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Ok I been thinking about this for some time and we need a new RP to liven up the atmosphere of this part of the community boards. So I thought hard for a couple days and I know it isn't the best topic but I decided to go back to the time of the republics dismemberment and journey towards the empire.

---Rules & Setting---
4 Years after the collapse of the republic, a war between those clinging to a dead and fading way of life and an ever-growing imperialistic juggernaught. The war erupts over countless fronts taking billions of lives on each side. Those attempting to rebuild their lost empire have gained a vast army from gaining the allegiance of the Kaminoans. Forcing the Empire to pour countless credits into researching and manufacturing of newer technologies. Dominance of the Galaxy is priority for both rebel and Imperial. Let the battle Ensue!

Clearly two of the factions are Rebel and Imperial. You can also forge some separate faction. But please not too many. As well as Jedi, sith, and bounty hunter. (Pleas not too many sith or Jedi) Customization should not be shied from, so please feel free to modify those weapons & vehicles. (But please do stay within a reasonable fiction.) I know it’s pretty obvious but please do not take control of someone else’s character or kill them off without that person’s say-so. If however you deal enough damage to someone else’s character and they do not receive medical attention they can and more than likely will die.

Name: Garrow Oshrik
Race: Human
Age: 23
Affiliation: Rebellion
Rank/Position: Rebel Commando/ Support gunner, weapons expert, demolitions.
Appearance: Caucasian, Black hair, Steel blue eyes, Heavy Set, & tall, wearing Night Ops Mark 3 Katarn Class Commando Armor
WOC: Dc-17m Interchangeable weapon system (Suppressed), Z-36 Rotary cannon

Garrow sat aboard the collossal A6 Juggernaught his DC-17m waiting for the moment when his Squad Leader RC-1307 would address him with further mission briefing. His squad was to infiltrate and take over an imperial research facility, no exceptions. Finally the Commando summoned Garrow via Comm Link. "'Bout kriffing time, what were you waiting for the sun to rise?" The Commando didn't respond but rather looked at Garrow with such intensity Garrow could feel it even through thier helmets. He then turned back to the others and merely plopped down a small circular device that at once emitted a holo projection of a clone trooper. the projection began "Evening commandos, I trust you're all ready for this, and there's really not much to say but good luck out there tonight. You all know what you're doing and know what must be done.  I won't spend any more precious time rambling on." The holo shut off and the squad leader picked it back up and stored it in his rations kit. The A6 stoppe and the side door opened. Garrow and his squad filed out of the behemoth and stormed out into the murky swamps of Dromund Kaas. taking this research facility would be key to  establishing a good offensive footing in the Dromund system.

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((Do you think it would be okay to make an Mandolorain under ground?))

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((Yeah I told you you'd be able to make a side group))

Garrow began to wish they'd been given speeders, the swamp was slow to maneuver through and made the trip al the more aggravating. The swamp also forced Garrow to hold his Z-36 above the swamp, for fear of damaging it. "Damn it why did we have to get picked for this op. Why not omega or Delta. I swear us Lambda get the *** end of everything."  Garrow's Squad mate's looked at him with an air of silence. So he shut his trap and dragged on through the swamp. Nearly 1 standard hour later Garrow's squad was still penetrating the swamp when at last the Research Center came into view. "Great" Garrow said "Its swarming with anti-infantry defense. We'd need a tank, no two to get through that alive." Rez the sqaud's sniper overlooked the scene "He's got a point Commander, but why woulld we need two tanks. Theres only four of us going into one area. Two is just pointless." Garrow's face reddened, although noone couild tell through the helmet " I dunno one for a distraction" Rez continued "It's only anti infantry, nothing here could really put a dent to it so its completely pointless to have two..." the CO cut him off before Rez could continue his rant. Garrow gave a sigh of relief . "We'll set up camp and observe the research center from there to see if there's any way we can get in. Garrow and Rez you two go look for a spot to set up camp. Me and Faust will be deploying long ranje comm jammers around the area. Move out Commandos." Garrow did as he was told and set off with the sniper.

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((Hey Brandon))(( And Karson Can I join your Mando clan if you ever post again))
Name: Trikar'la Werda (Sad Darkness)
Race: Human/Mandalorian
Affilliation: N/A (Bounty Hunter)
Appearance:Similar in appearance to Kai Justiss with brilliant blue eyes (
Armor: Modified Black & Grey mandalorian armor 
WOC: T-71 Light repeating blaster, along with an array of other weapons
VOC:Modified V-Wing (Sorry but if we're in the semi republic era I have to.)
Personality: Religious, somewhat sad almost as if in mourning.

