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Can I Help You?
As the now old and retired Luke, Leia and Han entered into the shop in a little known sector of Coruscant and wander deeper into its old and musty setting, search of the ancient Jedi holocron, they hear the door shut behind them. Luke and Leia snap their lightsabers into their hands with the same speed as when they were younger, Han pulls out his trusty blaster (only slightly slower than before) and turn to meet the adversary behind them what they see shocks them and almost causes them to let down their guard, for their stands the thought to be dead, Boba Fett. "You!" Han shouted "I have a score to settle with you!" Boba Fett raised his hands and Luke realized he had not raised his blaster and felt no ill intent from the now ancient clone and son of the long dead Jango Fett. Luke turned his lightsaber off, "Calm down Han, I do not think Boba Fett means us harm." "What?!" Han shouted back, keeping his blaster pointed squarely at his old enemy even with Leia also disarming her lightsaber. "You do realize who we are talking about right?!" "Oh calm you self General Solo, I am not here to kill you, in fact, I am curious what brings you to my humble shop.” With that Boba Fett removed his helmet, which froze all the trio as they saw the face few had seen and lived to speak of.
“Oh yes, I take off my helmet now, and my armor, I am too old to mess with that stuff anymore…” As they looked onto the face of Boba Fett they saw something no one ever would have thought to see on the deadliest bounty hunter ever to live, age. Boba’s face still resembled that of Jango Fett and the clones Boba Fett shared a lineage with. Now though, there was wrinkles, pot marks, moles, things you would expect on an aging Coruscant citizen, not THE Boba Fett. They watched in awe as Boba  moved slowly to the back of the shop and stood behind the counter taking off the ancient Mandalorian armor, now an antique, but still solid enough to take a blaster shot or two. He placed his helmet on the counter in front of him, sat on an ancient wooden chair and put his booted feet on the counter in an aloof manor. He then put in a pipe, loaded it with what they assumed was tobacco and lit it up. Boba Fett looked back at them with their curious stares as his eyes looked around the shop almost awkwardly waiting for them to say something, but as they looked at his eyes they could still see it, they could still see the decades of lawless bounty hunting, they could see his alertness and cunning that saw him become one of the deadliest men in the galaxy. “Can I help you?”

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