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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

Ozzy reached the graveyard and could here some one whistling. He reached a bent column and climbed it, he tuck a big whiff and was able to sense all around him. He jumped down from the column and began *flitting over do a mixed patch of humans, werewolves and...

"Vampires?" he said to himself.

He could smell the stench of dead surrounding him, he tried being silent but still had to fight a couple of the living dead. Ozzy had reached a tall mausoleum that was surrounded by a horde of zombies.


He could smell the mixed group and did what he could to keep them safe. Ozzy decided to jump in the middle and began shooting sucker punches to a group of heads, his
punches weren't enough thou. Ozzy began hitting the zombies again but no luck he was able to get a good eight but compared to fifty it was nothing. He jumped up to column for a breather. Ozzy jumped backed into the horde and began hitting them all over again this time getting rid of them. He sat himself onto a wall and screamed out of massive pain, he looked at his arm and noticed a big gash on his arm.

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

(Hey darksilvania, theres a massive horde of zombies around the mausoleum that just gave 2 slayers, 3 vampires, and 3 werewolves a really hard time to get passed. You just walked into the mausoleum. How did you just get passed them? Please take a look at rule 4 in the opening post.)

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

Evasive and quick, Drogan managed to bypass most of the horde by using simple climbing skills and moving fast. Soon enough he could see the others. One of them, a male, turned quickly and drew a weapon. "Who the hell are you?"

Drogan stopped whistling and grinned. He raised his hands, still holding the head in a bag.
"Please, allow me to introduce myself,"

"Thats what I was asking for."

"My name is Walter Drogan. And I am a vampire."

"Whats in the bag?"

"Ah, now that, my friend, is the question isnt it? Of course to tell you would be to lose any upper hand I may or may not have. Simply put, that's for me to know, and you to find out."

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

ok Val i fixed it tell me what u think


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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

The sounds of thumping on the huge stone doors echoed down the crypts corridors and Avlynn turned her head to listen more clearly. "Either the zombies are beating at the door or Emeline actually made it back."

Fen huffed, "Typical."

Avlynn didn't bother pointing out that the vampire's survival was almost key to their own. "I'll get it."

Fen shook his head. "You need my help, those doors are too heavy for one werewolf."

The pair made it to the doors without anymore undead revealing themselves. "Who's there?" Avlynn shouted at the door and winced as her voice echoed down through the crypt.

"Emeline and Black, now let us in!" Emeline shouted in response.

Avlynn pried her fingers into the door's handholds on her side and pulled as Fen did the same on his side. The doors parted enough for someone to slip in sideways. Emeline didn't hesitate.

"There's someone else out there," Emeline commented as Black slipped through.

"We can't exactly hold the doors open for them," Fen replied as he started shifting his.

Avlynn started shutting her door but a hand from above waved, "Wait! We climbed!"

Avlynn looked up to see the vampire dressed like a gangster, the one who'd had the amulet. "Shall I shut the door?" she asked Emeline.

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

Ozzy looked at his arm and saw the wound disappear. His phone rang.


"Ozzy were are you, today's my sleep over."

"Sorry Angie, must of slipped my mind but i can't leave now I'm sorry."

"Fine but next time put a sticky-note on the fridge!"

"Ok, love you bye."

Name:Angie Waters
Personality/History:Was orphan at the age of 3 now lives with Ozzy as a surrogate father to her.
He closed his phone and walked over to the door of the mausoleum.

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

Fen pulled a gun on this newcomer. 

"Who the hell are you?"

"Please, allow me to introduce myself,"

"Thats what I was asking for."  Fen growled his response and cocked his revolver.

"My name is Walter Drogan. And I am a vampire."

"Whats in the bag?"

"Ah, now that, my friend, is the question isnt it? Of course to tell you would be to lose any upper hand I may or may not have. Simply put, that's for me to know, and you to find out."

Another new vampire.  This was making Fen uncomfortable.  And Fen didn't like this package he carried with him.  It could be a bluff.  Was he bluffing?  Fen was having a hard time telling.  He lowered the gun and was about to attempt to close the door when he looked outside. Fen spied a lone figure walking towards them.

"Eyes up.  We have another visitor."

The man wore a hoodie and walked as if he was human.  Fen sniffed.  Not fully human.  Vampire.  Another damn vampire.

"What are you doing here?"


"No.  Him."  Fen pulled a pistol and shot a zombie approaching up behind the stranger.  "Of course you.  Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you right now.  One less vampire in the world would make my life a lot easier."

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

Lev stood away from the group, casually examining the room's layout, looking for alternate exits. He couldn't believe what he was seeing, more vampires joining the group.

