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Setting: Welcome to Galtaxia, a small moon that is home to a secret Imperial base. This Imperial base is involved with creating a super ATAT destined to destroy any and all Rebel encampments the Imperials may come across.

A small ragtag group of Rebels have infiltrated the city in which the Imperial base is located. Can they sabotage the base and make it out alive? You decide!

The Rules:
1.    You may create any character you want.  Clarify their name and species so others can follow their actions easily.

2. You can kill characters you create but you can't kill other people's characters unless they say they have been killed in battle with you.

3. You can have any weapon you want but you can only have what your character could physically carry - otherwise they wouldn't be able to move.

4. Be consistent, eg if someone says they blew up a building, don't suddenly be assaulting it.

5. If you have sustained many wounds you will have to either get medical help or eventually die.

6. Follow the storyline, sure add a few twists and turns but allow others to see where you want to go so they can help you get there.

7. Have fun.


Name: Paula Jenson
Affiliation: Rebels
Species: Human
Rank: Sergent
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Weapons: EE3 blaster and two vibroblades
Appearance: Chin length brown hair, athletic build, fairly plain and unnoticeable - the way she likes it.

Paula wiped her brow with the back of her hand. She was dressed as a civilian while she pretended to be a bar maid at the Cranky Corner Tavern. Over the last month she’d gleaned enough information from the babbling drunk stormtroopers to know that the new ATAT or Super ATAT (SATAT for short) was being made into the first prototype.

The plan was to meet with Beta group; a small infiltration unit sent by the Rebel’s based on Yavin IV.

The meeting would take place in less than an hour. Paula hoped that they’d get to the meeting point on time. She was to meet Beta group at the Felix Pump House in the Industrial district. The place was busy 27 hours a day so a group entering wouldn’t look suspicious, especially since they’d be meeting at shift change.

Paula finished cleaning a glass and turned as an Imperial called to her for another drink.

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Re: RPG: The Galtaxia Mission

Name: Gavin Terrik
Affiliation: Empire
Species: Human
Rank: Corperal / Squad leader of tango squad of the 1127 Stormtrooper Reg.
Gender: Male
Age: 29

It was a typical day reciveing orders from command and then deligateing to subordanants, not that a cpl. has many subordanants but their you have it. 2 hrs briefing and ready time 6 hrs. patrol and the 1 hr to debrife on any of the days activity.

(Question? what is the time of this pre battle of Yavin? and what kind of moon agrarian or industrial or are their pockets of both?)

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Re: RPG: The Galtaxia Mission

Name: Corr Mentell
Affiliation: Rebels
Species: Human
Rank: Captain
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Weapons: Modified DLT-19, throwing knives (hidden in sleeves and boots), illegally modified DL-44 blaster.

As he was entering city limits, Corr had no remorse for what he was doing. He knew what he was: a man with a set of skills, and using those skills to disestablish the Imperial Empire, which was corrupted long before it came into existence. The meeting was to be held in a warehouse in the Industrial section of the city, where it was less guarded and more privatized.

A perfect place to plot destruction.

(and I would say, wizardofcars, that this is before the Battle of Yavin).

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Gavin thought that the day was going to be normal, but the Empier had other plans. He had been summond to the Commanders office with his squad.

"Trooper you and you squad have shown promise.  Therefore you have been selected to start training in the AT-PT's that have just arrived if you accell you may be promoted into the SATAT program." 

"Thank you commander, you can be assured that shortly we will be in the SATAT program."

"I should hope so, Dismissed."

Gavin smiled under his helmet, soon those armor jocks wouldn't be makeing comments on the inteligance of the infantry.