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Ralin smiled.  The Karrek job... he remembered.  One of the shadier ops the former partners had ventured on, but by far the most memorable.  

"Your cousin would use that misadventure to verify your identity." Ralin released his grip on the butt of his blaster and waved for another drink.  "How is he?" 

"Eager to pass me off to Concord Dawn  and my new trainer so that he can get back to the hunt; he's probably half way to his next bounty already."

"I shouldn't doubt it" Ralin stated wistfully as he rocked back the glass and let the harsh liquor slide down in a single gulp.  

Valok narrowed his gaze slightly; his brown eyes taking the measure of the man sitting before him.  "What did happen on the Kerrak mission?"

Ralin grinned slightly, a chip in his tooth visible for an instant.  "It was a bank heist.  Corporation contracted us to copy certain information from a rival business; vital to a trade or some such civilian throat cutting.  Of course the terminal easiest for us to access was on Kerrak: Outer Rim world with minimum risk of Imperial entanglements.  Only issue was that the data terminal we had to access was in a company owned bank... company owned city honestly; mining interests.  Long story short, our plan of a quick in and out op without a shot being fired disintegrated into a full blown firefight, the two of us trading shots with every security force officer the company had.  We walked six city blocks moving from speeder to speeder for cover until we wee able to exfil.  We saved each others lives more than once that day."

"Wow, I never knew.  Solus has told me of many of his missions, but he'd never even mentioned you until this past week.  You worked together for over a year; why'd you split?"

Ralin stiffened slightly, he clenched his jaw for a moment.  "He didn't tell you?"

Valok gave a quick jerk of his head.  "No."

"Can't say I'm surprised" Ralin said with a snort.  He stood from his booth and in a single quick motion pulled his helmet on over his head.  "He has his reasons; no doubt he'll tell you in his own time.  Let's go farm boy."

Ralin strode out ahead as Valok collected his gear and chased after.  Stepping outside they were greeted by a solid sheet of rain.  He started down a narrow street and aimed himself toward the star port.  

Valok trotted up beside him.  "If you're gonna be training me I'd like to know more about you... and why it is my cousin won't work with you anymore."

"I'm not training you" Ralin snapped without turning.  "I'm simply giving you transport to Concord Dawn and will tell you about some of my contacts."

"If that's all he asked you than why didn't he take me himself?" Valok fought his hair back out of his face as he was drenched."

"Because like any good trainer he realizes he has limitations and a biased scope of experience.  He has placed you in the hands of others who will give you a greater spectrum of skills and experience."

Ralin stopped abruptly.  The narrow ally they had been following was closed in and partially protected from the deluge above by the overhanging second and third stories of the stone structures that surrounded them.  Helmet mounted scanners swept the even tighter alleyways that branched off to their left and right, and the ways ahead and behind.  

Valok was quick to take notice.  "What is it?"

In a single quick motion Ralin turned on his heel and started down the narrow passage to his left.  

"This isn't the way to the spaceport..."

"We're being followed."

"You set a code to live by.  I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted...I won't be laid a hand on.  I don't do these things to other men, and I require the same from them."

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Re: Great Mandalorian Rebellion RP

Years prior...

Granpappa Radd looked lost in thought. He paced back and forth as we sat in his plush office, his rightful domain as CEO  of VeyrdeTech Industries. As plush as you can get for Concord Dawn,  that is. Rubbing his hand through his silvery goatee, he turned to me and Uncle Barve, both seated on a nerf-hide couch awaiting my grandfather's reaction.

"The boy seems geared up for a one man war, Tann'ika. You sure that's what we want?"

Uncle Barve barely bats an eye at the affectation. A full grown warrior in his mid-forties, he wouldn't let anyone but his father, former Cuy'val Dar and veteran of the Clone Wars, get away with calling him Tannor, let alone,"Little Tannor." He shrugs, "The kid wants payback. So do I. We both know you do too, Buir."

Radd’ba'buir nods, then smiles. He walks over and gestures for me to stand and spin slowly for a full inspection. He pats me on the backplate, just between the built-in jump jet nozzles mounted at my shoulder blades, a look of full approval on his face. "How's it feel, Zul?"

I flex and stretch to show that despite the heavy coverage of the armored torso plating, I'm actually pretty comfortable. "It feels good, Ba'buir. Uncle Barve made it like a second skin. Prime calibration skills."

Granpappa Radd smiles and nods. He walks back to the wall behind his desk and reaches for the vault keypad.

