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Its been awhile huh?  Whats up old forumies?

ARC and I just started EMT school a few days ago.  Its six months of intense/insane training O_O

Its going to be really awesome.

I'm gonna keep this thread updated for those who want to keep tabs on it smile


PS, Its good to be back smile

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Re: EMT School

I did something similar.  Applied at the Royal Military College in Canada.  Passed the aptitude test.  So we'll see how this pans out.

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Re: EMT School

EMT school... Hmmm that reminds of my sister who lives outside of Buffalo, New York. She got some EMT training while working in a volunteer fire department in East Aurora, New York.

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Re: EMT School

Hey, good on ya you guys! 

Got my EMT National Registry cert. a couple months ago as part of my Fire Academy training.  It'll be a mix of mindnumbing loads of boring information and sweating bullets skills drills, but it's all worth it.  Great stuff to know just for kicks or a stepping stone to an awesome career.  Wish you both the best of luck!

Same to you Sev; that's gonna be a real blast for you  wink

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Re: EMT School

Emergency Medical Technician

Thats awesome guys. What got you interested in being an EMT?