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With hope, I will be able to devote more time back the BFFC. I've missed you all.

I feel that I have changed quite bit while I have been away from the boards. A change for the better, I do believe.

As I reviewed my posts on this message board, I realized how much you guys had to tolerate from me - a tactless, evangelistic, ADHD, southern boy. I will not lie, I am embarrassed. However, you will be happy to know that I return as bold as I was before, just a little wiser. Hopefully.

I return liberalized. Yes, the once staunch conservative is now a bleeding-heart. I have been transformed. My eyes opened. I am something of black sheep, now. My home being in the Heart of red Dixie.

While many of my "political" views have changed, rest assured, I am still as devout a Christian as ever. I have studied theology of my religion and its many doctrines. Through this study, my eyes again were opened. I am currently in the process of converting from the Christian denomination of Southern Baptism to the Christian denomination of the Episcopal Church.

I am also a high school graduate now, as much as that means. I have plans to attend college in the Fall, starting down the road who's destination will be a degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. Wish me luck.

I pray that God allows me time for the boards again. I have missed them sore.

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Welcome back, Karson! Glad to hear all this. And looking forward to your posts here as always.

Founder/Editor, BFFC

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It's good to be back, Sir.