Trikar'la entered the Dromund system from hyperspace, jolting forward in his seat as his V-wing's setup was not intended for hyperspace travel. The bounty hunter had been called in by the rebels. Trikar'la had fallen on hard times and had no other choice but to help them. Any credits were good credits to a bounty hunter. he'd be a helping a series of commando squads to take out some sort of building complex at the heart of the swamp. Sighing he dropped into Dromund Kaas' orbit and descended into the hellish muck. He landed his craft, got out, and began to set up a base of operations. He then waited for further ordes from the Rebel Commanders.
((sorry if my mando's abit off I'm having a tough time learning if anybody could give me a step in the right direction, I'd be more than obliged.

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((No one's posted here in a while, but this looks like the most interesting RP right now, so I think we should get this going. I haven't been here in forever because my internet's been down for a couple months.))

Name: Thade Scyinth
Race: Human
Age: 29
Affiliation: low ranking member of the Bounty Hunter's Guild (Being run, at this time i believe, by Bossk's father.)
WOC: DC-17 (repcom ftw), and a vibroblade.
Armor: Imperial commando armor, scavenged from a flash clone commando on a recent job.
VOC: ARC - 170 Starfighter (I love this ship, here's some stuff from the databanks on it: Heavily armed and more than capable of surviving and succeeding in battle operations, the ARC-170 (Aggressive ReConnaissance) fighter also functions as a lone recon scout, with extended consumables for five standard days of remote operations. It is one of the few starfighters of this era to carry an onboard class 1.5 hyperdrive engine, with a range of 5,000 light years.

The ship's heavy nose contains sensitive long-range sensors for its snoop missions. Its extendable s-foils radiate heat and serve as a conduit to deflector shield energy. They also help stabilize atmospheric flight, making the ARC-170 an effective aerial fighter as well as a space superiority vessel.)

(I have two basic combat droids that fill the other two seats and act as guards. I'm way too tired to post any more, but I'll try and post more soon. I hope this gets off the ground.)

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((Sorry I have no excuse, I will post now))


HQ Location: Dxun/ old abandoned camp (the camp in KotOR) … arters.jpg

The Mandalrians have seen the threat of the Empire and have moved to do its part against the Empire. With Mandalrians spread throughout the galaxy, the acting Mandalore, sends out a message on all frequencies in achent Mandalrian, telling all Mandalrians to attack the empire.

Name: Karson Werda
Rank: Clan Leader
World Of Operations:
Weapons: Akimbo DH-17 blaster pistols, DC-15s, A280 blaster rifle, PLX-2M portable missile launcher, and DXR-6 disruptor Sniper rifle. Vibroblade

Skills: skilled technician, fighter, and pilot. He is a natural leader.   

Ship: Belbullab-22 starfighter nicknamed: Devastation

Karson Werda's ship exited hyperspace, with a beep from his R3 unit, R3-X3. Bail Organa of Alderaan personally called upon him. Normally Karson wouldn't except such a call, but sense the senator called upon him personally, Karson made an exception. Being a clan leader meant setting the standard for all those around you, having honor, and keeping it.
Karson was a aware of the Rebellion had been calling upon his mandalrian brothers, ever sense Mandalore has sent out the message.

Karson began his descent to the planet below....

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Thade had a hobby of searching for artifacts when he couldn't get bounty hunting jobs. Not that the jobs were too hard to come by, now that Jango Fett was dead. Hunters from all over scrambled to claim the title of "the best", and the new Empire had posted plenty of bounties on Rebels and Jedi. Thade figured that joining the Bounty Hunters Guild was a good way to gain money and notoriety without taking a clear side in the galactic civil war. However, he mostly did jobs for the Empire, they paid the best.
Currently, Thade was searching some ancient Iridonian ruins on an abandoned space station. He hoped to find one of their legendary vibroblades and add it to his collection. Whenever he got low on creds, he could always sell it too. The lights, life support, and gravity had not functioned here for centuries, maybe mellenia, so he had attached a small jetpack to his armor. He had been working along with his astromech to make some upgrades to his armor, like magnetized boots, but they weren't finished by the time he had docked. As far as the color of the armor, black suited him just fine. After searching the area fairly thoroughly, Thade noticed his air was getting low and decided he should head back to his custom ARC-170, the Cyanide. While boosting back, a section of the wall fell down and almost crushed him. He could now see open space through the large hole, and the whole section of the station began to fall away. He signaled for his astromech, S-148, to bring the ship to him. As he and his ship boosted towards eachother, the pilot hatch popped open and he dropped in, and slammed the hatch shut. The cause of the collapse were pirates in varied small fighters shooting the station. He did a somersault and fired all six cannons on full auto, destroying one. His tail gunner shot off the wing of another, causing its engine to explode. The last ship he fired a missile at and also destroyed. Now in the clear, Thade set coordinates for the Bounty Hunter Guild and flew into hyperspace.