Uncle Barve smiles at the compliments. "All pleasantries aside, what now? The trail of Jinn and Xyla's killer's growing colder and cold-"

"No Tannor. Vengeance is best served cold." My grandfather pulls three durasteel cases out of the vault.  One long one, about the length of my armspan and two square- box shaped, the third smaller than the second. He hands me the second box, big enough to fit a human head in. "Open that one first Zul'ika," he smiles.

I do as he says, and inside even with dramatically different colors and symbols, I can still recognize my father's rare buy'ce design: the hybrid ComMando. I feel a lump form in my throat and the heat of falling tears, as I pull the newly gold and black helmet from the box. I feel a sense of awe staring at my father’s helmet, which seems to follow the same detailing patterns and colors of all the Aliit Veyrde buy’ce, the Mandalorian mythosaur skull emblazoned on the T-visor’s faceplate.

"Osik...Radd'buir...I don't know what to..." I stutter, my voice a hoarse metallic whisper.

"Don't say anything, kid...Here." Radd's eyes are wet with tears as well, and I swear I hear a sniffle from Uncle Barve's direction.  I take the smaller box and open it. It's a one of a kind VeyrdeTech Custom Heavy Blaster- The GVPG-MFP01. I recognize the unique lines of the vertically mounted double barrel blaster nozzles housed in the single box frame, as well as the side mounted micro rocket launcher. Xyla Konshi’s favorite colors, stark black and vibrant gold, adorn the surface…a pure work of art.

...Mom's blaster...

I remember as a kid asking why no one else had a blaster like hers. She used to tell me how Uncle Barve gave it to her as a wedding gift, which surprised her because when she and dad had first met, it was because Barve and Jinn Veyrde had been hired by Sheyf Tinte Vos of Kiffu to kill her. She used to be one of their Guardians, and must’ve karked the Sheyf off real bad to warrant hired Mandalorian assassins. My dad, despite Uncle Barve’s warnings, immediately fell in love. They married only a few months later. It seems fitting that it was kept painted black and gold...the colors of Justice and Vengeance.

Granpappa Radd smiles, having wiped his tears, and opens the last box himself. "This one's from us, Zul'ika. We had it commissioned by an old contact at Xamonet Weapon Labs. The plan was to celebrate your first successful mission as an adult warrior of Aliit Veyrde. Now, it's an instrument of Justice."

I smile sadly, accepting the black sheathed vibro sword with reverance.

The words flow from me without much thought, "Red for Honoring for Justice...and gold... for vengeance..."

"Kom'rk tsad droten troch nyn ures adenn, Dha Werda Verda a'den tratu."

Re: Great Mandalorian Rebellion RP

Xenio Trask was known to work long hours, and it seemed that tonight was no exception. Helena sat on the opposite building rooftop watching him through her micro-binoculars. Trask was in his early forties, darked haired and a little soft around the middle. It seemed he sat at his desk, just a bit too much.

Helena watched as Trask’s secretary came into the room and dropped off a file before waving goodbye. Trask absently waved goodbye, as he continued working.

Helena lowered the binoculars and studied her datapad. Apparently Trask often did a walk around of the factory before going home. He looked to be sorting his paperwork so Helena decided it was time to move.

It didn’t take her long to get into the building. She used the Force to help a security guard trip over and smash into the closest wall and then she stole his clothes and redressed. With the security guard’s pass she got inside without any trouble.

Helena made her way to the empty loading dock. It was one of the last places Trask would inspect before leaving. It also held the most options for killing him. Helena studied the suspended loads and grinned. Now she just had to make sure he was in the right position for squashing.

Trask walked along the designated path, oblivious to Helena’s presence. Helena used the Force to push a small toolbox over. It clanged to the floor loudly and Trask left the safe pathway to inspect.

Helena waited until Trask was in the optimum position and used the Force to pull the crate downward, snapping its chains and letting it fall. Trask looked up dumbfounded before he was squashed. Helena flinched, “Messy,” she said quietly to herself.

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Re: Great Mandalorian Rebellion RP

Cheln turned to Vren, “As agreed, you can take your bounty and claim your pay.” Cheln turned to look at Naya, “She comes with us back to Mandalore.”

“What?” Naya gasped, “Why do I have to go Mandalore?”

Cheln smiled coldly, “To ensure Vren keeps his side of the deal.”

Naya’s eye twitched slightly, it seemed that Cheln thought she meant more to Vren that he actually realised. She was a virtual stranger to Vren and she gave him a questioning glare.

Vren spoke, “I’m to meet them at Mandalore. Then you can go do as you like.”

“When exactly are we going?” Naya asked as she narrowed her gaze at Vren.

