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RPG: Zombie Plague

Setting: Over three thousand years before the movies – taking place one month after the events of SW: Red Harvest (this is prior to Darth Bane’s time).

Location: Initially on a planet called Odacer-Faustin where a Sith Academy had been. Then moving back to an isolated planet on the mid rim called Notix Prime – landscape: barren wasteland (think something like Mars but with more mountainous terrain).

Background: On Odacer-Faustin, Darth Scabrous discovered an ancient Sith secret that potentially promised eternal life. However the formula is flawed, it kills and reanimates the subject turning it into an insatiably hungry zombie.

The only way to stop a zombie is to cut it into as many pieces as possible. Decapitation doesn’t work as the head and body will continue to function separately (eg, the body could pick up the head and throw it at your character).

The Rules:
1. You may create any character you want.  Clarify their name and species so others can follow their actions easily.
2. You can kill characters you create but you can't kill other people's characters unless they say they have been killed in battle with you. However you can wound other people's characters. Zombies are fair game.
3. You can have any weapon you want but you can only have what your character could physically carry - otherwise they wouldn't be able to move.
4. Be consistent, eg if someone says they blew up a building, don't suddenly be assaulting it.
5. If you have sustained many wounds you will have to either get medical help or eventually die. If you're a Jedi you can use the Force to help heal yourself - if that's one of your powers. If you’re bitten by a zombie, you will become infected.
6. Follow the storyline, sure add a few twists and turns but allow others to see where you want to go so they can help you get there.
7. Don’t be overly gruesome, younger readers may want to take part.
8. Have fun.
Info:     Sith Ranks:
    SW: Red Harvest:

Name: Darth Tibullus
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 43
Affiliation: Sith
Rank: Sith Master
Appearance: Typical Sith, dark robes, gaunt face, yellow eyes. Tribal tattoo down the right side of his face to add to his fearsome visage, he only carries one lightsabre.
Apprentice: Rarja Telkent, human female (I will also be writing for Rarja)

Let us begin...

Darth Tibullus stood at the helm of his ship Vendetta watching as the frozen world of Odacer-Faustin came into view. The pilot made some comment about lack of communication from the ground and Darth Tibullus merely waved his hand with little concern, “Go down regardless.”

He already knew that communications were down. He’d had five spies on the ground at Darth Scabrous’ Academy. All of them had been silent for a number of weeks and that meant something was going on.

He’d tried contacting Lord Shak’Weth, the blademaster, however there had been no response. There had been no consideration in contacting Darth Scabrous as Tibullus knew he would not answer for his own twisted reasons.

From the spies’ last reports, Darth Tibullus knew that Scabrous was up to something. He’d locked himself in his demented tower, hardly showing himself to the occupants of the academy. It was also reported that a handful of students had gone missing recently, there was much speculation but generally the populace thought that Scabrous was abducting them for a darker purpose.

As the ship drew closer Tibullus was able to see that the tower was no longer standing, it appeared to have been destroyed in some sort of explosion. The buildings surrounding it were also impacted by the blast.

A further look and Tibullus noticed that the ancient library had also been destroyed, although it looked more from fire than an actual explosion.

Beside the pilot a Sith soldier, that Tibullus hadn’t bothered to remember the name of, tapped steadily at his controls. “Darth Tibullus, the readouts indicate an explosion in the tower area. There are no life signs in the vicinity.”

Tibullus raised a dark eyebrow, “Interesting, the student population was in the hundreds. Perhaps the explosion killed them all.”

The Sith soldier continued on, “Even in such circumstances there’s usually at least one or two survivors that have found shelter. Should we investigate?”

Tibullus scowled at the Sith soldier, to suggest a course of action to a Sith Master was something to be frowned upon in the least. “Since you’re full of ideas, soldier, you can lead the landing party. Make sure you take a Sith Lord with you, I will await your return. Be sure you have the data I need.” Tibullus said with a sinister edge to his tone. He raised his hand and pinched his fingers together in the unmistakable gesture of a Force choke grip.

“Yes sir,” said the soldier as he departed.

(Anyone please feel free to take up the role of the Sith Soldier or Sith Lord going out, Rarja Telkent will be part of the landing party).

