Topic: Anyone interested in a Boba Fett Kubrick?

Hi everyone,

I finally found a store here in Tokyo that is selling the Kubrick sets and selling them individually as well. The sets go for $90.00 The individual figures are $13.00
When i was there yesterday they only had the white prototype and both animated versions available for individual sell. If anyone is interested i would be happy to pick these up and send them to you at cost with no extra charges. The shipping for individual figures would be about $7.00, and for the sets I think it would run closer to $15.00
Anyway, considering what these things are going for on ebay I thought I would offer this to you guys. I didn't want the entire set so I was really happy to find a shop that sells them individually. 
Please let me know ASAP as they only had two boxes left and only the three I mentioned above for individual sell.
He's pretty cool!

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Re: Anyone interested in a Boba Fett Kubrick?

Thanks for the offer! Greatly appreciate the hand to Boba Fett collectors around the world here at BFFC looking for this.

Re: Anyone interested in a Boba Fett Kubrick?

I'm glad to hear you were finally able to find them. And it's so nice to see him out of the box and not collecting dust on a shelf, hehe.

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