Topic: Red vs. Blue

Have we ever done one of these, if we have lets bring it back otherwise lets start one.

In the spirit of Red vs Blue no killing other players but npc's are fine.
Also no open swearing, come up with a one name nickname for your character. This will hopefully be fun and funny not overly serious.

Affiliation : Blue
Name: Wayne Griffin
Callsign: Twitch
Rank: Private

Setting is on Reach where the Covenant have been driven off planet but some of their tech and structures are still arround.

Coast line under cloak tower is where Blue base is located. Red base is inland and visable from Blue base.

Twitch was on night watch, he liked it because it was dark and there was nothing to watch. As he walked allong the cloak towers top teir he wondered to himself ("I wonder if the reds are watching me? No they can't it is dark and therefore safe up here far from the reds.") Just as his thought bubble collapsed a loud crash and explosion happed at the bottom of the tower.

"S.O.B." Twitch yelled.
"Twitch to Blue base come in. Over."