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Cool! Thanks so much for the info. I am just getting such a  big kick out of listening to these shows. And thanks again for bringing up the topic. There a lot of people out there that never even knew they existed.

The Lando books were published in 1983 so they are not nearly as technical or fan driven. They do a great job of filling out Lando's personality and background without over-elaboration. I am really, really enjoying them...and again...he is so smooooth!

Have any of you read the early novels like Han Solo and the Lost Legacy or Lando Calrissian and the Minharp of Sharu?

I am reading the Lando adventures now in a three volume collected edition. I really dig those older books because they feel a lot more like the original movies. There is not so much elaboration and less technical.

I highly recommend the Lando books but part of that is because he is just so damn smooooth!


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bats wrote:

I'm really excited to see ,,what the new update.will look like  that drawing
of Boba Fett is a good Art work  too
But then doesn't Boba  look good in any drawing .

That he do, that he do!


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CeciliaCrimsondragonFett wrote:

lol I just missed you in the chat. Apparently you came on right as I was going to dinner.

Catch you next time smile

Suddenly, a giant log of salami came flying through the air toward Boba...

This is kind of an extension of the conversation above so I will post it here although the mods  may move it to another category or kill out out right.

Anyway, my question is...for those of you who are into this kind of thing...which Boba Fett figure is your favorite. From Kenner to Kubrick and everything in between. Mine is the the very first Kenner mail-away prototype action figure. I remember getting him the mail and  the smell of the plastic when I opened him up.


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Where have you found the CDs? I looked on Amazon and couldn't find anything? Maybe I am searching for the wrong thing?


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CeciliaCrimsondragonFett wrote:

Except for Sundays and Tuesdays I tend to be up pretty (or very) late, usually doing school related work, but always with the computer on so I can look up every once in a while and stare at something else. So I'm sure we can work something out.

Hey, I'm online...do you want to chat? I will wait in the chat room a little while to see if you come.


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Man! I really wish I could participate in the chat but living in Tokyo means that I am awake when you are asleep and you are just getting up when I hit the sack!

That really sucks. If someone has an interest in chatting at  2 a.m. (your time) please let me know.


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CeciliaCrimsondragonFett wrote:

That cup is officially made of awesome now. It has given me a stupid grin! I will probably be thinking about Fett drinking coffee and reading books while sitting in a chair all day now.

And pffft, don't we all waste our time watchin cartoons (or TV in general)? Although in my case, if my TV is on, I'm more then likely playing a video game.

And you're a lot more calm about wasting studying time then I am. I have a math test in 18 hours my teacher neglected to tell us about until Monday. >_<

Always so sweet. Thank you for your kind words. I wish I knew you personally. You seem like a great person.

Good luck on your math test.


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I think Ecko is waaay overrated. I mean who really hasn't thought of SW clothes they would like to create? He is just a rich guy that has backing. I don't think his stuff is that great at all.
Maybe this is just sour grapes but I studied fashion in grad. school so I am coming at this from an oblique perspective maybe. I mean, yeah, it's great to have more SW/ BF stuff out there. But he is making it trendy. And that means that in a year or two it will be uncool. That's how the cycle of fashion works. That's the difference between fashion and style...fashion is a temporal phenomenon, but good style is always cool.


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Fett_II wrote:


so, did anyone else know the OT were adapted into radio dramatizations? with all the sounds and music from the films, along with extra scenes and whatnot? it... it's interesting. a lot of people seem to love it, i just started listening to it right now. i do like the voice-over for the opening crawl, the same thing as they're doing now with the clone wars.

edit: i like this a lot more than i expected. the extra scenes are what george lucas originally had in plan for the films, and they give more character description, and the music is placed really well.

I was a kid when these were broadcasted. I was eleven when these were broadcasted! Thank you so very much for bringing this topic up again. I have been in heaven listening to them.

So it goes to show you there is nothing wrong with bringing old topics back.

As I listened to these a wanted to cry. I was so touched.  It just took me back to a place, a time and a psychological space that I have not experienced since I was a kid.
I was born in 1970 so these radio shows are a big part of my childhood memory.

Thank you so, so, so very much for bringing this topic up.

Please someone hand me a tissue...

Also, does anyone know if these are available on CD?


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Fett_II wrote:

i wouldn't call it a waste at all.

Maybe not but I watch cartoons so much these days the lines between reality and the animated world are starting to blur... literally ha, ha, ha get it? the line...blur...animation...

Man I need to get out more!


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Here's something kind of fun...trying to save the planet when I drink my tea at Starbucks I decided to make a rendering of my own to decorate my mug, (actually I think the world is beyond saving but it was fun to do anyway and I get a small discount for using the mug!)
Here's the sketch
Here's the painted illustration. a little rushed but it's only a mug.
The finished product, with some friends to appreciate it.
Me realizing that I have wasted the day drawing and watching cartoons when I need to be studying for a Japanese test!


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CeciliaCrimsondragonFett wrote:

Your talent is so amazing to my eyes, I honestly don't get why no one has hired you to do this for a living. Is it because I'm so young? I dunno. Do people really not appreciate good, old fashioned talent? I have a feeling computers are behind this somehow.