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As Karson cleared the atmosphere, he heard familiar imperial voice; the one of the docking officer, called in to Karson's ship.

"Hey, Karson, what are you doing way out here?" asked the dock officer.

Just about everybody in the Imperial ranks knew Karson because of the work he did for them. Unlike most other bounty hunters, Karson was respected throughout the empire's ranks.

"I'm here on personal business, none of your concern," Karson replied in a harsh tone.

"Oh uh, okay, do you have a docking code?"

"No, I not using any imperial dock," Karson said "Now, unless you have something useful to tell me I suggest that you get off the line."

"Oh, I see on business, uh who you after?" asked the Dock officer.

"You, now get the hell off the line," and with that Karson flipped the switch on his jammer and sped over the city.

((Anybody want to take the quizes I set up?))

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((what quizzes?))

Thade had arrived at the Bounty Hunter's Guild, and went to his scant quarters in House Tresario. A gray walled room, with no viewport and only 10 by 10 sq feet, the only thing distinguishing it from a cell was that the door locked from the inside. And of course, the weapons and computers. His bunk with workbench underneath was actually quite comfortable compared to the cockpit seat in the ARC-170. It barely even leaned back. Clones had not been afforded many luxuries. However, disallowing himself the same had allowed Thade to save enough money to graduate from the Skine Bounty Hunter College a year earlier and join House Tresario, specializing in hunting pirates. Tomorrow was a house gathering, one of his first chances to get to understand the feel and culture that each individual house of the greater Guild had. He would also meet his superiors, to whom went a small percentage of any bounty gained from jobs obtained through the guild. Thade didn't mind paying his dues, they gave him a room, free repairs, and camaraderie, however little time he spent on base. Despite its function as a bounty hunting base of operations, it was also the House station, their own section of the Guild's massive space construct. It was imbued with the distinct style of the ruling family's culture, at least in the common areas. It was not barbaric at all, but make no mistake. They knew their job was to kill for money and did not maintain any illusions of false civility. They were practical, but tried to maintain a sense of honesty. Essentially, the rule was, do what you will, but use common sense and follow the basic rules. Don't kill Guild members, don't steal from Guild members, and don't kill steal from Guild members. The last was certainly frowned upon. Thade set to assembling the sniper rifle that lay before him on his bench, and looked forward to a solid night's sleep.

((by the way, it sounds like I just made up all the stuff about the bounty hunting college and houses etc., but it's in canon, link: And, I read the bounty hunter wars trilogy. Btw, which planet are you around, Karson? Or are we not supposed to know. I honestly am not sure where the BHG is, I couldn't find it online.))
((Edit: Ok, I guess the House Tresario has headquarters on Baradas II, but it still makes sense that they would have a section, like an embassy, on the official BHG main HQ, to maintain contact and have presence when needed.))

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((My Character is going to see Bail Organa on Alderaan. Scroll down a bit on the RPing forum, and you will see threads in titled Bounty Hunter's Quiz etc. All three are in a row))

Karson's ship landed on a personal garage. The landing pad lowered into the garage and locked into place. Karson open the cockpit and ejected his R3 unit. As Karson climbed out of the cockpit, the door opened to the Garage, and in came Organa.

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((Wow I thought this RP was a ghost town))
Karson sighed as he crawled back into the cockpit of his modified V-wing. The job hadn't gone as expected.Too many casualties for such a small piece of tech. But as promised he'd recieved payment for helping clear the research plant, as well as for destroying any remaining evidence such as the building itself. He exited the atomsphere with a woosh of wind over the ship and the rattling of the older ships deteriorating peices. He'd need something that could survive the hyperspace jumps he'd been making as of lately He had a  friend in the bounty hunters guild who was sellling a Firespray-31 attack patrol ship pretty cheap. He headed back to Alderaan to meet with acouple contacts the commanding officer here on Dromuund had given him. More credits to be made out there but such little time to earn 'em.

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((when did you get control of my character man? Is your dude named Karson too))