Cheln took her arm in his large hand, “We leave right now.”


They were half way to Mandalore before Naya realised she’d made a potentially fatal error. She hadn’t had much choice in the matter of going to Mandalore, however Naya’s blood had almost frozen in her veins as she overheard Cheln mention the need to report to Dun Gorah.

Naya’s hand absently touched her damaged lek in response to the White Wall. She’d barely escaped death at his hands only months before. Her mind wandered back to the image of him standing over her. He had some sort of clawed glove on his hand. He’d grabbed her by the right lekku and twisted the claws into her delicate flesh. Through the pain she’d somehow managed to obtain her hidden pistol and shot him between his thigh and knee plates.

Naya shook her head in attempt to push the memories away. A faint sweat had broken over her skin and her hands were holding the material of her cargo pants so tight that her knuckles were white. She decided to vanish to her quarters before Cheln decided to make that call.

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Re: Great Mandalorian Rebellion RP

"Upon your arrival you are to meet with my master at once, understood?" Dun barked to his holo emitter projection of Grenatar Cheln

"Yes sir. And what of the twilek?"

"She is of no matter to me. Proceed with her as you wish." Dun shut off the holo transmitter and rejoined his three man squad.

The four men were positioned on a roof top next to the road leading to the warehouse entrance.

"Are the claymores in place?" Dun inquired

"Yessir, two of them on either side of the road."

"Very well. I will give the signal for when to detonate them. If any try to escape, you will also wait for my signal before picking them off. Understood?"

"Understood." "Yes sir." "Affirmative."

With that Dun lept from the roof, and his heavy boots revealed their hidden nature: Rocket boots. The propulsion wasn't enough to carry him great distances, but just enough to help him make great leaps or soften a fall. He slammed to the ground, his cape fluttered behind him.


The Rodian Emmissary waited for a few of the bodyguards to move out before emerging from his cab. They had chartered two large transports, with 9 mercs in each and the emissary in one of them. It was a lot of security but it was standard procedure for a purchase this large. The Emissary was actually quite interested in this assault ship and what it brought to the table, considering its price and secrecy. Transporting it from Mandalore to its buyers location will require some smuggling to avoid Imperial entanglements.

The team now moved towards the large warehouse, wherein there was a hangar that stored the ship. The street was deserted, just as was arranged. Neither party wanted word getting out of this deal, considering the precious cargo involved.

One of the mercs made his way to the emissary "We're off schedule. Do you think we'll have to wait to make the deal?"

"Esschuuta doolun doora, no'osko eetal" (The deal is done already, and they will not wait for this one.)

The merc nodded and rejoined the group. Nine in front, and nine behind the emissary. Again, standard procedure, no one expected trouble this time around.

The transports could be heard behind them priming their engines. The Rodian and a few looked back to see them fly off and away. That was not what the emmissary had arranged. Something was wrong.


KABOOOOOM!!! The claymores go off and kill 6 men instantly. Smoke pellets whiz from unknown places and quickly fill the street with smoke. In seconds the mission had descended into chaos.

"Fan out!" A merc officer could be heard yelling to his troops.

Blaster fire erupted from behind them, the Rodian emissary bolted to a building, taking cover in an alcove while drawing his blaster.

Unseen to most, a very large Mandalorian Death Watch warrior clad in white was at the rear of the party, already hacking apart mercenaries with deadly efficiency.

Dun Gorah crept through the thick white smoke and approached a male Gree searching for any sign of friend or foe. With a swipe of his great blade he cleaved the Gree in two as he screamed with his final breath. Two men near him heard the death cry and began firing towards the position.

Moving the defensive cape in the way, Dun blocked the incoming fire and strode through the smoke to their position. He spun, wheeling the vibroblade in the air and chopping off both their heads while fear overcame them at the sight of the white beast.

Just then a thermal detonator thuds to Dun's feet. Without hesitation he punts it back to where it came, and as it explodes several death rattles could be heard.

The smoke began to clear, and many mutilated bodies came into view. Dun rammed his blade through another man's chest, and with only one more left the merc decided to bolt for his life.

"We've got a runner" Chimed in one of the Death Watch soldiers.

"I have him." Dun said as he lifted his sword, and heaved it forth with great force. It flipped and whirled through the air, and struck the merc with such velocity that it impaled him upon the wall beside him.

"Another, to the rear."

"Hold." Dun said as he unholstered his heavy blaster and flipped his  range finder into position. It easily acquired the target and Dun let loose a volley of three shots, two in the chest and one in the head. The man fell dead.

"One more, then we must flee." Dun informed the troops as he casually walked towards the last remaining humanoid alive: The Rodian Emissary.

