wow old topic......mehh atleast someone finally responded to it.


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The weird thing is that most of us enjoyed these stupid shows long ago.

The Storm Runner at Hershey Park litteraly takes your breath away.


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smile Happy 13th smile

Where is that roller coaster at?

Do you think that they are annoying a well?

cough medicine.

I think I remember both of them.
But I have'nt been there in about seven years.

I still chew gum.
But Im more careful when I chew it.


I think I heard about that one.
Is it in Six Flags, NJ?

lol....United we stand!!

Deffinetly the lightsaber.

Mine is The tower of Terror in Walt Disney World.
That ride kicks ***.

The worst part is the excruciating (spelling) pain.
And they dont let you eat gum or popcorn.
But that dosent stop me from eating popcorn when I go to the movies.


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I checked it out last week...It was alright.


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Wow Im glad this topic exists.
Well anyway....I came back  about a week ago.


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He's been saying that he would retire for like five years now.
So I dont know if he's retiring for good.

I'll have my braces off when Im 16.

and foolish.

Ive had braces since earlier this year.
Has anybody here have or have had braces before?


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Happy 18th then.


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I'll be 15 in 30 days.


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I would have to say that my favorite music is grunge.


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That's a pretty good collection.