Topic: Original paintings of Boba Fett

I create 8-Bit inspired paintings of different iconic characters. Boba Fett is one of my most popular ones (and definitely my favorite).  Take a look at my portfolio online and commission your own Fett paintings.

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listergallery, very cool! Found your work recently for our Twitter and great to see you join the site here.

What's your creative process for 8-bitting a composition?

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Hey thanks a lot!  My process usually starts with a visual breakdown of whatever i'm painting.  I take the most important elements of a picture and sketch those in first, then I build off of those main shapes, I try to make the subject recognizable but still very simplified.  Its kind of like I try to get it to the point where its in between a complete blur and a sharp image.

With Boba Fett paintings specifically, he actually lends himself quite well to being simplified into an 8-Bit-like image. There are a lot of angular shapes that make up his helmet and body.

I've done a lot of different subjects in this 8-Bit inspired style, I recently did 10 Star Wars themed paintings for a collector of mine who is doing a Star Wars room in his house.  Here's the link to check out those paintings: