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Something I think is strange is that I don't see any ads on television for the new clone wars movie. I went to a movie theater last night there weren't any previews this is really strange for a movie of Star Wars calliber.
Does anyone know what's up with this? Why isn't there any publicity for this movie? Please someone fill me in!!!!!!


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I got the potf red card edition Boba Fett figure today


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I found it and it is really cool I will pick one up really soon.


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which figure is the 300th where is a place online to find it.?


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On Friday I am going to buy my first Boba Fett figure. I am going to start with the power of the force red light saber edition. It is a small start but nonetheless it is an obbession I plan to continue
I really think the figure based on the 1978 animated holiday special is really cool and I plan to get that one two.  Once I get more money I am going to get some more pricey stuff.


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My Fett obbsession began with when I first met Jeremy at a convention I got a cool Boba Fett helmet that  he signed and then from there it was all over. I am always trying to find more Fett things. I have recently picked some novels The Bounty Hunter Wars 1,2,3, which all star Boba, and also the clone wars novels series on Boba and they are really cool they provide a large scope of Fett.

i remeber the first time I met Jeremy Bolloch I was ten. back in 1995, when my dad's friend who used to put on sci-fi conventions had Jeremy come over at comix connection in mechanicsburg pennsylvania.  I got to hang out with him all day and went out to dinner with him. He signed a Boba Fett helmet,the first issue of the dark horse series comic book boba fett, a star wars card with the picture of him at sarlacc's pit,and an 8x10.  Needless to say since then I have been a bonafide Boba Freek,
I was lucky enough to meet him a couple years later and he rememberd me.
I hope someday I can meet him again.