"For the love of..." Lev crouched down beside a moss covered stump,  putting two fingers on his ear. "Fort, you hear me?" He started moving some small, unusually placed stone bricks out of boredom.

A few moments later, a reply came. "Yeah, you seeing this ****?"

"Ridiculous. If I had an automatic weapon, I'd gun 'em all down where they stand."

"I hear you, although the girl may be of some use to us." Dan glanced over his shoulder.

"Hey Dan..."

"Yeah what?"

"I think I may have just found the ticket out of here. Can you get past the vermin without calling attention to yourself?" Lev tested a large vine that ran down the side of the newly discovered man-sized hole for weight.

"Hey, it's me." Dan walked over in such an obvious manner no one payed attention.

Lev stood up, casually gesturing towards the newly discovered hole. "Just big enough for a full-grown man. I think it'll work."

"I think so."

"It's roughly fifteen feet down, and that vine looks like it might hold long enough."

"Let's move...now, go."

The two began creeping down the vine into the unknown.

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

Dan and Lev slowly crept down the vine into an ever darkening chasm. After a few moments, Lev touched down and squinted in the darkness. Dan heard the characteristic sound of a Zippo lighter being lit.

Coming up behind Lev, Dan turned on his chest flashlight and Lev looked and it, shrugged, and turned off the lighter, the SKSM coat of arms engraved on it disappearing into his pocket.

"Well...what a wonderful smell you've discovered." Dan said and looked around the cave. This area seemed to be cheap passage that was formed somehow, and may lead to another part of the crypt.

"Yeah...well you lead since you've got your oh-so-handy flash light." Lev said, stepping around in the muck.

The floor seemed to be moist, and the damp musty smell was bothersome. The two stalked through the chasm, and into the continuing black void. Dan's flash light seemed to end right in front of them, and when he turned on the laser on his G36c it stretched on until he could see it no longer.

After what felt like an eternity, Lev stopped Dan.

"Hold it."

Dan looked back and he could see Lev's shadow motioning him to the side. Entrenched into the wall was a corridor the flashlight couldnt pick up at its angle. They decided to change course and went down the passage until they reached a ledge.

Dan lowered his small flash light and he could see the floor some ways down.

"Ok, its not that far, we can lower ourselves." Dan said and crouched down. Lev was looking over Dan's shoulder, down into the pit.

"Dan...why does the floor, move?" Lev said and held Dan by the shoulder. Dan looked down and noticed it. The floor seemed alive. It pulsed and swayed...and slithered.

It was then that they heard what they ignored at first. The 'hissing'. Lev listened closely.

"Asps...very dangerous.....you go first." Lev said and released Dan's shoulder.

"Snakes. Why'd it have to be snakes?" Dan said and leaned against the wall. Just then Dan and Lev looked at each other. Something was odd...

Lev spun and walked a few feet then stopped abruptly.

"Dan, the light!"

Dan turned and shone his flashlight down the passage they came, but there was no passage.

Lev ran his hand across the rock wall that had appeared out of thin air and sealed them in the snake pit chamber.

"You've got to be kidding me..."

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

Man in a hoodie behind him. Drogan didn't like the sudden turn of events, he was supposed to be the one sneaking up on people, not the other way around. He quickly contemplated using his ace, but figured it would be best to wait, it wasn't, after all, the sort of trick you were likely to get away with twice, and Drogan intended to keep it as insurance for when he desperately needed to diffuse a situation, and it didn't matter how it was done.

He turned his head in between the two parties, waiting for someone to do something. Of course the new guy was in the werewolf's debt, as the werewolf had just shot a zombie that was managing to sneak up on the fool. Though, having just been snuck up on by said fool, Drogan felt like quite a fool himself.

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

Ozzy was confused he didn't know were he was going or if hes even on the wrong side. He didn't like it that he was working with vampires, werewolves were ok but vampires didn't make him to comfortable he didn't like vampires even thou he was half vampire they had taken away most of his life and spread it out in a very confusing way that ruined it. A gangster vampire was in front of him dressed like a gangster, although he could some suspicion in the vampire as if the vampire had just noticed something very disturbing. Ozzy had heard the vampires name a couple of times, Drogan, the name was odd even for a vampire. As they cept moving Drogan would look back a couple of times, Ozzy couldn't stand the awkwardness and said:

"Ok, Drogan i don't know what your problem is but my name is Ozzy. And i would really hate to say this but, how about we work together instead of having an awkward phase. By the way whats in the bag it looks like a head."

Drogan didn't answer he just shrugged even more. Ozzy walked past him and went to go talk to the werewolf that found him that was talking to a female.

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

"Well..." Lev reached into his pocket for another cherry-flavored blowpop, but came out empty-handed. "Damnit, I'll have to pick more of those up when and IF we get outta here." He muttered.

