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Being a fan of the Star Wars series since I first saw them in 1990s (I was like 3 or 4 and yes I still have the VHS copies), and more specifically Boba Fett, I been collecting things of his nature. So when I came across this Ecko brand varsity jacket, I had to get it. worth the $170 for the quality.
Then I thought, what good is a sexy jacket without matching shoes? So I got these Supra Skytops and laced them in green laces. I also painted the rivets a better red, as it was more of a faded orange before. Now I'm looking for a good hat to complete the look smile might just wear my don post to tool around in haha

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Very cool, rokz! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the site!

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That is a super cool jacket and so are those shoes big_smile