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Topic: The Star Wars movie awards

These are the topics and you post what Star Wars movie fits each catagory.
e.g. Best Lightsaber duel: The Phantom Menace.

Best Movie:
Worst movie:
Best Lightsaber duel:
Most intense Lightsaber duel:
Best Character:
Best Space battle:
Best large scale land battle:
Scene of the prequels:
Scene of the originals:
Worst character:
Best acted character:
Worst acted character:
Best directed:
Worst directed:
Best set:
Best computer animated character:
Funniest moment:
Most boring scene:
Most emotionally powerful scene/moment:
Biggest disapointment:
Best musical score:
Visually best:
Best mid film fight:
Best line:
worst line:
Best entrance:
Worst entrance:
Best death:
worst death:
Best begining:
Best climax:
Best trilogy:

Copy and paste each in your post and say which Star Wars movie fits the catagory.

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Re: The Star Wars movie awards

that... is a lot.

Best Movie: ESB
Worst movie: AOTC
Best Lightsaber duel: TPM or ROTS
Most intense Lightsaber duel: ROTJ
Best Character: darth vader
Best Space battle: battle of endor
Best large scale land battle: battle of geonosis or battle of hoth
Scene of the prequels: anakin killing younglings, jk, Darth Maul's entrance in the Naboo Hangar (epic win right there)
Scene of the originals: vader revealing he is luke's father
Worst character: jar jar
Best acted character: obi-wan kenobi, han solo
Worst acted character: anakin (AOTC)
Best directed: ESB
Worst directed: AOTC
Best set: naboo hangar, where duel of the fates begins (it was all built by hand, no CGI)
Best computer animated character: the giant fishies in Naboo
Funniest moment: whenever 3PO and R2 argue
Most boring scene: any love scene between anakin and padme
Most emotionally powerful scene/moment: vader reveals he is luke's father
Biggest disapointment: jar jar lived all the way through ROTJ
Best musical score: ooh, that's a toughy.. i'm going with ESB cuz of the Imp March
Visually best: ROTS
Best mid film fight: uhhh... ROTS
Best begining: ANH, nobody expected a freakin' star destroyer
Best climax: ANH or ROTJ (original and special edition, not the 2004 release)
Best trilogy: oh, i can't choose

Re: The Star Wars movie awards

Best Character: Boba Fett
Best Set: Jabba's Palace
Best Space Battle: Jango vs Obi Wan over Geonosis
Best large scale land battle: Battle of Geonosis
Scene of the prequels: AOTC, Jango shooting jedi councilman off the balcony
Scene of the originals:ESB, Boba deducing how Solo escaped the imperials
Worst Character: Jar Jar
Best Acted Character: Boba Fett
Most emotionally powerful scene/moment: Young Boba holds Jango's helmet and mourns
Biggest Disappointment: Boba's death

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Re: The Star Wars movie awards

Wow!!!  I know that this is a fan site for BOBA, but wow GUSTAVO really, really like the FETT.

Have a little STAR WARS with you FETT

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Re: The Star Wars movie awards

Gustavo is perfectly with in his rights to think what he wants about SW,and that includes Fett.  You would dislike someone to put down your ideas, so play nice.

Best Movie: ESB
Worst movie: Cant choose that
Best Lightsaber duel: Maul vs Qui-Gon and Obi Wan
Most intense Lightsaber duel: Vader vs Luke (RotJ)
Best Character: wont choose  Boba's kickass though
Best Space battle: Battle of Courscant
Best large scale land battle: Kashyyyk
Scene of the prequels: nope
Scene of the originals: i can't choose
Worst character: gah too many I don't like... maybe that two headed announcer at the pod race
Best acted character: Han Solo/ young Obi Wan
Worst acted character: Anakin Skywalker
Best directed: ESB
Worst directed: AotC ?
Best set: I LOVE So many of the sets.... maybe Padme's apartment in RotS
Best computer animated character: Yoda (Although I loved him more as a "muppet")
Funniest moment: hmm theres a lot i find funny that really isn't.
Most boring scene: hmmm when I watch them now I have a habit of falling asleep durning the Pod Race... its just too long in my opinion.
Most emotionally powerful scene/moment: when Boba lifts up Jango's helm. Its sad.. he just lost his father and is now placed in this difficult positon.  Also when Order 66 is called... all those Jedi.... (I'm a sucker for jedi...)
Biggest disapointment: AotC
Best musical score: No I won't choose that one either. John Williams is a genius.
Visually best: I need more details to assign a winner for this catagory
Best mid film fight: Obi wan Vs. Jango Fett
Best line: "I've got a bad feeling about this" or "he's worth a lot to me!"
worst line:... hmm so many... "Are you an angel" ranks with me....or perhaps "NOOOOO!"
Best entrance: Darth Maul in the Naboo Hanger, or Vader's entrace in ANH
Worst entrance:  hmm... Anakin's perhaps... ("Are you an angel?".. ugh)
Best death: Qui-Gon's unless you mean the one i laugh the most at... then that would be Mace's
worst death: since Boba doesn't really die in RotJ.... hmm Padame's? ( or maybe Liberty's)
Best begining: ANH
Best climax:I'm not sure what you mean here...
Best trilogy: Two of my children, can not choose a favorite. Although the Orignial does have Boba in it big_smile