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Re: RPG: Zombie Plague

Name: Sehrill Dakrimm
Species: Cybernetic Human
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Affiliation: Sith
Rank: Sith Assassin
Appearance: 6', Glowing Red Photoreceptors, wears an all black military style bodyglove with various pouches and holsters.
He also wears an unusual rebreather mask.

Weapons: One Red Short Lightsaber,
Two MWC .48 Caliber (Slugthrower) Pistols w/ Removable Suppressors.

Aboard Vendetta

Dakrimm was sitting on the bunk in his cabin, meticulously pouring over the spy reports from the Sith Academy, when the atmospheric entry light blinked on his mask's HUD. He finished marking possible items and events of interest in his datapad, shutting it down and stowing it. Even though Sehrill and many others had reviewed the last reports from Odacer-Faustin dozens of times over, he felt the answer was right in front of them, hiding in plain sight.
His gut told him so...what little was left of it, anyway.

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*(I'm working two jobs right now AND fighting through the entry process of a thrid, but I'm in.  Should at least have a character and background posted sometime today.)*

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Gavren Zyloss- Sith Solider. Pilot of the Vendetta

Male Human, Born on Onderon, Trained on Korriban

Early thirties. Short shorn dark hair, Green eyes. Muscular-ish frame. Standard Sith Pilot's Uniform. Dark gray/green- tailored fitting. Carries pistol off right hip.

Gavren, thought that this current Sith Lord he was piloting, this....Darth Tibullus... was a fool. He did not enlist with the Sith to be a party to petty internal squabbling amongst the force users. He wanted to be a part of the grand ascension of the Sith Empire, to serve those that had the will to succeed and do what was necessary. He had heard too many stories of how his past family had served the Queen, and in turn the Jedi, only to their detriment. He was tired of blind loyalty to the Royals and the Jedi, who always served their interests first and not that of the people who bore the weight of their decision.  His family had suffered for so long under their weight. So to placed piloting this particular Sith Lord, was irritating to say the least. He showed too many qualities that reminded him of those he disdained to serve. Gavren also picked up that Tibullus felt the same way about him. It was amusing to say the least.  And now he had the chance to prove himself the better man by leading a successful expedition to find out what had happened at this particular academy outpost.

Gavren was surprised to hear that a different Sith Lord would also be joining the party. He was unaware of another Sith being on board the Vendetta. He hoped that this Lord would worthy of his respect and honor.

Gavren left the bridge and went to prepare the rest of the crew, gather a few supplies and set forth to explore. As much as he may have hated Darth Tibullus, he still knew better than incur the wrath of a Sith Lord.

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Re: RPG: Zombie Plague

Name: Lord Drakus

Species: Human - dozens of cybernetic implants, both to replaced injured tissue, as well as to upgrade his capabilities and strengths.   

Age: 31

Gender: Male

Affiliation: Sith

Rank: Sith Lord

Weapons: Two red-bladed light sabers, the hilts designed for two handed use, giving him the option of using both hands on a single saber, even though he prefers the use of both sabers at once.  Both are of a black construction with silver accents and knobs, with a thin leather padded grip on both.  Four other sabers adorn his belt; three are trophies of fallen Jedi, the first is his former master’s. 

Appearance:  Once fair skinned, Drakus now has extremely faded skin common to Sith who have stopped trying to conceal the affects caused by the Dark side of the Force on their bodies.  He has chaotic tribal black tattoos that spread from his fingertips, up his arms, and across his chest and back (think Maul.)  His hair is jet black and shoulder length.  He wears heavily armored calf-height boots, the solid defensive plates in the front reaching above his knees.  He wears a variety of high-density grade armor mesh body protection and leather tunics and robes, much of it heavily imbued with dark side energy.  His tunic is sleeveless, with elbow-length armor plated bracers attached to fingerless leather gloves.  His cape is a faded black, its bottom edges ragged and torn from use.  He usually wears the hood up, partially covering his father’s Mandalorian Crusader mask which is still silver in color.Revan  *A cross between that and this:* The Apprentice

A small corvette, designed around it’s single passenger.  Originally designed for a crew of eight, the ship has been modified to operate totally via driod intelligence.  Lord Drakus doesn’t concern himself with the tasks of piloting or operation of his vessel, preferring to focus on his meditation while in space transit.  He has never even seen fit to give the ship a name.  It has two passenger rooms, a large central room that serves as the master quarters, meditation chamber, and archive.  The craft also possess a training room, prisoner holding and torture cell, storage hold, and a small galley.  Lord Drakus keeps his personal speeder bike in the hold. 