The Rodian remained in his alcove, shivering from fear, overcome with astonishment as the rapidity with which his party was dispatched by one man... clad in white.

Dun's heavy rocket boots thudded as he made his way to the cowering Rodian. He looked up at Dun, as the white Mandalorian helmet and the black visor that showed no emotion. It was splattered with blood.

The Rodian lifted his blaster and Dun snatched it in his large hand, crushing the feeble fingers of the Rodian as it screeched in pain. With his free hand, metallic claws emerged from his gauntlet. Dun allowed a moment for the Rodian to admire the instrument of his own death, and then plunged them into his face, partially crushing his skull.

Dun rose, wiping his claws on the Rodian's vest before moving to retrieve his sword.

"We're moving out."

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Re: Great Mandalorian Rebellion RP

Helena had finalised the last few touches of the “accident” Xenio Trask had fallen victim to and was moving on to the next target. This new one wasn’t a kill job, much to Helena’s disappointment. She was to “influence” an R&D technology scientist at MandalMotors. This one’s name was Harold Rotash. The odd thing was, he’d moved up her list from sixth priority to now first (as she’d already killed the top two).

She also had further instructions from the Deathwatch master to get to MandalMotors immediately. It was only when she arrived at MandalMotors that she understood why. The place was a war zone, at least on the upper levels.

It would be much easier to manipulate a terrorised target when the battle was going on, then when it was over. Now she just had to work out how to get inside. The main entrances would be in lock down due to the attack. Helena took a moment and realised the easiest way in would be from the attack point. The hardest part was not getting attacked by the people up there.

Helena rode her swoop bike to the quietest part of the rooftop and slid off. Down low she made her way through the blaster fire and screaming to the nearest entrance. She was almost to the door when she spotted Dun Gorah’s bloodied visage.

Helena could feel the fear of Gorah’s targets as he slew them with amazing finesse and skill. She watched on with a kind of awe and admiration that only a fellow psychopath could understand. Dun Gorah’s emotions flitted to her momentarily. He was in his element, thrilled at watching his victims die in gruesome horror.

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Re: Great Mandalorian Rebellion RP

Naya had been sitting in her room for less than ten minutes when the door chimed. She answered it to see Cheln facing her. She somehow managed not to swallow. “Yes?” she said keeping it short.

Cheln was looking fairly relaxed, “We’re still at least an hour away from Mandalore. I was wondering if you’d join me for dinner.”

Naya was a little surprised by the invitation. Although it didn’t really sound like it was optional. “Ah, sure, when is dinner?” she said.

“Now,” Cheln said as he extended his hand. Naya stepped forward but avoided his hand, in turn he placed it in the crook of her arm. “This way,” he said guiding her down the corridor.

Naya had expected to be led to the mess hall, but instead she found herself in Cheln’s rather large quarters. A table for two had been set and a large covered serving platter sat in the middle of the table. Cheln pulled out a chair for her and Naya sat, surprised at the gesture.

Cheln lifted the platter cover, “I had slow roasted gornt with red wine jus cooked as I heard it was something of a delicacy on Ryloth.”

To say Naya was surprised was something of an understatement. Cheln had either been to Ryloth or he’d done his homework. “Wow, er… thank you.”

A smile touched Cheln’s lips, “Sometimes it’s nice to taste a little bit of home.” There was an undertone to Cheln’s words but Naya had no idea what it meant. Cheln served up the dish and then took his own seat. “So have you been to Ryloth lately?”

“No, I haven’t been to Ryloth in quite a while,” Naya said truthfully as she started eating her meal.

“So you’ve been travelling with Vren for some time?” Cheln said casually and Naya suddenly realised where this was going. Cheln was trying to assess her worth as a bargaining chip with Vren.

Naya shrugged as she took another mouthful of the delicious meal. “You could say that,” she said, considering that they had travelled down that dark tunnel for ‘some time’.

“How did you meet?” Cheln said, asking a more direct question.

Naya took a moment as she finished her mouthful. “We met under fire. The circumstances led us to a co-operative agreement,” she told, looking Cheln straight in the eye.

He studied her for a moment, “So what is your field of speciality?”

A broad smile spread across Naya’s face, “Explosives.”

Cheln matched her smile, looking impressed, “Ah a lady after my own heart. I started my career in explosives.”

Naya nodded, “So what’s your preferred product?”

“Ultra-blast,” he grinned.

Naya’s eyes widened with enthusiasm. “It’s good stuff if you can get your hands on it.”

His look turned smug, “I’ve got some on board.”

