aloud to go do fun things on halloween anymore. sad


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Cool, but it was fun throwing him out the window. big_smile

But I thought they were both DEAD?! hmm


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You do seem like a dude. smile


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Star Wars
Harry Potter (unfortunatly)
Barbie ( yuck)


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I wasn't asking a qeustion. I knew he was big_smile that's why I put the happy smily big_smile


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I can't particularly sing well either. But I try, most of the time. tongue