"Talking to yourself there Jimbo?" Dan was loosening up a rappel line he removed from one of his MOLLE pouches.

"Yeah, don't mind me, I do that alot..." Lev examined the seamless edges of the wall that materialized from nothingness. "Magic trap no doubt. Good thing we weren't inside the passage."

"I'll say." Dan hammered the line anchor into a crack in the stone floor, then tested it. "You sure you don't want to go first?"

"Makes no difference to me, I just wanted to use that line."

"Alright cowboy, shoulda kept your mouth shut." Dan handed Lev the rope. "Here you go."

"Fine." He wrapped the rope around his wrist, and gripped it with both hands. "Wish me luck." Lev wasn't too worried about snake bites, he'd been bitten by a Puff Adder while in Morocco only a month before.

"How is it down there?"

"Snaky." Lev shoved a few of the serpents off the raised walkway with his boot. "Get your *** down here."

"Very funny." Dan clipped the rope to his rappel harness and slid down in a matter of seconds.

"See here? The walkway is raised slightly." Lev pointed out. "There, shine it down the path."

It was littered with snakes, at the end there was a Doorway lit by two torches. Lev looked around, grabbing an unlit torch from a pillar that was within arm's reach. He flicked the lighter open and lit the torch, illuminating the area around them.

"Just wave, kick. Easy as pie." Dan grinned slightly. "You're in front, remember?"

The two proceeded slowly, clearing the venomous reptiles as they went along. Once they got to the stone door archway, Dan shut of his light and took one of the two mounted torches. They followed a staircase up to another open room, which contained a small bridge leading across some sort of bottomless fissure. It was obviously trapped, as there were several massive blades handing from above.


"I don't see any trigger mechanisms," Dan examined the floor. "let's just take it slow."

"Good idea."

Suddenly, the blades dropped and the sound of chains and gears cranking overhead. The guillotines began to rise and fall continuously.

"And there it is! Of course, of course...why not." Dan threw his arms up. "It's gotta be like magic or something."

"Damnit to hell..."

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

Name: Keliel Nostuvien (Kel for short)
Species:Regular Vampire
Gender:Male  Age: 265 years old
Affiliation: Exiled Vampires
WOC:Stamira (Blade of weariness, usually sheathed/ Shown in characters hand in pic above ),
x2 Custom 9mm pistol
http://www.armchairgunshow.com/ot57-pix/hcp8-09.jpg (Other weapons may be seen in the future at the loss of one's shown here)

Kel's eyes flitted opened. Groginess flooded him. Where was he. He couldn't remember then slowly it started to fall back in place, who he waswhat he'd become in order to save his fragile incompetence of a life. He waited for the memories to return, knowing now that he was in his chambers, in his coffin. He'd have to check with his servants what the year was.
Why had he wokened though. A regular like him would have no reason to be summoned, unless by an elder in need of assistance. Slowly his mind churned and gears ground in his mind in ponderance. Finally the answer found him. The amulet of Delkath had been re-discovered. He made ready for his quest, heading to a freezer of sorts and grabbing two leather sacks, each containing blood that would soon thaw out and be drinkable. He then stepped over to his weapons cache grabbing Stamira and his two handy 9's. Filling his coat pockets with differant variants of ammunition. SIlver bullets for wolves, UV for enemy vamps, and explosive rounds for any other undead ******* in his way..Fully geared he headed upstairs to the manor's Base floor.  Kel now headed into a room containing a seer stone of sorts. It had belonged to the Elder of his previous coven and required a powerful will to look into it and receive answers. Kel shut both doors behind him and placed his hands upon the stine. He delved into the murky lights within the orb, seeking an answer to his question. Where was the amulet? Shadows assaulted his mind from within the orb and soon the right one made contact. Marley's point, it had shrieked. Kel released his grip on the orb immediately. With his question he would now seek out the amulet. He stormed  into the dining room and announced "Ximaran, Fenduras. Get your things together we're headed to marley's point" The  two bolted to thier living quarters, within minutes Kel's force was ready and out the door entering a black 1949 Cadillac. The three sped out away from the dark manor and out onto the road. It would take quite some time to get to Marley's point.

(Just to point out, Ximuran is Male/Fenduras is female. Both Regular vamps.)

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

Ansgar knew victims were close. He could smell their blood, alive or undead, it didn't matter to him. One of the reasons Ansgar had become so powerful was because he'd broken the cardinal rule of vampires: he'd drunk his own kinds' blood.

Most vampires believed that they would die if they drank the blood of their kin. The lies had been spread by the all powerful ones. Ansgar grinned darkly, none of those beings were around anymore. He'd put them in the ground permanently.