Key Strengths:
Powerful Force Lightning Attack and Telekinetic Abilities.
Extremely aggressive and fast duel light saber flurries and power attacks
High physical endurance both due to natural physiology as well as upgrades and implants

Unbalanced in defensive postures, both against lightsabers and Force power attacks
Rage can lead to a focus on his target, leaving him vulnerable to unnoticed threats, or to charge into overwhelming situations

Born to a wandering clan of Mandalorian mercenaries, his family was massacred when they accepted a contract from a mysterious Sith Master.  He had hired the traveling warriors for an important task, but chose to betray them when he realized that their four year old child was highly Force sensitive.  Taking the patriarch’s ancient Crusader mask, he used it to goad the child at every chance - mocking his fallen family their crude relics.  He drove the child to the extreme reaches of the Dark side of the Force.  In a heated light saber training duel, Drakus, as his master had renamed him, killed his master at only the age of 16.  Taken before the Sith Counsel, Drakus was deemed as too unpredictable to be given status among the Sith, despite the fact that killing one’s master was still considered a highly praised right of passage.  He was sent to the academy on Odacer-Faustin, where he showed a remarkable talent for history and ancient research.  However, Drakus continued to prove himself extremely volatile, leading to the deaths of three of his teachers during his two years at the academy.  After this time, Drakus’s aggressive behavior earned him the early rank of Sith Marauder.  He completed various tasks for the Counsel, usually operations that required a bloody message to be sent.  He attained the rank of Sith Lord at the age of 29. 

Most recently, he was sent to the planet Mandalore with the purpose of recruiting mercenaries for the coming war.  While there, he discovered a Force sensitive merc named Trace Adonai who was unaware of his connection.  Hiring the man, he has served well on several bounty hunting and assassination ventures.  With possible plans of turning the hunter into his apprentice, Drakus keeps him under his employ.     

Currently, Lord Drakus and Trace are responding to the last distress call sent from the facility before all communication ceased.  They are currently in hyperspace travel, and should arrive at any moment..

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**LOL sorry for the delay, been rather busy the last few days**

Rarja Telkent snarled her rage as she slashed her scarlet lightsabre at the HK training droid. Her anger was not at the droid but rather her master, Darth Tibullus. How dare he bring another Sith Lord on this mission.

She pivoted and took off the HK droid’s left arm. Rarja didn’t show particular glee at the hit. Instead she continued to prod the droid for further weaknesses.

The HK droid slashed at her with a vibro axe, making a slight tear in her sleeve. She took off the droid’s head in retaliation as the wall com chimed.

“Mistress Telkent,” the voice addressed her and Rarja immediately recognised it as Gavren Zyloss, the ship’s pilot. She didn’t allow him to finish.

“What do you want, Zyloss?” she all but growled.

“We’ve arrived at Odacer-Faustin, your master has requested you be part of the landing party.” Zyloss informed her.

Telkent’s mouth twitched, she didn’t believe for one moment that Darth Tibullus would send orders to her through this lanky. However the idea of getting off the ship was an appealing one. “Very well then, I shall meet you at the aft ramp.”

Telkent extinguished her lightsabre and kicked the remains of the HK droid out of her path as she headed to her quarters. She already knew that Odacer-Faustin was a world of extreme cold. She’d need to dress in warmer clothing before meeting with Zyloss and his party.

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Re: RPG: Zombie Plague

((Sorry for the delay, Trace finished this a couple days ago and saved it to my Word for me to review before posting for him, but I've been working some extra shifts and havn't had access to my PC.  I'll post for myself ASAP))

(Ralin and I will be posting via his account for the next few posts until the glitch with mine is fixed. ~Trace)

Name: Trace Adonai
Species: Human
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Mandalorian Mercenary

Armor: Environmental suite. Emp dampened helmet with built in combat feed intel, comlink channel, x-ray, infrared, thermal, and night vision. Hardened rancor hide armor and straps with reinforced durasteel chest plates, side plates, shin guards, and boot caps.

