What what arrrrrre the really haveing a LIVE ACTION BOBA FETT SERIOUS.  I am like shaking while typing this!!! Uh... I mean if it's true. hmm 'cause I've been like dreaming of them making a live action Boba Fett serious for like months. NOT KIDD'N big_smile

Oops sorry if I stole some of your'als thunder with my post sad  but I have a question can I put up a topic 'cause I have a few questions about some of the Boba/Jango scenes in la movies. tongue

Oh my gosh!! Oh my gosh!! Oh my gosh!! Oh my gosh!!!!! I saw that on YouTube while look'n for Star Wars videos and it was so freek'n hilarious!!! Thows old dudes so had it com'n but why did he shoot that lady? hmm Was he just cranky?

I agree with U Isaac_fett, besides Big B. himself Dengar is awesome since he liked helped Boba after he blew himself out of the stink'n sarlaac. Infact I just read that part again today!! big_smile

TEFF? Really?! hmm Couldn't B. come up with someth'n better! Teff is Fett spelled backwards with an extra F.

I Try!!!!!!!!! big_smile


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Totally dudett! tongue Though girl, lady, or woman aren't exactly my moejoe. If tou know what I mean.

I also love anyother Star Wars books, and I've read Darth Bane 1 and 2 too hmm

I read Fett/R.C. books, play Battlefront2 or other Star Wars games, and daydream about Boba Fett. tongue

My love for the Fett probably began sometime in my todler years since I could say Obi-wan before Daddy or Mamma. Anyway I can't remember when I started lov'n Boba I just always have. My first book was one of thows Star Wars sticker, picture, Phantom Menace books.  Each member of my family has a character they love and devote most of there sanity. Dad =Darth Vader/ Bane   Joann(cousin) =Boss/Niner  Jessica(best friend) =Jango  Mom =Obi-wan   Brother =da gooba fish  Me =Boba Fett Duh!! Anyway I think I've Boba Fett since day one.

I saw it and thought it had to much child-ish-ness to it. Though my dad likes it and he's like 38! So I sit and watch it with him to make him feel good.
P.S. It has the WORST opening ever!!! It's like ALTIMATE CHEEEESE!!!!!

I never finished KOTOR 1!!! I can't get passed that stupid water world. I get LOST!!!!!

Definately 3 years since I mentally keep track of the years so I can estimate how old dudes are. Like Obi-wan in the "New Hope" was in his mid to late 50's since he was 18-21 in "The Phantom Menace" then 10 years later in "Attack of the Clones". So he was in his early to mid. 20 there. Then 3 years later in the "Revenge of the Sith" he'd be in early 30's. Then about twenty years later in a "New Hope" (since Luke was all grown up)  so Obi would be in his mid to late 50's. I'm sorry I'm sooooo weird like this but it helps me enjoy Star Wars if I know what age people are and when things happened. Oww and it hurts my head!

When I smell pizza I think of Star Wars because the first time I saw it and could actually rember that what we were eat'n. Than again no matter what I smell, see, touch, or hear I think of Star Wars.

My favorite squad is definatly Omega!!! My fav. trooper is either Darman or Fi. I was really glad Fi's not dead.


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I want to be like The Fett but I look more like Jabba the Hutt. Man

I like how he so feirce and determined. No matter what situation he finds himself in he always seems to come out on top. Plus the fact that he's so TUFF and mysterious and that he is really good look'n. I love mandalore armor!

Uh... I read that later on when he's older and in charge of all those other mandalores( I hoped I spelled that right) that he runs around with his helmet off.

Sorry was I supposed to introduce myself? Sorry I'm new here I go by the name EE-3 since thats all I could come up with.

Can I talk in any of the chat rooms?