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So, this RPG is about surviving from the Order 66. Rules:

1. You can be only a jedi or a clone.
2. You can't be a real Star Wars character.
3. You can kill characters, but not other users characters (unless they say they have been killed in a battle against you).
4. You can't have a weapon that your character can't physically carry.
5. If you're hurted you'll have to get medical help or worse: die!
6. Follow the story!
7. Have fun!

Name: Marek Lundson
Side: jedi
Gender: female
Age: 27
Powers: 31/50
Force: 72/100 (51 is minimum for a jedi, 50 is maximum for a clone)
Strenght: 48/100
Weapon: lightsaber

Marek sat on a chair in Jedi temple. She wathced when kids were training their lightsaberskills. Suddenly, she felt strange. Something was going wrong. Badly wrong.


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Name:RC-7373 "Acid"
Side:Clone Commandos
Weapons:Clone Commando Armor,DC-15 blaster rifle

"There it is,Jedi Temple" "Acid" said.
"Load your weapons,men!" Clone Commander said.

Clones we're marching to the Jedi Temple...

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I'm filling in for Draco today tongue

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this is the 3rd attempt of an Order 66 RPG.. it just never gets popular..

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Lol. Good idea, Fox, just not original.

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Name: FRR-875665
Side: Clone Commanders
gender: Male
Force Powers: 11/100
Strength: 30
Power: 17
WOC: Clone Blaster Rifle and stun gas grenades.
2nd WOC: Clone Armour
Weapon(s): Clone blaster rifle and sidearm pistol, stun gas grenades, clone armour, knife, ammo, two thermal detonators and probe droid.
Buddies: RC-7373 and his fellow old jedi leader, Plo Koon.

FRR got a commlink message while blasting away Super Battle Droids outside the temple of coruscant.

" Execute Order 66. "

" Yes my lord. " FRR replied without haste.

He gripped his rifle and stormed into the Jedi Temple. Three Padawans defended the entrance and ran at FRR.

FRR raised his rifle and fired at them. Two of them fell within seconds and the other one died three seconds later by FRR's hand.

He marched into the temple and saw Jedi. Lots and lots of them.................

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Name=Hannavas Nosnhoj
Side=grey jedi
Weapons=dule lightsabers, blaster rifle

Hannavas stood at the edge of the forest. She had just been sent away from the Jedi temple on the way out she had seen many other jedi looking worried. Her men searched the woods looking for the excaped prisoner. Something wasn't right. Commander Kas her most trusted, and honored comrad as well as friend came up behind her. He was worried she could feel it. They had been through alot together, her and him so why was he so worried approching her. She tried to contact the temple but they weren't responding. What was going on?! He was right behind her now. "Run" he said so quietly she could barley hear him.
"Run" he growled. At that moment her men emerged from the forest blasters raised. She looked over at Commander Kas horrified.
"Sorry General" he said and aimed his blaster...

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ee-3, don't revive RPGs that are this old. The last post was 3 months ago--and it barely got started. Don't bother bringing it back.

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Werda Verd wrote:

ee-3, don't revive RPGs that are this old. The last post was 3 months ago--and it barely got started. Don't bother bringing it back.

dude thats cold

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Name: A2
BIO : clonned jedi
weapons:mando armour,a 3sided knife,verpine shatter gun,custom WESTAR blaster, knuckle-dusters, flamethrower mounted on wrist,jet pack .

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Name:Hunter 234
Side: Clone Trooper
gender: Male
Force Powers: 50/100
Strength: 33
Power: 21
WOC: Clone Blaster Rifle
2nd WOC: Clone Armor
Weapon(s): Clone Blaster rifle  and and a shotgun

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Aw, why can't I be a Sith? Aw well.
Name: Katrina ShadowFollower
Side: Neutral, but if you insist, I'll fight for the Light Side.
Gender: Female.
Age: 14
Powers: 34/50
Force: 69/100
Strength: 50/100
Weapon: Dual Bladed Lightsaber

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