Weapons:  LR-11 Scoped Blaster Rifle with semi-auto, three round burst, and full auto fire, XVerp Slugthrower with interchangeable rounds of ball and spike shot, three vibro daggers, one heirloom Beskad, two magnetic speared grappling hooks attached to gauntlets, two incendiary grenades, two EMP grenades, two thermal grenades, two plasma grenades, and one now deceased Jedi Master’s lightsaber.

Backpack and Pouches: Ammo and extra grenade slots, food rations, first aid kit, survival kit, slicing spikes, and power cells.

Front Picture … 5790_n.jpg

Full Picture … 8367_n.jpg

Back View … 6283_n.jpg

Bereft Company -  Specifically formed to squire Lord Drakus on his ventures against the Republic and their Jedi allies. Due to the high fatality rate caused directly by Drakuses’ volatile personality and disregard for his troop‘s safety, replacements have been denied. This standing order has actually pleased Drakus, who is convinced that the Sith Council gave him the unit to spy on him more than assist in actions.  Constantly pushing them past their physical and mental limits in order to achieve total victory against his enemies, only the company commander, squad officers (who would RARELY lead their men in battle), and the company medic have survived. Rumor has it that he force lightening his own soldiers in order to overwhelm and kill a Jedi Master and his entourage of Jedi Knights.

Commander: Cpt. Nictor *ACTIVE DUTY*
A Squad
Lt. Varden *ACTIVE DUTY*
Sgt. Stanza *KIA*
Cpl. Allan *KIA*
Pvt. Telin *MIA*
Pvt. Avis *KIA*

B Squad
Lt. Dausse *ACTIVE DUTY*
Sgt. Zeri *MIA*
Pvt. Saedhe *KIA*
Pvt. Levo *KIA*
Pvt. Dalin *MIA*

C Squad
Lt. Price *EXECUTED*
Sgt. Menzo *EXECUTED*
Pvt. Gardia *EXECUTED*
Pvt. Gunter *EXECUTED*
Pvt. Xilles *EXECUTED*

D Squad
Lt. Sholtz *ACTIVE DUTY*
Sgt. Rhyas *ACTIVE DUTY*
Cpl. Leon*KIA*
Cpl. Settis *KIA*
Pvt. Davis *KIA*
Pvt. Jallik *KIA*

Trace hastily walked down the durasteel halls of Drakuses’ corvette, counting each clanking step his armored boots made across the metal floor with anticipation. The ship was scheduled to come out of hyperspace within moments and he knew his employer would be angered if the Sith officers were not prepped and ready for departure. The mercenary came upon the storage compartment which the troopers had converted into a lodging quarter and activated the control terminal. With a sharp hiss the silvery door slide open revealing the dimly lit, junk piled room of discarded electrical circuitry, armor repair kits, tools, half eaten rations, and two worn men. Lt. Sholtz laid snuggled asleep in the corner of the storage room; the poor man had long since lost his fighting spirit by suffering the wrath of Lord Drakus for a previous failure and now only seemed to live on to survive. Across from the slumbering man sat Lt. Varden who was finishing repairing his damaged armor which had caught a blaster bolt from their previous mission. Though capable in the past, he now showed signs of distress and faltered resolve from months of the Sith Lord’s malicious abuse.

“Varden, we will be coming out of light speed soon, wake Sholtz, clean up this mess, and be ready to drop plant side in ten,” the Mandalorian ordered, catching the man‘s attention for the first time since his entrance.

With a heavy sigh the Lieutenant lifted his head, “Yes sir.”

He lazily slumped across the room, bumping power packs and discarded tools with each step and kick the sit of the sleeping man as Trace turned and continued his search for the remaining Sith officers. From behind Lt. Varden voice could be heard echoing down the corridor, “Hey coward get you frekin shebs up or Drakus will kill you for sure this time.”

