Just admit it, I inspirered you. smile
We were bantering how each was better and you made this thread, I started it, hmm. Maybe you just forgot about it and came up with it while you didnt remember. (sorry about typo)

Yeah, but you got the idea from me. tongue


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Hmm, I didnt know that, cool. I just love to see armies march in their platoons to music by John Williams.

(Yeah, but It was my post on a side bar conversation.)

Each one has its weak and strong points, It just depends on the situation.


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He matures, yes, but I liked him in Enders game. (I didnt at first)

Yeah, but you got the idea from me I think.

Yes, but you never said which droids. Droids can be made to do what living organisms cant, they dont have to breath, so they are immune to chemical weapons and can stay under water as long as they need to be. They never get mental stress and they don't question what they're fighting for or who they're fighting it for. (seriously, is this topic directed at me? And what about genetically engineered soldiers, are you counting them as organic soldiers?)

(Is this topic directed at me?)
Well, I think droids are better because they will always do everything at maximum effiency. They dont need to be supplied constantly (except for ammo), They dont get tired, they cant be corrupted, and they dont hesistate or get frightened.


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I love cats, they my second favorite next to penguins. At my friends house he has a fat cat. One time I was over I was playing with him and he was digging his claws into a cover and I was trying to get it from him. He wouldnt let go so I pushed the cover forward to losen his claws and then jerked it back. He was all WTF! and he was waving his arms around trying to get it back. He was so funny and so cute. smile


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And its also what makes them strong, they dont hesistate to do anything, they'll do anything they are ordered perfectly Organic soldiers might feel mental stress in the heat of battle, if something goes wrong or a friend dies they will lose their morale, they wont do as good a job as they could. Battle droids also dont need nurishment, you can fit them in tight places and they wont complain, they dont need sleep, and they dont have any fear. And they're not as stupid as to not take cover, they have some strategies programed into them all tho they cant think of other strategies.


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I like the battle droids, A whole army of mindless drones doing their masters will without question, and doing it in perfect unison. I dont see why people like Jar Jar, he's clumsy and kinda stupid. (he's alot better than those ewoks tho.)


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My favorite character was Peter, Enders older brother. Enders game was me fav, then Xenocide and children of the mind (they were supposed to be one book, thats why Xenocides ending kinda sucked), then Shadow of the giant. (last of Peter, sad )

I like to think he sucks on the blood of his bounties.

Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

Theres an Ozzy version and he sung it so I think Sev had it right.

yeah, but it was originally by Black Sabbath.

Sev Fett wrote:

Oh!  Iron Man by Ozzy!  Wait wrong thread...

Its by Black Sabbath, get it right.

Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

But isn't there the chance that you might kill the people you once saved

Not if they're running as fast as they can.

Multiplying myself would be so cool, especially if I could change my appearance. I could make myself an army of Chuck Norrises!


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Oh, i was wondering why you posts sounded like they were from someone yours age, Im 2 years older than you, just sayin. ( I was right about you being in the UN.)

The Canadian term is better, I like Canada.

I think Big foot is real, but at my school we call it Sascawtch. Big foot sounds stupid, I mean, its not like only his feet are big.

I like your character Alo, very creative way to preserve your characters lives, it sounds like what alot of people used to do with dry ice (I think it was dry ice, im too lazy to search) except it didnt work.


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Very, very good Mel, It sucks we have to wait though. sad

"the shroud of the dark side has fallen, begun the clone wars have."
"So this is how liberty dies, with thundrous applause."

s'all right, at least you can stand inside it

Yeah, but I still get Mirta.


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Werda Verd wrote:

lol--yeah, and Mara was cool! not the formal, serene type of Jedi. That was one of the first things that caused me to hate him truly, but trying to kill his family and putting a warrant out for their arrest helped, as well as the situation at Kashyyk....

I really hate Jason for what he did to Ben. As for Kashyyk, I dont really care, I dont really like wookies anyway.

HERMUS wrote:

]Thanx Cloneapart. Nice Boba/AM EX ad BTW!! Hey, any of you ever heard "Boba Fett's Vette" by MC Chris...it's a comical Hip Hop song and it's pretty good and funny. It's explicit and not for the kiddies but worth checking out. I also have some "interesting" Boba pics if anyone is interested. Lastly, was I the only person to play/like Bounty Hunter for PS2? Not bad game...no Slave 1 though. Yes, I know it was Jango...but it's the closest to actually playing as Boba outside of LEGO Star Wars which is two very cool games but kinda kiddie. Let's hope PS3 does something. The Force Unleashed game is gonna be ridiculous so imagine the potential!! L8R

P.S. How do I get that Boba head smiley??!!

Werda Verd wrote:

i played it for the Gcube, and you do get slave 1. and yeah, the Force Unleashed will be AMAZING!!

on topic--welcome!! You'll love it here.

Yes, you get slave one, but you dont get to fly it.