Naya’s jaw dropped, “No way!”

“I’ve got a unique job that requires something more spectacular than regular explosives,” he said as he looking at her with a tilt to his head. “Perhaps you’d like to assist my team?”

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Re: Great Mandalorian Rebellion RP

Nehutyc slipped his helmet on, and made his way through the lobby of the makeshift Deathwatch HQ. Quietly pondering what they'd done wit Naya. He wasn't about to chase after Cheln in a rescue attempt, but he was worried.
   He brought his communications online and radioed the ship. Vren had never really cared for human company, so he'd fixed up ome droids to help him around the ship. The only other person aboard was his accountant. Its not like he couldn't keep track of his money. It was just easier when he didn't have to.
   The Nautolan also helped around the ship in other ways too. She was a damned good engineer, and oftentimes served as a mission operator to boot.
   Her smooth voice came in through Vren's buyce. "There you are. Where in the blazes have you been?"
   "I've been busy. Look I got the corellian and I'm on my way with him now. But I kind of got pulled into doin somethin" He paused, unsure how closely he was being monitored. "We'll talk more on the ship"
   "Vren whats going on? Seriously talk to" her voice cut out abruptly as Nehutyc switched his comms off and headed for the cell where the corellian was being held.
   Wastng no time he powered down the protection barrier and tossed the man once again over his shoulder.The marks wil seemed to ave completely died out as he made no attempt to free himself or struggle in the slightest. Vren wondered if the Deathwatch had drugged him. It was an entirely probable option.
    Bounty in tote, Nehutyc headed for a taxi. It took several minutes but he finally hailed one down. Hopping inside he handed the driver a 150 credit chit and stuffed the corellian on the double seat opposite him. "Spaceport" Was the only thing he uttered to the drive and they were off.
   Vren began to think about what he'd do with the money he'd pull in off this character. Scenarios didn't float around in his mind for long before he remembered the deal with the Deathwatch.
   He rolled several ideas around in his mind on how to deal with the situation. He could just compl wih Deathwatch. It was good pay and Vren wouldn't need to constantly look around for jobs. They'd just assign him something and he'd do it.
   There was something about them though, Vren couldn't put his finger on it but there was something aout them that made him feel uneasy. Vren stowed the entire thing away, they'd made it to the spaceport.
   Rather annoyed with his situation, Vren kicked the door open and dragged out his mark. The driver looked as though h wanted to say something, Vren simply turned his head, the T-Visor appearing in the rear view mirror. "H h have a gggood day sir" The driver stuttered.
   Vren jogged off towards the Spaceport through the sea of people. Bumpng into and knocking over anyone not clever enough to move out of the way. Even another Mando, who made a particularly feminine "Oof" as he bumped into him.
   Vren didn't stop to look to see if he knew them or not. As far as Mandalorians were considered, Nehutyc never really stuck around his fellow Mando'ad. He'd always considered himself different from them, a black sheep of sorts.
   He hadn't come from a notable lineage of Mandalorian warriors. His parents hdn't even come from any clan of any sorts. They'd put thier beskar away long before Vren had been born and settled down as farmers like most others on Mandalore. Vren had spent hs childhood farming and chasing vermin off the property with his fathers old hunting blaster. Constantly wishing for more than a famrer's life. When He turned 16 he snuck off with his father's old beskar and hunting blaster.
   He took odd jobs here and there around the agrarian parts of Mandalore, as soon as he was able he took passage to Naboo from the spaceport in Keldabe and never looked back.
   Nehutyc hadn't realised how long he' been in thought. He'd ade it the the port where his ship, "The Crusader" had rested for the past week or two.   