The Mandalorian next came upon the holding cells, though torture chamber was a more fitting word for the blood stained room. Archaic racks with binders lined the walls and in the center sat a lone operating table complete with trays of wicked tools and alien scalpels. Though Trace was not one to partake in such methods, his employer seemed to have no issue whatsoever in learning how much pain a body could endure before breaking. Here he found another Sith officer who had recently taken residency. Lt. Dausse sat amongst the operating tools, a wickedly curved scalpel in one hand. The officer had always seemed to have a warped fascination in the pain the Sith inflicted upon others and on several occasion attempted to mimic Lord Drakus in his torture methods. While Trace personally despised the officer and wanted whole heartedly to gut the soldier, he was a professional and acted accordingly to his contract.

Trace frowned from within his helmet, “Lord Drakus would be most displeased to learn you are tampering with his toys.”

Lt. Dausse blinked and pocketed the scalpel, his lips curling over to form an eerie smile as he brought his eyes to bear upon the armored Mercenary, “Toys are for playing with. And should be shared.”

“I do not believe Lord Drakus sees it that way,” Trace replied in annoyance.

“Oh but he does,” nodded the twisted Lieutenant, “he has played with so many people in here.”

“Then why don‘t you try to play with Lord Drakus yourself?”

“He is too brilliant for the likes of a simple officer, his time is spent better elsewhere, but maybe we can find someone to bring back and play with on this mission,” Dausse glowed hopefully.

“That is not my concern, gear up and be ready to jump once we come out of hyperspace,” Trace spat in disgust.

“Of course,” Lt. Dausse gleefully responded, keeping a half cocked eye on the merc, “I do hope we find someone who’ll want to play.”

Trace scoffed in silent disgust as he turned to leave. Out of all the troopers he had met and fought alongside it was only Dausse whom he hated and wished to die, yet somehow the damned man had survived countless of suicide missions and each from experience he seemed to lose more of his humanity. His thoughts were broken as the ship jolted out of hyperspace. Out of time to personally check the last remaining team member he turned about and sprinted toward the cockpit while tapping into the officer‘s comlink though his helmet, “Rhyas, you feel that?”

“Yes Sir,” came the prompt reply of the company’s only remaining non-officer, a female medic, “I‘m already strapped in and ready to go.”

“Excellent, alert me when the others have gathered.”


Despite her combat medical training Sgt. Rhyas was one of the better shots in her squad and possessed a tactical mind to not blindly charge into destructive situation. This combined with her reliability, miraculous resilience to Drakuses’ horrifying presence, and her pure hatred of the Jedi order, lead her to be one of the few people Trace could trust not to blast him in the back for personal gain.

Trace busted into the cockpit to find Cpt. Nictor seated beside the droid pilot. The commanding officer was a seasoned veteran of many wars, a man Trace respected for his past merits but seemed to lack the great zeal he once had for battle. Slowly the Captain clicked on Drakuses’ personal com channel.

“Lord Drakus we have come out of light speed and have entered orbit around Odacer-Faustin,” Cpt. Nictor whispered fearfully into the comlink, “What does your will command?”

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Lord Drakus sat cross legged, his hands resting upon his knees, deep in meditation.  His thoughts drifted, contemplating the reasons for his return to the academy, his past victories, his very existence.  He understood that he was an anomaly amongst the Sith.  Drakuses’ raw, still inexperienced yet powerful grasp on the Force made him unpredictable, and the unprecedented feat in recent generations of having killed his master to reach Sith Knighthood put him under a weary eye of the Counsel.  Many reasoned that anyone who would kill his Master while still a teenager surely must have ambitions that reach to the highest levels, and that made him a threat to their precious power.  But in truth, not even Drakus understood what drove him.  Anger, violence, rage; these emotions ruled his thoughts and actions.  But there was little else, not fear, not ambition, not greed, only emptiness.  He filled that void with the pain and death of the Empire’s enemies.

His ship’s central chamber was perfectly spherical from the floor up, at it’s center the Dark Lord’s round chair on which he pondered.  Adorning the walls were various artifacts discovered in his travels.  Five Sith Holocrons surrounded him, creating the only light in the chamber with their pulsating red ambience, whispering their dark knowledge deep into his consciousness.  Historic tablets, scrolls, and recordings were safely stored in their places. 

