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Looks like there's a new Boba Fett Artist Portfolio signed by Joe Johnston, one of the original designers of the Boba Fett costume.  Right now it's available for pre-order at a few websites, most notably the Star Wars Shop site. … id=1318482

Unfortunately, it looks like it's priced really high for most collector's, coming in at a meager $495.00

However, for those that can afford it, this looks like it's a nice little item.  It's signed by Joe Johnston himself and comes with eleven 12x17 images.  It comes in a holographic textured portfolio with a brushed metal titanium alloy Mandalorian symbol on the front.


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Pretty cool!

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It's nice indeed, sick prices though, and I don't really like the appearance of the skull on the cover, grey-on-grey doesn't show much for contrasts.

It's cool that it's the original designers and all that, but really, it's too expensive. Also, a few illustrators here could do similar quality jobs, or even better I am sure (not talking about me here, as hand-illustrator I'm very so-so, but I've seen some great illustrators on these boards)

Cast iron and treadmills? Oh yes. Still sculpting me to what I really want to be, and I love it. :)