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I got my love of STAR WARS in general from my dad. I noticed Bob'ika when I was nine or ten. I think I may have been afraid of him. Anyway, my fear diminished and I began to really appreciate the character even though, at the time, he had no concrete story. I'm originally from Mass and my sister somehow found a t-shirt with the Slave 1 on it at some little vender at a flea market ( Ya, I still got it, I think she got me that shirt in 94 or 95) A couple of years later, she got me the book, Tales of the Bounty Hunters, edited by Kevin J. Anderson. To this day, I've only read the Last man standing portion of the book (Bob'ika's part) Since then, I've been hooked. Anything Boba I lay my eyes on, I'd sell my fingers to get it. Good thing I know where Kamino is huh?;) produces