Nearly two dozen lightsabers adorned a trophy display.  Drakus found it ironic that more then half of them once belonged to his Sith brothers, taken in the aftermath of duels of grievance, pathetic attempts at assassination by those who wished to gain from his death, and heated trials of ascension.  All had been stripped of their crystals and lenses, making them much like their past owners - lifeless husks.  The only lightsabers that still held their unique power where the six that Drakus carried with him at all times.  The two sabers that he built with his own hands, which were attached to quick release clips on his sides.  And there were his most prized trophies that dangled from his belt, both as emergency hold out weapons as well as visible examples of his own prowess. 

One saber belonged to the first Jedi he ever killed, a young padawan who’s life was snatched away before he’d even had the chance to pull the weapon that now hung from another man’s belt.  The most ornate saber belonged to a female Twilek Knight.  She was the most skilled opponent Drakus had faced since becoming a Sith Lord.  She wounded him severely before their battle came to an end.  He regretted not learning her name; but he remembered her pure white skin, her attractive face, and the flash of her vivid blue-gray eyes when his blade pierced her abdomen just as she‘d prepared to lower her own deathblow. 

The last Jedi saber belonged to an old Master.  Drakus had been ordered by the counsel to kill the old sage when it was learned that the Master was traveling alone in the Outer Rim.  An aged man, he was no match for the Sith who came to kill him.  Drakus could have easily killed him at any moment, but toyed with him at first.  Broken and beaten, the old Master seemed at ease, and through the blood covering his face still offered peace onto his attacker.  Drakus took him captive for a time, unable to understand the serenity surrounding this Jedi.  He probed the old man’s mind, both through conversation, as well as more physical methods.  When the Master finally died, his throat crushed by a Force choke when Drakus became enraged during one of their talks, the Dark Lord found that he was the only one he wished he hadn’t killed.

The fourth lightsaber clipped to his belt belonged to the first man he ever killed of his own volition; his former Master. 

”Lord Drakus“

The crackle of the ship’s intercom shook the Sith Lord from the thought, jerking him back to the present. 

We have come out of light speed and have entered orbit around Odacer-Faustin, What does your will command?”

Lord Drakus stretched his neck and shoulders from the hours of motionless meditation.  Even through the distance of space, he could sense Master Tibullus, as well as two other Darksiders he didn’t recognize.

“Captain, inform Master Tibullus of my arrival.

”Yes my Lord!  At once!

((Interaction tip, the two other Sith Lords will probably be very resentful of my character, at least at first.  Unless you guys want to be different, most would see me as a mongrel who is unfit for the title of Sith Lord because of my fast and less trained rise.  My actions in the past of taking on Sith as much as Jedi would have made me a reputation as a loose cannon, as well as a tag of being just a mad dog on the Sith Counsel’s leash.  Sith aren’t fond of each other as a general rule, so having a different and unique path up through the system would single me out further))

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Darth Tibullus was sifting through his files on the data collected so far, when he felt a distinct presence in the Force. A stain to the Sith name, and that was saying something. "Drakus," Tibullus hissed.

With immediate haste, Tibullus stormed from his chambers to the bridge.

Admiral Rusknall appeared from nowhere, "Lord Tibullus, we've got a ship on our sensors, no identification-"

"That's because the ship has no official title just like it's mongrel owner." Lord Tibullus snarled. "You better have a shooting solution."

"Yes sir, however their shields will probably survive the brunt of our attack." The Admiral told.

"That doesn't surprise me, this particular cockroach has survived more attacks than most. Keep a sharp eye on him, if he attacks, obliterate him."

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"They're acquiring a firing solution on us" exclaimed Captain Nictor.  "Evasive manuvers!  Raise all shields!  Bring all defensive weapons.."  The captain was cut off mid sentence by the invisible vice grip that clenched his throat.

"Control your cowerdace captain." Lord Drakus strode towad the forwad transparisteel viewport silently, still holding the captain in a force choke that was lifting him up to his toes.  "Let Lord Tibullus sooth his own fears here in orbit if he wishes."

The captain was released, his knees crashing to the metal deck as he gasped for breath.

"Inform him that I shall meet him on the planet's surface, once you're quite recovered captain."

"At once my lord" the officer managed to reply."

(that's all I got; typing from my phone. Hoping to get some Internet for my pc again soon, will watch for new posts)

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