But don't you ever dare give up on yourself. There ARE people who belive in you! ^_^

tachyonblade wrote:

I really enjoy Conte but it is best used to draw naked women.
http://i650.photobucket.com/albums/uu22 … MG3058.jpg

That gave me a laugh because, aside from a few landscapes, last semester the only thing we ever used Conte for was when a model came to class. And they were all women that semester too!

You are really sweet, thank you for the praise.
I took only one art course when I was in college, Drawing I, in that course we only used Conte to draw nude models! So I know exactly where you are coming from LOL! smile


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In Japan Halloween lasts until December because people here just can't grasp the concept that the holidays in the movie " The Nightmare Before Christmas" are supposed to be different worlds that are active in this world at different times of the year, they can't make the separation between Christmas and Halloween, so we get Nightmare merchandise and decorations from September to the end of December! I hate the holidays here!


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We don't have Spencers in Japan either. That is a really cool hat. I like it better than the Ecko stuff. How does everyone else feel about his stuff? I just don't see what the fuss is about?


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Cin Vhetin wrote:

For a bet on your fav, I'd go for the very first one. I don't see why it would have come first, if it's not that you consider it your best one.

Yeah, good point.
I basically just randomly posted them one after the other in alternating B&W and Color, partly because I did not want to give the impression that I liked any one piece over another.
Not exactly reverse psychology but you get the idea.


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Cin Vhetin wrote:

Hey that recent Conte piece is really good too. Wish I could see it bigger (in fact, wish I could see the real thing, lol, but I don't think I'll fly to Japan anytime soon, lol) I love the stuff you do. Count me as a fan, and if you ever seriously think of getting a website, we could talk.

Thanks again for your kind words...you have no idea how nice it feels to have this kind of positive feedback. The funny thing is that almost no one coments on my favorite piece from the set above. I will let everyone guess which one I like the best...

Okay, so I am serious about the website thing. What are you thinking. I have some "adult" work that I would like to get out there too. I am basically broke right now but might be able to work out something if you have any ideas.

I also need a letterer and a colorist for a Fett comic that I am working up...any one interested in getting involved?


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Cin Vhetin wrote:

That's really some awesome, awesome work. I'm something like a pro (got the degree that says it, lol), but you're clearly a few (or maybe more, lol) levels better than me for illustration. I praise your talent. There seems to be a LOT of time put in each of them too. The drawings are souple, highlights and shadows are well put, I can see why you tried yourself at serious editors. I also can see how frustrated you feel of trying and knock at everyone's door and not get much for an answer.

The praise you'll get here won't really get you anywhere either. You need to advertise your stuff better. It IS good. If It doesn't work at Marvel's and other similar big heads you need to try in another way. Maybe organize everything better on an out-of-this-world website, or something.

Who organized your actual web spaces? Could be worth it to gather everything in one place and really sort them in a way that makes them easy and fun to browse - - even for people who don't know you.

What can I say..super kind, super nice, I am touched by what you have to say, sincerely. That is very nice of you to say. All I want to do with my time is draw and paint. I am always happy when people say nice things about my art but mostly I am in a zone, my own world, when I am creating and that is the place I really want to spend my life. I hate this reality so, so much...but as Philip K. Dick said..."reality is that which when you stop believing it it, doesn't go away"

End of pity party.

Anyway I just did this piece like five minutes ago, it took me about an hour and it is about 20X24 inches. I used Conte Crayon for a Fett rendering for the first time. I really enjoy Conte but it is best used to draw naked women.


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For anyone interested you can see a wide variety of my work in a number of styles using several different materials at
just click anything that looks like a picture in a little square. As a website it sucks. I need to get it into better shape.
Some of the same items as well as more Star Wars stuff can be seen at
here again, not so well organized. just look around at everything.

And here you can see a few different efforts at comic book penciling.
http://s650.photobucket.com/albums/uu22 … de/Comics/

Any feedback on the work on these sites would be greatly appreciated as well.

Thanks for taking an interest smile


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Miba wrote:

Get Windows. wink

I have never owned anything but an Apple or a Mac and that will probably not change until the ice caps completely melt. That's why I am looking for a consoled system and games that are good with it. But thanks for the suggestion smile


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Sharra Fett wrote:

Great Job!! I'm impressed with the amount of detail in your work. One extra comment  though, I wonder what an oil painting of Boba Fett would look like. As that is more my media I guess that one would up to me to find out. Though I must thank you for getting me inspired.

Thanks for the compliments. I truly appreciate it.

Yeah, I work a lot in oils as well but usually the themes I choose for oils are more naturalistic. Painting from observation etc. I posted only my Fett stuff here, for obvious reasons, but I do have several pieces posted on different sites that feature my oils if anyone is interested let me know and I will send you the URL.


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I didn't really know where to put this so here it is.

I am still playing N64 Pod racer and Shadows of the Empire because I own a Mac and a lot of computer based games don't release Mac versions still. I used to play the hell out of the Super Nintendo Star Wars games, especially the Empire and Jedi versions. So I am basically a Nintendo fan.

So my question to all of you who are gamers is...

If I am going to buy a consoled system which one has the best selection of SW games? I especially like stuff from the "classic" Star Was series but I want something that I can play a wide variety of SW games on that have good graphics and interesting back stories.

BTW does anyone know if they ever made a Tie simulator  for Mac? I checked around the net and couldn't find anything.

Thanks for any feedback...:)