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Greeting and salutations. I have a seious question. Where can i get items of boba's kit? I have a helmet but i want the rest. Anyone know where i can get this stuff? Any help collecting this bounty would be greatly appriciated.

Re: boba costume/outfit

I too am in the same boat, I have a helmet but no outfit. However I found that the best way to go about it is making it yourself. There are so many references online now a days that it would be cheaper and better to do it yourself. I would start with YouTube and work your way online from there.

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BalhamBoba, great question! We've got a section here on BFFC to help show off recommendations. It's a work-in-progress, but something we're now ramping up:

In terms of store-bought costumes, which aren't as screen-accurate but also don't need assembly, browse this section of BFFC:

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