   There by the dock hatch stood Brina, his accountant. "What the hells going on" She said as she made her way across the port floor. "On the ship." Vren replied, brushing past her.
   An hour or so had passed since he'd been on the ship and vren still hadn't explained what had happened. He'd locked himself in the holding area after tossing his mark into a cell.
   Finaly he decided he'd tell her. He made his way over to the door and tapped on the console to unlock the door. But it wouldn't budge. "Brina open the door" He said into the comm rather irritated. It swished upward, and Vren made his way to the ships control room.
   Sure enough Brina was there. Leaning against the wall near the starchart. "Whats going on Vren,  what happened down there?" Her large black eyes boring into him. Vren sighed. "I got into some trouble trying to grab the bounty. Next thing I know Deathwatch is conscripting me" He let out, his head lolling to the side to avoid meeting her gaze. He' messed up, but he wasn't sure why she'd made him feel guilty. Their relationship was never this personal.
   She didn't respond so Vren headed over the starchart and began plotting tthe course for Corellia. "Was she worth it?" Brina asked, her voice giving no indication as to what she felt. Vren couldn't believe it. "H-how did you" Vren stammered. "The only other time you've made this big a mess of thing is when that girl from Naboo got in your way. Just be careful, I make my living off of your career. You cross the line and end up paying for it I might as well start hitting cantinas up for work. Besides, remember what happened to that girl in the end despite all that trouble you went through"
   Vren shook the comment off "Its not like that. I got her into some trouble and I kinda owe it to her to get her out." Brina tried to peer past the black depths of Vren's t-visor but couldn't. "Just be careful whatever you do." She said as she headed out of the room. "Paint job and that last set of modifications on your fighter are done too by the way." She managed before the door slid shut behind her.   
   Vren went to confirm the course to Corellia but couldn't. The feeling in his gut tugged at him to go to Mandalore. He sighed, he'd probably regret it but he punched in coordinates for Concordia. Vren hadn't remained totally disconnected from Mandalorians, just the majority of them. His personal armorer was the only other Mandalorian Vren associated with, and Vren got the feeling he'd need his help.

(Hoping this was where you were heading Mel, although you're last post somewhat suggests otherwise. I'll edit if need be but my opposition to Deathwatch wil adamantly remain)

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Re: Great Mandalorian Rebellion RP

Naya did not like the idea of having anything to do with Deathwatch, let alone join their demolition team. However, if she agreed, there was the potential for escape. “Let me think about it,” she said out loud.

Cheln studied her for a moment, bringing his hands together, finger tips touching. With a nod he replied, “Very well.”

“So what happens when we get to Mandalore?” Naya asked.

Cheln returned to eating his meal, he took his time in answering. “I have some business to attend to. You will be my guest, until you decide on whether or not to be part of my special ops team.”

(Sorry for the short post, will hopefully get more done tomorrow.)

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Re: Great Mandalorian Rebellion RP

After taking a moment to admire Dun Gorah’s handy work, Helena continued her journey into the depths of MandalMotors. She eventually came upon the office which Harold Rotash worked in. Unfortunately her mark was not in his office.

Helena shifted her focus to the labs in which Rotash tended to work. As she approached she saw one figure deeply engrossed in what he was doing. Again it was not Rotash. Helena ground her teeth in frustration. Yet she approached the lone man, “Hey have you seen Rotash?”

The man lifted his head, peered at her for a moment and then shook his head, “Nope, I think he went home over an hour ago. Had a hot date, or so he told us.”

Helena gave a nod, “Thanks, guess I’ll try again later.” No sooner had she spoken and the man was back to his research.

Helena headed back to the rooftop, perhaps there’d be some poor souls left that she could take out her frustration on.

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Re: Great Mandalorian Rebellion RP

**Sorry for the delay!**

Naya seriously didn’t want to join Deathwatch, but she suspected that her only possibility of escape was by gaining the Mandalorians’ trust. That was not going to be easy under any circumstances. However the likelihood of having Vren come to her rescue was probably pretty low.

As much as Naya liked the idea of Vren helping get her out of the situation she was in, she wasn’t about to throw all her hopes on it. She’d been a slave long enough to know that the only person she could depend or rely on was herself.

The ship was into its final descent when Cheln returned briefly. “So have you made up your mind?” he asked.

Naya nodded, “Yes. I’ll help your team. What can I say, the idea of playing with ultra-blast is just too tempting.”

Cheln smiled, “I’m glad to hear it. I’ve got to go back to the bridge. We’ll discuss the op more when we land.”

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Re: Great Mandalorian Rebellion RP

I miss these...

"You set a code to live by.  I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted...I won't be laid a hand on.  I don't do these things to other men, and I require the same from them."

Re: Great Mandalorian Rebellion RP

I remember this.... wonder if we could resuscitate this... Probably not. sad

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Re: Great Mandalorian Rebellion RP

Any of these can be resuscitated - I'm game if we can track down any of the other players

"You set a code to live by.  I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted...I won't be laid a hand on.  I don't do these things to other men, and I require the same from them."

Re: Great Mandalorian Rebellion RP

Ralin, try diving into one, and I'll get the word out on Twitter/Facebook. smile

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Ralin Drakus wrote:

Any of these can be resuscitated - I'm game if we can track down any of the other players

I'm game also, just say the word.

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Lord Revan wrote:
Ralin Drakus wrote:

Any of these can be resuscitated - I'm game if we can track down any of the other players

I'm game also, just say the word.

Word. smile

Ready when you are.

