Topic: Fett or The Fett?

"Beware the wrath of the Fetts!"
    ―Boba Fett

I realize both ways are correct but which way is actually "proper"? Is it more proper say or write ____ Fett or The Fett?

Take Boba for example. I've seen Boba Fett and Boba the Fett written.

Boba is actually one of The Fetts correct? So technically/properly should be Boba the Fett?

Just askin'

Re: Fett or The Fett?

Vheh, excellent topic! Thanks for starting this!

Since Jango was introduced as "another" Fett, I think "the" Fett would mean Boba Fett.

Otherwise, "the" Fett could be just a casual reference. For example, in the TV show "Family Guy:"

No matter what the stakes are, I never risk the Fett guy.

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Re: Fett or The Fett?

The Fett as a casual reference -- that would makes sense to me.

I kinda found simply Fett and The Fett a bit confusing and was wanting some clarification but I think you may have quickly answered my question big_smile Thanks