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The real only contact I have besides here is the Star Wars Newsletter
And saw a great cartoon [about time 
The Force Unleashed 11,,viewed a part with Boba Fett and Darth
Vader ,and Boba  said  a bit more,  anyone have any more information
about the release etc
And I really envy those who live near Orlando ,,looks a great time will
be held 12 to 15th August for a Star Wars Gathing who's going
Bats cool  cool

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There's a thread for Force Unleashed 2 and Boba's part in it here: … eashed-ii/

And for talk of CV there's this thread: … bration-v/

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i have decided bats is like BFFC's own yoda, but instead of poetic wisdom there's just a random stream of thoughts hehe

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I feel like Sheldon here  LOL!!!
Anyway who's going to Orlando
Bats cool