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Topic: Terra 2 : Cin Vhetin's Artwork

Hi all!   big_smile big_smile big_smile

Some of you might have known me as Terra before, this is my new name, for more informations about that, please PM me.

This is where I'll share my creations from now on.

36 Photoshop Brushes

I hope Aaron will be ok with this.

Some of you might have Photoshop at home. Sorry to those who don't have it, I'll do something for you soon. I made a set of brushes in the shapes of pictures of different characters, droids and items from Star Wars. See for yourself on the list of thumbnails.


The icons on the thumbnails may look skewed, but when used, the image applied from the brush will look good and in right proportions.

Here's a list of what's included:

1 of a Basilisk War Droid
5 of Boba Fett
1 of C3P0
3 of Clone Troopers
1 of Chewbacca
3 of Darth Maul
5 of Darth Vader
3 of Count Dooku
2 of General Grievous
1 of Han Solo
1 of Jango Fett
1 of Revan
1 of the Mythosaur Skull
4 of Qui-Gon
1 of R2D2
3 of Yoda

How to install Photoshop Brushes :

Unzip the content of the file to a folder. Remember where that folder is. Run Photoshop.
On your tool bar, find the icon that looks like a Brush, that's the Brush Tool.

After clicking on the Brush Tool to make it active, on top of your screen, you have the Options bar. Here's a picture showing you where you need to go to add your new brushes to your current palette.


Select "Load Brushes..." and browse in your computer until you find the place where you had unzipped your new set. The icons of the brushes from your new set should appear at the bottom your current list of brushes.

Brushes can be used for several uses, including the Brush and Eraser tools. For more information, feel free to PM me or ask here.

If there's anything wrong with posting this, Aaron, please tell me.

Download Brush Set Here

Hope you'll like! big_smile

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Re: Terra 2 : Cin Vhetin's Artwork

Hey there!
They're really cool!
I downloaded them. cool
I like the Chewbacca one tongue!

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Re: Terra 2 : Cin Vhetin's Artwork

My All-Oh-Ween-avatars. tongue

Felt inspired, and made many-many of them, some of which I felt were worth sharing, so here they are. They might be kind of redundant, I was just playing with my tools. (And now you know my melt-in-background secret!)

You don't have to read me. At least I am trying to entertain you for a minute.

Ok so this is the first one.

The expression of this one seems unsure. He might be trying to pay attention to you.

He's kind of yawning. Hoping you won't get too offended.

Trying to wink. I suppose he needs more technique.

This one looks plain frustrated or bored. He's probably read your posts for too long.

A new face. Lovely, no? Just got born today in photoshop. He wanted to be a Dragon, but missed and became this.

Ich bin Werewolf wanna-be. Or maybe just a mad-dog.

er... Not sure what this one is. A psycho-rabbit?

Watching you with a big eye filled with White #FFFFFF. He might appear a bit blurry to you, but that's only because your computer screen needs to be dusted.

Want to be his friend? He really likes you. Lots. With lots of salt and pepper...

Ok so that's it. Glad that you checked them up. Hope you liked!

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Re: Terra 2 : Cin Vhetin's Artwork

The avatars are cool!!

And I already knew your melt-into-the-background secret, I've tried things like that before, the banner on my site has that affect, but I made that years and years ago.

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Re: Terra 2 : Cin Vhetin's Artwork

Thanks! big_smile
Your site is cool. It's different to have SW stuff in a white background, nice idea. I still got to work more on mine. I have bits here and there that I want on it, but when I come home from work I'm too tired to want to work more, lol.

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Re: Terra 2 : Cin Vhetin's Artwork

Thanks, I'm glad you like my site. I need to update more often, but I totally agree that it's hard to want to do that after coming home from work.

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Re: Terra 2 : Cin Vhetin's Artwork

When was your last update?
I like your forum too. Is it very active?

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Re: Terra 2 : Cin Vhetin's Artwork

My last update was two months ago.

You know, everyone kept pestering me to make a forum and I finally did and no one really posted. I pretty much forget I have one. I check up on it once every so often and clear out the spam.

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