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(Ok so its been a while since I jumped on, and i do apologize for such. However I'm all caught up with my classes for the moment and figured now was as good a time as any to start back up.)
   Vren gripped the controls firmly as he set his ship "The Crusader" down on the landing pad. He'd decided to meet his armorer out by a shabby farmstead instead of in Concordia. Should he run into any trouble he could contact Brina and not have to worry about trouble getting to the ship.
   With the ship set down Vren headed to exit the ship. At the ramp Brina stood against the doorway, her arms crossed and a scowl on her face. "Don't make me regret this." She spoke, her voice calm and even. Vren simply nodded in agreement, unsure of how things would play out from here.
   As he set foot on the dead grass, a sinking sensation filled his chest. This might very well be his end, here on the planet he fought so vigorously to leave behind. The sinking sensation quickly turned into fire, and he strode off towards the farm where his contact was to meet him.
   The building was ramshackled and deteriorating. Its inhabitants having left it behind long ago. Vren put his hand out to the wall and touched it solemnly, wishing for a moment to have his old life back. A noise from another room snatched his attention, and he shook the idea from his mind. Drawing his blaster from its holster he rounded the doorway and prepared to fire. Amidst the room was a short lean man clad in flawless beskar. Vren smirked behind his buyce. "Still never had to use that huh?" He asked the man.
   "I came here for your business, not conversation." He responded briskly. With that the man gestured his hand at several closed cases. Again he spoke, his tone lighter than before. "I brought my best, as you requested.".....

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I don't know how many can be revived but I'm gonna jump in on this it's a great story smile I'll post soon

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Just noticed the replies - Is anyone still game for this RP?

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**I'm up for a revival...**

Naya had never been to Mandalore but the place lived up to the image she'd expected. The spaceport was immaculately clean, with huge windows which displayed the elegant skyscrapers outside.

A hand grabbed Naya's elbow, turning her around. "Do you like what you see?" Cheln asked.

Naya was unsure if Cheln's question held a double meaning, "It's certainly an imposingly impressive place."

Her answer seemed to satisfy Cheln, "Yes it is. It's pleasant to be home." He turned and looked at Naya sharply, "However we have business that must be addresses very soon."

Cheln's communicator suddenly buzzed and he released his hold on Naya's elbow. He walked a short distance from her but she still caught enough of his side of the conversation to know that something was up.

"...yes I know I need to see the boss ASAP, however I thought I'd have some time to actually get to Teramine Tower," was the sentence that caught Naya's attention.

**sorry bub just woke up, will write more soon...**

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The rain was like a torrent now, pouring down in sheets from the shingle rooftops three and four stories above.  What little glow the evening sun offered the countryside around Keldabe wasn't visible here. Only the marginal glow of the city's lights reflecting off the clouds above remained. Near total darkness dominated the back alleys. 

The squad size group approached two by two, shoulder-to-shoulder through the narrow passageway. Their armored boots treading as lightly as possible against the dirty cobblestone.  Weapons shouldered, the group came to a stop as the passageway opened. Their sergeant silently motioned for the group to take a knee as he scanned the area. The way opened into what was once possibly a place for pedestrians to rest and the tenants of the looming apartments to sit and talk.  Now the widened intersection to the entrances of several alleys branching off in this place had degenerated into a spot for the locals to dump their trash and escape pursuers with the maze of escapes offered.  Piles of junk and bags of garbage littered the scene.  The sergeant checked the scanner strapped to his wrist again: one obvious blip remained stationary just inside a covered alley to their right. The other had vanished from his sensors soon after the marks had turned from their course toward the star port.  Turning to the mercs behind him he signaled with his hand one target ahead. Beginning with three, he made a quick countdown.

In an instant burst, the nine mercenaries rushed from their position.  As each left the alleyway they moved abreast to the left of their sergeant creating a firing line and rushed forward towards the target. Before even half of them had reached his position Valok Haal leaned forward and fired his .48 calibre pistol.  One merc, a Devaronian, was lifted from his feet by the massive slug that ripped through his chest.  The bullet proceeded to nearly tear the arm off the human that was passing behind him.  The mercenary's scream of horror echoed off the stone walls as he lay trapped under his dead comrade's body's and stared at his quivering fingers. 

Before the bodies of their teammates even hit the dirt the other seven members of the mercenary crew had darted to cover and all opened fire. The hail of their bolts sent Valok ducking back under cover.

