Topic: Request: Logo for Mandalorian Roller Derby Team

Hello! I'm new here.

With a few friends at Cordoba, Argentina (yes, far far away) we founded a new roller derby men's team and we choose as our team name: Mandalores, that is our local translation for Mandalorians!!! We are looking now for a logo and graphics elements to create our uniforms and other stuff so if anybody wan to contribute is very, very welcome!  We could pay with beers and thanks o/


Re: Request: Logo for Mandalorian Roller Derby Team

nueces, welcome to BFFC! Thanks for telling us about your roller derby team!

Could you post some examples of designs and/or Mandalorian visuals that you like? With any of the designers who visit the boards here, that could be helpful for coming up with something pro-bono more quickly.

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