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This site is fun
full of people
people are fun
you can get them to do stuff and watch them argue thats fun.


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come on say it 10 things you hate about me


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Who cares what other people think just punch them other people don't matter much and the reason i am helping is because i want to help


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no accualy she couldnt she needs time for that so until she can charge up enough power all she can do is dodge and slice


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Deleted for inappropriate content.


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I'm Back muhahahahhahahahaha

Werda Verd wrote:

*sigh* the only "slices into chops joke" is the one you share with yourself. It's an inside joke that only you are part of. Which is sad. So stop bringing it up. No one here likes anime. So stick on topic.

your moms sad

what is so funny

sos clan is the best clan so join my clan or its the death penulty


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they are so evenly matched it would be hard to say


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Merciless Mandalore wrote:

Deadeye Duncan has a gun, Jar Jar has nothing. Duncan would win. And Sev Fett, Dugan is a skrull? Like, always, or a skrull pretended to be him?

you are so sure duncan would win


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that is no reason to negate my karma


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to to ro totoro lol that was a great movie i still can't get that song out of my head i watched it when i was 13


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i do i have a recuitment server on tons of sites


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well thats her only offencinve power slicing with wind that and she can banish

flame thrower and rockets would not work well nither would blasters but a whip cord might accualy work if boba got her by suprise

and for you guys who are saying boba fett is smart well nagato is smarter


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i am starting to think that this topic is getting neglected and off point\
so please people join my clan and dont just go here to complain if you don't want to join don't post.
the reason i am demanding is because no one has relized that it is a recuitment topic not a do you like sos brigade


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Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

And you lowered someone for not giving a reason.

well he should have posted a reason he just rudely said Next topic it is my topic i choose when to go to next topic
and i tryed to give a idea to deal with bullys not like teachers do any thing any way hey if they can bash people what is wrong with black mail


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no she go's more on the defenive than attack she would consintrate on dogeing his attacks and defecting attacks, than when she has enough power she could banish him to the wastland that or slice him


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but still he looks like a guy who had a little too much tea lol


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calo was easy for me just aim at calo with all you characters when he is on half health he will try to kill him self and every one else


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Am i supposed continue it because i don't want to get any one angry at me i have already lost enough karma points as it is.

for my character i used my own personality

the art of eating slaves starring jabba the hutt

how to pilot half a ship with anaken sky walker

why we lost the war starring bobby the battle droid and costarring tommy the drodika

pubity with c3p0 why we change


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cool your one with the lighting bolt is also cool 10/10 where did you get that pic any way just curious?

mostly master chief because he is the only one of you lot who actually chats with me and because he gave me my first karma point to get me started and also Ralin Drakus he always gives positve comments to every one...that and he gave me a karma point


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15+ MA

for sexual theam and mediem animated violents

so proberly not for people yonger than 15 lucky me i just turned that on january the 16th