Quickly and methodically, two mercenaries at a time would move forward from one cover position to the next as the others rained fire into the edge of the stonework building Haal hid behind.   Valok leaned out and fired a couple of shots but couldn't get a clean aim.  Slowed by the blind fire coming from the alley the mercenaries hunkered down behind whatever they could find.  The Sgt. unclipped a grenade from his combat vest and yelled from behind the crushed remains of some now unidentifiable kitchen appliance he'd found.  "We're not here for you Mando! Tell Us Which Way Drakus went and we'll let you live!"

Haal's answer was quick, twisting around the corner and squeezing a shot into the combat helmet of the nearest Merc, dropping the Aqualish with a thud.

The mercs all instantly return fire. The sergeant cursed to himself and activated the grenade in his hand.

Behind them, under a pile discarded trash that they passed, Ralin kicked off the bags of garbage that concealed him. The sensor cloak being generated from his wrist gauntlet masked him from the mercenaries personal scanners.  Both heavy plasters drawn, Ralin instantly targeted the mercenary sergeant. A blaster bolt into the back  of the man's head sent the live grenade rolling by the feet of his comrades.  One of the mercenaries, a Trandoshan, spotted it and tried to flee. Ralin fired both blasters into the aliens chest.  The grenade detonated next to the other two mercenaries who had been next to their leader before they even had a chance to face the new attacker. The last two mercenaries, peppered by debris and knocked from their positions darted for the nearest exit.  Ralin cut one down as Valok moved in and shot the other.  Both were dead before they hit the cobblestone. 

Valok's eyes were wide, adrenalin  pulsing through his body. " Damn..." he whispered to himself and he took in the carnage of the scene.  His fist was locked around the grip of his pistol, knuckles white and drained of blood. His eyes were fixed on the half hollowed out skull of the Aqualish merc he'd shot. 

He shuddered back to reality has Ralin's gloved hand gripped the shirt around his shoulder.  "Wake up."  Valok stared into bleak T-visor of Ralin's helmet for a moment before taking a deep breath and refocusing.  "I'm alright."  Ralin patted the younger man's shoulder stiffly.  "You did good kid.  Search him" he pointed to the charred remains of the mercenary leader.  Valok shuddered slightly, the man's body had been blown against the far wall by his own grenade.  It was hard to tell where his scorched flesh began and burnt clothing and armor ended.  Gritting his teeth, Valok went about the grim business. 

A single blaster bolt to the temple of the Trandoshan who was barely breathing ended his suffering. Then Ralin walked over to the young human who is still pinned under the body of the Devaronian.  The youth was straining to reach the blaster carbine he'd dropped, the blood from his disfigured arm and dead partner awash in the rainwater that pooled around them.  Ralin lowered himself down onto his heels.  "Who sent you?"

The youth continue to grope for his weapon, his bleeding fingers clawing into the rough stone.  Ralin holstered his blaster and then slowly slid the youth's weapon even further from reach. "I'll ask again boy, who sent you to kill me?"

The rain made it invisible, but the red in the boy's eyes betrayed his tears of pain and fear. "It was just a contract, we flew in to do a job that's all I know - that's all any of us knew!"

"Who was the contracting agent.  The middle man."

"I don't know. I swear I don't know!"

Ralin nodded his head.  "I believe you."   In a swift motion Ralin's wrist mounted fighting blades sprang to extension and pierced the mercenary's heart.  With a twist, the young man bled out in seconds.  Retracting the blades, Ralin stood and walked over to Valok.  "Find anything?"

"Well they sure as hell aren't from Mandalore.  Think this one is Corellion."  He handed over a identity chip and charred datapad. 

Ralin examined the chip for a moment.  "The rest of the galaxy hires us to come from off world to do their dirty work, makes sense hire unaffiliated mercs to do your killing for you here."

"You think Mandalorians want you dead?"

"Only thing that makes sense.  There are bloody days coming to Mandalore; politics brings the worst out of all beings.  Some smell power like blood on the air, and they'll always find those willing to follow their banner.  Let's search the rest..."

Before Ralin could finish lights flashed down from above; an armored speeder hovered over them, the colors of the Mandalorian Protectors painted across its hull.  Troopers from the Mandalorian militia police appeared from the alleys and leveled their weapons.  "Make no sudden movements" boomed a voice over a megaphone from the speeder above. 

"Relax" said Ralin to Valok.  "Maybe Fenn can give us some answers about this. 

*Let me know if I need to edit anything. My aim is to be taken to Fenn Shysa who will question me about the dead mercs and try to recruit me to his bid to become Mandalore. Anyone who wants to be a Mandalorian Protector this would be a great in for you, you can help me and Rev investigate who these assassins are and why they wanted me dead*

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