Topic: Funny Glitches with the Fett

Okay, I'm sorry but I'm bursting out laughing right now and I have to share this.  I recently purchased Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition and I started playing it.  I'm on the level where you have to find and kill Kazdan Paratus.  I noticed that Starkiller's head was missing from his body (which of course is funny enough) so I decided to switch costumes.  Well, what would you know but they had Jango Fett so being a huge Fett fan, I chose him.  This is where it get's super funny.  Jango shows up and amazingly, he too is missing his head.  He's holding the lightsaber and kicking butt and then a thought pops into my head.  Jango's body is seeking revenge against the jedi who beheaded him.  lol, sorry but I had to share, I'm still trying to get a screen shot cause it is just so funny.

Anyhow, anyone else have any fun Fett or Star Wars glitches?

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Re: Funny Glitches with the Fett

Wow...  Hope they've fixed that one, even though that is pretty funny.  I still need to buy FU SithEdition

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Re: Funny Glitches with the Fett

If you're playing SW: Bounty Hunter, I remember my brother used to make Jango Fett jump and roll around REALLY quickly so that he'd making funny, spastic sort of grunting noises, hahaha. It was pretty funny.

Not really a glitch just spamming a sound effect I suppose, lol

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