Topic: Did Jodo Kast get what he deserved?

I recently purchased Boba Fett Omnibus and initially wanted to read them in order, but ended up jumping ahead to read Twin Engines of Destruction since it's always been a story I've wanted to read first hand.

This comic features Boba hunting down his doppelganger Jodo Kast, who, as far as I'm aware, made his first and last appearance in Twin Engines (correct me if I'm wrong, please).

Now, I actually found Jodo an intriguing character, despite his cockiness and foolish choices. I think we can all relate to his desire to be the best, even though he did take a cheap short-cut in order to gain his so-called "fame".

As we all know, Boba wins the fight and leaves Kast for dead (well, actually Boba essentially blows him up, giving him no chance for survival). Do you think Boba's response was warranted, or should he have given Kast another chance?

I honestly felt this was Boba at one of his harshest, must brutal moments with his decision to trick Kast into thinking he might have had a chance to save his own skin by selecting the correct serum (a gamble, but at least it was some form of a chance). But instead he blows Kast to oblivion! I mean, sure, it was one heck of a bad *** ending to that comic, but I couldn't help but pity Kast just a little! I mean, I think he taught Kast a serious lesson by whopping his arse that if he left him alone Kast would have been too humiliated to ever consider donning Mandalorian armor again.

Thoughts? Or was Kast simply someone who did not deserve a second chance?

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Re: Did Jodo Kast get what he deserved?

I'd say he deserved the *** whipping but I'm torn on whether he deserved to die. Or to be more accurate, I would rather he'd not died but Boba probably felt like he needed to make an example of him. People needed to know that impersonating Boba Fett is a huge no-no.

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Re: Did Jodo Kast get what he deserved?

if boba let him live, people would lose respect for him (in universe)

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Re: Did Jodo Kast get what he deserved?

Jodo Kast is an intriguing character but Boba didn't get his reputation by being forgiving. Kast could have made a name for himself with the Mandalorian armor but not claiming to be better than Boba Fett. That was asking for trouble.

Also I think too many novellas have made Boba seem a little soft, I was glad to see this darker side. After all Boba got his reputation by doing the jobs nobody else would take - we just never hear about those.

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Re: Did Jodo Kast get what he deserved?

What examples of Fett do you find softened his character? If you mean the recent stuff, do you really expect him to the same guy as he approaches ~70 years old?

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Re: Did Jodo Kast get what he deserved?

I would say he deserved what happened to him only in the sense that he was supremely foolish/stupid to imitate Boba Fett. Boba takes his reputation very seriously and does not appreciate having someoneelese take credit for what he's done.

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Re: Did Jodo Kast get what he deserved?

Sharra Fett wrote:

I would say he deserved what happened to him only in the sense that he was supremely foolish/stupid to imitate Boba Fett. Boba takes his reputation very seriously and does not appreciate having someoneelese take credit for what he's done.

I agree . Jodo Kast brought his fate upon himself. As for forgiveness, why? Like these peeps said, Boba would lose respect and fear. I respect you feeling pity for Kast, but I'll have to politely disagree. In fact, I wanted an even MORE brutal death for Kast. So in this case we're on opposite ends of the spectrum.

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Honestly I agree 100% that Jodo deserved being blown up to smitheries. He tried impersonating a famous person for the fame. He didn’t deserve Boba’s reputation! He’s not Boba Fett! He called him a Fossil! But he should’ve LEARNT from that Fossil!

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Re: Did Jodo Kast get what he deserved?

I think after all we’ve seen of Boba in the new cannon the previous opinions of Jodo Kast’s demise may not entirely fit with Boba’s character. While he may be a simple man, making his way in the galaxy I firmly believe his ability to form family to replace the loss of his father figure has made him more sympathetic to those who want to follow in his footsteps. Boba is firm in his identity, he’s demonstrated levity in his failings (chapter 14 of the Mandalorian is an incredible example of this), honour is paramount for the character and legacy is just as important (Blood ties strengthens this point); while I agree with how the comic presents Fett in what is now legends cannon, I’m not sure the storyline would ring true with the Boba we know today.

When you look at Jodo’s history, it was purely for credits and notoriety, he certainly did unspeakable things that go against guild rules in order to make his way. He took the name, he used Boba’s reputation in order to further himself, he turned his blaster on Denver, but in a way; as Jango and Boba had been made outcast from Mandalorian society (as referenced in the clone wars) Jodo in his own way knows the value of being viewed as one of the most fearsome creeds in the galaxy. In a way, Jodo’s impersonation of Boba isn’t necessarily inauthentic; it just reverses the route from Mandalorian to hunter, instead offering the opportunity from hunter to Mandalorian. Anyone who dealt with Fett in the past, or who had heard the legends of the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy would know his mythos(aur), they would know the types of jobs he would take, they would know slave 1, they would realize the second Jodo communicated that it wasn’t Boba.

I suppose the question we should be asking isn’t necessarily if Jodo deserved the outcome of a comic; but whether or not the Fett we know now would admire or despise a calculated attempt at capturing bounty’s Boba either had no time for (considering he was Sarlaac food) or no interest in taking. While I believe the outcome of Jodo’s demise in the comic is entirely justified and fits with the character at that point in cannon; I feel that when we look at the man Boba has become in what is the current gospel, it’s more likely that Jodo would have been given a fairer shake after the battle that ensued in twin engines of destruction.

Had someone been tasked with writing that tale post Mandalorian season 2; it’s just as likely that the calculated tactics of an unfound foundling may cause Boba to take a second look at the individual before him, to see if he could match the wit of our favourite hunter; to see if he was worthy.

Boba is a simple man, but simple men still look for extraordinary things in the every day. Imitation can be an extraordinary compliment, especially when done right.

The Boba we see in twin engines may be more akin to what is wanted, a dark, brooding, mysterious individual; which makes sense considering it was produced by Darkhorse comics. However, it’s not akin to the character as it now stands.

Jodo deserves a chance, and twin engines deserves a live action incarnation that fits with what Star Wars is NOW. Whether you like the newest offerings or not, they change the game and the parameters of our favourite hunter.