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Re: The Star Wars movie awards

Best Movie:  Empire Strikes Back
Worst movie:  N/A  Because there isn't one that stinks.
Best Lightsaber duel:  Duel of the Fates in Phantom Menace
Most intense Lightsaber duel:  Episode III at Mustafar
Best Character:  Boba Fett
Best Space battle:  Yavin with First Death Star
Best large scale land battle:  Geonosis
Scene of the prequels:  Arena in Episode II  (I've already said Duel of the Fates so)
Scene of the originals:  Battle at Bespin (Luke vs. Vader)
Worst character:  Jar Jar Binks
Best acted character:  Han Solo
Worst acted character:  Anakin in Episode III
Best directed:  Empire Strikes Back
Worst directed:  Revenge of the Sith
Best set:  Dagobah
Best computer animated character:  Yoda
Funniest moment:  Qui-Gon Grabbing Jar Jar's tongue
Most boring scene:  BAsically any scene with Padme and Anakin in Episode III
Most emotionally powerful scene/moment:  "Luke!  I AM your father!"
Biggest disapointment:  Boba's "Death"
Best musical score:  The entire thing.  Williams is genius.  But one single one would be Imperial March.
Visually best:  Revenge of the Sith.
Best mid film fight:  Jango and Obi on Kamino.
Best line:  "I have a bad feeling about this."
worst line:  The entire dialogue when Anakin was talking to Padme when she found out he was evil on Mustafar.
Best entrance:  Three words.  "It's a trap!"
Worst entrance:  Ben Kenobi's in A New Hope.  What a way to introduce yourself.
Best death:  Mace Windu because it was so satisfying  (Boba didn't die)
worst death: Jango's
Best begining:  A New Hope
Best climax:  Return of the Jedi
Best trilogy:  Original

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Re: The Star Wars movie awards

I'll do mine.

Best Movie: Revenge of the Sith
Worst movie: For me its the least great movie and answer is The Phantom Menace
Best Lightsaber duel: Anakin vs Obi-Wan on Mustafar
Most intense Lightsaber duel: Anakin vs Obi-Wan on Mustafar
Best Character: Obi-Wan
Best Space battle: Battle of Coruscant, or maybe Battle of Endor
Best large scale land battle: Geonosis (I would have said Kashyyk if it wasn't so short)
Scene of the prequels: Darth Vader and the Clones march up the Jedi temple to kill the Jedi, or maybe Vader's first breath in his suit. Yoda vs Darth Sideous in Revenge of the Sith was pretty good too.
Scene of the originals: Darh Vader makes his big revelation in Empire Strikes Back
Worst character: Ewoks
Best acted character: Obi-Wan (both Ewan Mcgregor and Alec Guiness), But i liked Hayden Christenson is Revenge of the Sith. Or maybe Ian Mcdairmad.
Worst acted character: Padme(she was good in 3 but nothing special in 1 and 2)
Best directed: The Empire Strikes Back
Worst directed: Attack of the Clones
Best set:  --
Best computer animated character: Yoda or Jar Jar
Funniest moment: Qui-Gon pull Jar Jars tongue. Or maybe Han talking to the guy on the death Star' uh everything under control' 'What happened'  'uh we had a slight weopons malfunction but were fine now, were fine, How are you'
Most boring scene: Midi-Chlorians
Most emotionally powerful scene/moment: Either Obi-Wan vs Anakin in Revenge of the Sith or Luke vs Vader in Return of the Jedi
Biggest disapointment: The Phantom Menace
Best musical score: Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith or Empire Strikes back
Visually best: Revenge of the Sith
Best mid film fight: Obi-Wan vs General Grevious and the battle of Utapau
Best line: I have a bad feeling about this
worst line: Padme: 'Anakin, you've grown up'(30 seconds later) 'Anakin, don't grow up to fast'  Anakin: But I am grown up, you said so'  sad
Best entrance: Vader in Return of the Jedi or Yoda in the Empire Strikes Back
Worst entrance: Anakin in Phantom Menace
Best death: All the death's in Order 66
worst death: Boba Fett or Jango Fett
Best begining: Revenge of the Sith or Return of the Jedi
Best climax: Revenge of the Sith, Empire Strikes Back or Return of the Jedi
Best trilogy: Prequels

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Re: The Star Wars movie awards

It was a filmmaking competition held in the UK by Hasbro.The rules stated that filmmakers had to make an animation using Star Wars action figures of no more than five minutes.The funniest parts of the awards were Jim Carrey's.The rules stated that filmmakers had to make an animation using Star Wars action figures of no more than five minutes.