Re: Favorite energy drink?

ARC Fett wrote:

I dont drink monster for energy, i drink it cause it tastes good, its a very accuired taste, it took awhile to get used to it, now i love it

Yeah. I drink them couse they taste good. big_smile tongue

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Re: Favorite energy drink?

hmm...for a moment i was addicted to the mountain dew MDX. i dont like that taurine taste in energy drinks, but out of all that i have tried, amp works the best for me.

oh, and gatorade contains electrolytes and potassium. potassium is in bananas which are recommended for athletes because they provide energy =]

i heard that 5 hours energy stuff works too because of the b vitamins

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Re: Favorite energy drink?

Dont drink an energy drink, cause I dont need them....I do drink soda though, thats enough caffine for me.

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Re: Favorite energy drink?

jawa juice.

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Re: Favorite energy drink?

There are lots of options that I have for Green energy drinks. I'd rather choose a best option with good recommendations.