The tomb echoed as a number of booby traps, left by the bastards who put him there, engaged.

Ansgar's power was drained somewhat due to his time in the tomb. However his desire to be released allowed him to tap into his power.

The mortals were in peril. Ansgar used his mind to find the aversion tunnel. He opened it so the mortals could escape immediate death. Ansgar waited with patience.


Avlynn decided it was time to leave the party. Grabbing Fen by the sleeve she pulled him into one of the various corridors. "I think we need to split up," she mouthed so none of the others would hear.

Fen gave her a thumbs up and the two werewolves silently moved in.

The eerie silence was broken only by the howl of the wind. Then a thunking noise sounded from deep in the tombs belly.

"That doesn't sound good," Fen whispered.

"Perhaps we should seek a way out," Avlynn suggested.

Fen rolled his eyes, "You led us here, sweet cheeks."

Avlynn ground her teeth but could hardly deny it. Like a ghost Emeline appeared by their sides. "I needed to escape that chaos, I'm sure they others will find their way."

Avlynn was skeptical but before she could comment the wall shifted behind them and closed them off from the others.

"Oh this is just peachy," Fen growled.

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

The area they were in now was a small hallway.  Avlynn began walking the tunnel.  This place would be his doom.  Fen did not like being sequestered in a tomb.  The indoors made him agitated.  He always thought of himself as more of a free spirit. 

"I feel so cramped in here.  Never was good with small spaces."  Fen found himself panting in the dank tunnel.

Avlynn chuckled.  "There was that one time when some hunters managed to capture you Fen.  I recall them sticking you in a cage.  When I managed to track you down and break you out, you almost took my hand off you were so upset."

Fen muttered under his breath, "Slept outside for the next few weeks."  The three continued their walk down the hallway.  Fen kept eyeing the walls.  Suddenly he thought he saw the wall budge an inch.  He stopped and did a double take.  Sure enough the walls on either side.

"The walls are closing in!"

Emmeline tisked.  "Do not let your fears get a hold of you now Fendren."

"No you stupid Vampire, the walls are moving!"  Emmeline and Avlynn both looked at the walls which were now moving faster.  What was 6 feet was now 5.

Avlynn looked down the hallway not seeing an end and screamed, "Run!"

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Re: RPG: Supernatural II: Rise of the Vampire Mage

Avlynn was running as fast as her legs would carry her, problem was that there was no visible end to the corridor. Her eyes darted around, seeking some sort of exit.

There was a dark shadow on the ceiling up further. “Looks like there might be a hole in the ceiling,” Avlynn shouted to the others. The corridor was creeping slowly closed.

Using her momentum, Avlynn jumped and reached for the edge of the dark hole. Her fingers, slick with sweat, weren’t able to grab fast. The crumbling stone gave way under her fingers and she fell flat on her behind.

Emeline was next to try. Digging in her finger nails, she managed to get a hold and pull her body into the void. The blackness consumed her.

Fen pulled Avlynn to her feet, “I’ll give you a boost.”

Avlynn stepped into Fen’s cupped hands and used his shoulders to push up. Emeline helped reached out and helped Avlynn up. The walls were almost framing Fen’s broad shoulders.

Both women reached out to help Fen into the cramped space, with the walls so close Fen was able to push himself up with his feet as they closed in. The trio sat in darkness as the walls slithered closed.

“I’m guessing nobody brought a torch?” Avlynn asked quietly.

Fen snorted, “Normally I see fine in the dark.”

“Not in pitch black though,” Emeline pointed out. She was retrieving something from her pocket. A glow erupted in the small space.

Avlynn squinted her eyes and saw that Emeline had yet another stone of some sort in her hand. “You’re pockets must weigh a tonne,” she commented.

Emeline smiled, “This stone is remarkably light.” Shining it around the small space the trio let out a groan. The area led nowhere.

Fen was ready to launch into a string of curses when the walls below started moving outward. “What the hell?”

“There must be some sort of sensor,” Avlynn muttered.

“If that’s the case I’m waiting until the walls are fully opened,” Fen stated.

“We’ll have more time if they have to open fully before they close again,” Emeline pointed out.

“And what if they start closing as soon as we’re down?” Fen retorted.

“I guess we’ll just have to jump down and see,” Emeline replied.

A dark smirked covered Fen’s face, “Ladies first,” he said indicating to Emeline.

“Very well,” Emeline said as she slid down the opening and waited to see if the walls retracted. They continued their slow pace outward. “No change,” she told the werewolves.

Fen dropped down next and held out his arms for Avlynn. She dropped into this embrace and they stood for an awkward moment looking at each other. Emeline cleared her throat, “We need to move.”

No further prompting was needed, the trio ran and looked for the next safe point.

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