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Announced last week, the entire Star Wars saga is being released in theaters in 3D beginning with "The Phantom Menace" in 2012. That means every year we get a new movie, but also means it'll be 2015 before we can see a 'good' Star Wars movie in 3D in theaters lol.

I guess George is trying to stretch that money out as long as he can.

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Re: Star Wars in 3D

I'm excited yet wary. They weren't shot for 3D like Avatar was so they may end up looking awkward...

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Re: Star Wars in 3D

That could take a lot of reformatting. But wow wouldn't that be exciting to see!?

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Re: Star Wars in 3D

Wonder is this will be 3D as in "let's add some depth", or "cool, crazy effects flying everywhere 3D". Personally, I'm hoping for the latter. big_smile

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Re: Star Wars in 3D

Unfortunately, I won't be spending 15 dollars to see a movie I already own in a format it wasn't shot for.
I could watch the special edition (VHS, pre-Kiwi) and have someone throw action figures in my face, though.

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Re: Star Wars in 3D

Would be exciting to see sort of a Refresh the Series BUT more to life
when Boba Fett meets his Death scene I couldn't cope with that
would look too real