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I have my own ideas about this, but I'm wondering what everyone else thinks.
If there was a bounty, and it was required that the bounty be brought back alive in order for it Boba Fett to be rewarded, but this bounty went against everything that Boba Fett stood for, was a coward, wouldn't stand up for himself and was willing to sacrifice his family for his safety, what do you think Boba Fett would do? Do you think he would capture the man alive, or would he think the man deserved death and so therefore would just kill him.

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if there's a price on his head, boba would go to do all he could to collect the bounty, then kill the guy.


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fett gets the money first and foremost

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Boba's about the money. After he was done with the bounty and had gotten paid if it mattered that much to spend his free time, hunting down a man to kill him just for personal reasons, I think that he'd do the same for everyone. It would turn into a mission of sorts. If he does that for one person he'd have to do that for all of them. Why go to all the extra effort for one person he's not going to get paid for, and not go looking for others like him? And so he would decide that personal missions aren't profitable and he would never start down that path. Like he says in the Bounty Hunter Wars Trilogy, "Heros don't get paid enough."

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Boba Fett might have wonderful fantasies about killing the person if he allows such things into his mind. But kill him and not collect the bounty, I don't think so.

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Boba does not really care that much about "DEAD OR ALIVE" usually he just kills them to make it easier.